Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father’s Day!
Sister Kindra   9:11 AM  June 17, 2013
Well today we are going to Susquehanna to the Priesthood restoration site for a Zone Unity Activity, so I have zero time to email this week. Mostly I wanted to warn you that I do not know if I will be able to email at all next week. My trainer is going home so we have to go to the mission home which is like 3 hours away and we have to be there by 1.... so I wont have time to email before. It will depend on what the sister I am assigned to is doing.
We are predicting that I will be training a new little golden, which means that my trainer I drop off on Monday and the new ones don’t get here until Wednesday so I will get a temp companion who is close to Broomall. So I don’t know where I will be or who I will be with. So be prepared for little or no email  next week. I will try to write you a letter, but I won’t be able to today. Were only allowed to write on Monday and only from 9-5 I think. And we will be at the activity all day long. Well from here on out.
Anyhow, know that I love you! All of you, not just mom :) I got letters from Sister Whitnah and Sister Painter, I will respond probably next week. And I got a few other ones. Estrella, I got all of your letters, all 3 of them. Lynsi I got yours too! And I got one from Janelle :) and Matthew and a few other people.
Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love getting letters from everyone. Your support is inspiring and I love you all! Keep em coming and I promise I will respond, just not as quickly as I would like often.
Love you all tons!   Sister Wilson
oh and Happy Fathers day! Hope everyone got to celebrate it with goodies. We went to a members house and played that game where the quarter sits on top of the flour and you cut away portions. We did it to Scripture trivia but as I passed the cutting board to the next person I dropped the quarter! So I had to fish it out and it was messy!

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