Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3, 2013

Well this week was a slow one, but a fun one with lots of service! I think we helped build a fence this week, if I’ve already talked about it than it was last week. But we did service at Salt Springs here and helped them put a wire fence up around their garden area. It was fun and all, but it definitely rained on us! It was nice and sunny all week and we wake up to rain the day were outside doing service of course! Oh well.
We also got to help with a septic tank issue. Turns out it was definitely ghetto rigged by whoever put in the system at this members house and it finally had problems. So they had to dig though all of that gross sewage mud and find the pipes and the tank and fix the problem. Well we heard about it while we were at the hospital visiting an old lady member who fell off her retaining wall and broke two bones in her foot... ouch! But then while we were in the hospital we also found another member who no one knew was there and since we already had the Branch President and another member there they both were able to get blessings. What a miracle! Since it was after visiting hours when we found the second.
But the next morning we went to go help with the septic tank issue, and we got there right as all the men were leaving! Of course. But we went and talked to the member and he said that they were ready to start packing dirt carefully around the pipe so they could dump all the rocky dirt on top and not crack the pipes. But he had to go get ready to leave and what not. So the family went inside and showered off all their gross sewage mud and sister Honomichl and I shoveled dirt into the wheel burrow and then dumped and moved and packed that dirt. We only had about an hour but we got done more than we thought we would! So it was good. But so gross and sweaty! Humidity is ridiculous, and it’s not even bad yet!
The weather goes from super-hot and humid to rainy and humid every day I swear. But while we were working we were sweating so bad that as I liked my lips I could taste salt, like I had just eaten potato chips or something. And when we got home there was a huge sweat spot on my back lovely! I tell you.
We also helped a member spread mulch all over his front yard, which was faster than I thought it would be. It was rubber mulch too so no splinters yeah!!!
We also do service at Interfaith I’ll tell you more about later, and at Gracious Living which is an old folks home. But it’s huge!
And don’t worry, we don’t just do service, we do knock doors and find people and teach and we are fed almost every night by a member! I think we ate dinner at home once so far... I’m pretty spoiled out here! I love Montrose!

Well I emailed Stuart and sent some pictures so sorry the email is short but I will try to write you a letter or something. I’m glad you had a great birthday!

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