Monday, June 24, 2013

Sister Wilson is a Trainer..Senior Companion

June 24, 2013

So this morning Sister Honomichl and I got up at 6 (half hour early) to get ready and all of the luggage out to the truck. Its 3 hours to Philadelphia, which we thought it would take us 4 so we were there a little early which was good). We were taking an extra desk and end table to the sisters in our district on the way down. So we stopped there and dropped off the furniture and then headed to Philly.
We got into town around 11 and we had to find a post office and eat lunch since neither of us ate breakfast and so we were starving! So we mailed off her two boxes of books and extra weight that she couldn't fly with.
Then we went to subway, one of our less active members gave us gift cards on Sunday so we went and used those. It was good. But then we had to go to the mission home.
Oh and by the way it is humid in Philly! It’s not in Montrose, oh how I love my Montrose area :)
So we get to the mission home and its filled with Elders, Sister H and Sister Gawu were the only two departing sisters and we were there first. So we went out and sat on the deck but it was way too hot, so we went in and talked to the assistants who she knew while we waited for everyone.
Then the other sisters came and so we said goodbye to our trainers, took a few last minute pictures, hugged, said goodbye and I left with Sister Daniels. We are in I don’t remember where I am actually. But I am an hour from Philly and the area has the mission boundaries in it. So I might be in Jersey actually, that’s a weird thought. I don’t even know what state I’m in currently. Well I guess I’m in a state of prayer as of late!
I got a phone call from President Schafermeyer on Saturday night asking me if I would be a trainer. I said I can do that and he said 'I know you can' which was nice to hear from him.
So not only do I lose my trainer and have to take over the area this next week, I also have to train a brand spanking new GOLDEN! (Greenie) Which is exciting, and giving me a little bit of anxiety.
Everyone keeps reassuring me that I will be fine, well other than Sister Zenefski, she told me that I better bring home a cool golden, or at least one as good as sister H because if I didn’t people wouldn't feed me... so as long as I get a good golden I shouldn't starve! But I am excited to get to have a brand new missionary, they have a fire about them and an excitement to get out there and do, which will be good for the duo. Oh and we are going to call ourselves the 'green team' ... maybe the 'gold team' I don’t know. Sister H just kept telling everyone on Sunday that they would be having a green team so be nice to us.

Oh and transfers are tomorrow, I think we go to it to see everyone and the meeting that they do. But I won’t get my new golden until Wednesday, so I still don’t know anything about transfers, so I am excited for that!

Other than training... well that’s the most exciting / news worthy thing yet.
We did get to see the broadcast which was awesome! It was long, but it was very informative and I learned a lot. If you came in at Elder Holland introducing people than you were still at the beginning so you didn’t miss a ton. I’m glad you got to see it!

And I like what you were saying in your last email, about how God lets us roll over and grow and learn and that he also feels sad about our trials. He knows the pain that we are going through, but he knows how good it will be for us to learn such things. I have been thinking about that too when I read my scriptures and read the phrase 'and God suffered that...' we usually read that as 'he let something happen' but God know what is going to happen. I have been thinking about the fact that our pain causes God pain as well and that he does suffer through our suffering.
I was talking to Bishop Rawlins before I left and he told me to read the book
"a God who weeps, how Mormons make sense of ..." I can’t remember off the top of my head, but you should ask him about it and read it this summer and tell me what you think. It sounded like it talks about this very thing, and I want to read it when I get home.

Sounds like camp was fun! Tell Keira to write me about it! That stinker, I’ve only gotten one letter from her so far! DONT BE LIKE GARRET!!! :) Love you Garret :) (but he never wrote Stuart or only wrote him once, so write more lil stupid!). How’s the weight loss coming mom? And not having seminary and still getting up early? Sounds like the apartments must be slow now if your full and the pool sounds like its not being too much for you yet.

Hope all is well! I love you! And thank you everyone for the letters! My momma would tease me about getting more letters than her, I said it was because more of my friends are RMs and they are re-living their missions through me! haha. Love you all! I will try to write back but I’m not sure how much time I will have today.
The Gospel is true, I know it, I live it, I love it! And you should too!

Love to all, Sister Wilson :)

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