Monday, December 16, 2013

Charles Angels in Bethlehem!! December 16, 2013 So for Christmas, we havent gotten any guidelines on the calling etc. Which is kinda frustrating. We are planning on calling in the afternoon, so you can go to the dinner etc, and do Christmas morning and hopefully Stuart and Lindy will be done when I do call so we can all be on. Do you want me to call or Skype? Skype would be more complicated, but it would be fun to see everyone, or it could be frustrating trying to listen, and so yeah. Im thinking I might just call, thoughts? Oh and I hope Garret can be on too! Do you have a number for him or does he have to call you? We can set a certain time this week to decide. We have been invited to a members house, I asked when we should come and they responded with, the past missionaries came at 6am in their PJs so whenever you want to get here is fine. I guess they get gifts for the missionaries and put them under the tree too so it will be fun to go over there! But then its just eating and calling all day, so we can call you whenever. If you want to talk to Stuart and Lindy and see when they will be done with Christmas morning we can schedule that. I was thinking more around noon here? Which would be 10 in OR and 11 in Idaho... if Ive done that right. What are your thoughts? We can do it later too if you want. Nor sure what the Strassers all do that day. And the white hand book says 30-45 minutes of call time, this is President Andersons first Christmas in the field so we are not sure if he will allows us more time or tell us to stick to that. So I will let you know when I find out. So hopefully noon or after works for everyone, let me know! So the Charlies Angels in Bethlehem? SURPRISE everyone, Im in a trio! Its myself, Sister Hyatt (hi at) and Sister Wiehl (wheel). Its fun. Sister W is 21 and Sister H is 20, its a hoot. I was VERY surprised when they announced it at transfers, they came over and we hugged and took a picture and they said that my face was astonished! So its been fun. We got a bed that night HUZZAH! Its taken weeks in previous transfers, but we rearranged the furniture and got everything fixed up. Now we just need to ask the ward for a desk and maybe another dresser, we shall see. Caroling and donuts will be fun! Let me know how it goes without the metronome this year! Hopefully it is fun. Are any of the BArfites coming home for Christmas? I hope so. And Tyson is waiting for Andrew huh? How does Deanna feel about that? Should we guess whose the first to steam it open and reseal it? haha. Let me know when he gets it! Maybe one of them boys will come here to Philly... how weird would that be? ... very... very werid.... but fun too. Zoo lights! I think that is a better idea than caroling with all them boys haha. Caroling is fun but when the majority of people dont want to be there well, its not as fun. And I dont think I have been to Zoo lights since then. We tried last year but it was closed on new years eve :( oh well, another time! But that would be fun to do with them every year or something like that. We havent gotten Christmas boxes yet, they didnt give them to us at transfers, which is good because Im not sure how we would have gotten them home with two sisters belongings in our car. We had to ask the spanish elders in our area to bring back two of the big suitcases for us because we couldnt fit 3 bodies and all their stuff in our little Corolla! But it was good. Also we have gotten a lot more snow! They rescheduled the ward Christmas party which was supposed to be on Saturday, and then they cancelled church as well because we got a snow/ice storm. Our district leader text us and told us to go home if we didnt have appointments on saturday night around 6. Luckily we were home because we got the majority of the storm in Bethlehem. But we went and got some soup and bread and sandwich stuff so we had food etc. We were fine. We did get cabin fever after planning for a few hours and went out and shoveled some of the side walks. The neighbors were peeking out of their windows staring at us quite obviously... which was uncomfortable. But we didnt care, we were hoping we would get to meet some of our other neighbors, but it was still snowing so they were staying in and probably thinking we were crazy! Oh well, we did it! Well other than that it was a rather slow week. Pday, packing sister Carrigan up, our appointments pretty much all bailed because of weather or sickness, then transfers, lots of stop bys, meeting active members, our weekly planning, unpacking the new sisters, a snow storm, etc etc. Its been a rather slow week but a good introductory one to get two new sisters into the area. Its good! And Ive been here for a while, so I will talk to you soon! Love you all! Hope all is well :) Thank you for the packages, letters, prayers and thoughts. I appreciate them all. Love to all! Love, sister Wilson :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 Im glad that you guys are able to be doing some fun things together, and to be able to take Clara to see new things and have new experiences. I can just imagine her watching the dancers being all mesmerized! How cute :) SOunds like you guys have been having lots of Christmas fun already! We went with some members of the ward to carol at an Alzheimers facility, and it was HUGE! It had 3 or 4 floors and lots of doors and passwords and secret tunnels (which were really stair wells) and it was quite fun to be there with all of them. Especially since Sister Carrigan is getting transferred :( Which we are both sad about. We were getting excited for our Christmas in Christmas city! as a last Hoorah today we went to the Moravian book store, which is pretty cool! I got some fun cards to send to you guys (can I get Garrets address please?!), a simple Christmas present but something that is fun and unique from Bethlehem :) We got some snow this week, but it didnt start until Sunday after church, which was nice. But that was the time that we had to drive to the most southern part of the area for caroling, and then to the most Northern part for dinner, luckily on Saturday we went in and got new tires on Teancum. We were at 2/32 tread on them tires and they were slipper just from mist so it was good that we went in on saturday or we would have been in bad shape for this week. Today has been packed with a bunch of errands before S. Carrigan leaves tomorrow so emails will be short. But know that I love you guys! Im glad that you have been able to be together and enjoy this time that you have been making memories. Thank you for all the pictures last week, I printed the one of sleepy Clara, its one of my favorite pictures! It sounds like Keria gave a great talk, way to go baby sister! Its good to hear :) We have our Christmas party this saturday (S. Carrigan just barely misses it! :( ) and this week we have all of our favorite members on our meal calendar so we are planning on it being quite good :) For me and what ever sister comes back from transfers with me! We havent gotten training calls yet so we are assuming that neither sister Carrigan or I are training this transfer, which I am just fine with. I also think they will be re-doing our districts because they seriously dont make sense up here. The areas that are put together in districts dont even touch... its quite random. So we shall see what happens. Oh and Lehighton got a senior couple in their area (Thats our district leaders area) so we are excited to have them in district meeting now! It breaks up the monotony to have some seniors around who like to participate. But the zone leaders are staying! Which I am super happy about, because they are taking a lot of my favorite missionaries away from me this transfer, which is just rude! But oh well, thats life. And my zone leaders are some of the best missionaries I have met thus far, same thing with Sister Carrigan so we like them. And now Im just kinda rambling. Its been a good week. We were able to say goodbye to most of the members already so tonight wont be a mad house running around. We watched the Christmas devotional with Cindy and Gentry, who we love! She pushed her baptismal date out until January so we shall see what happens. They are awesome! I just adore them :) Anyhow, hope all is well! Love you all! Thank you for the prayers and letters! I appreciate every stinking one of them big or small :) Love, Sister Wilson

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 1, 2013 But my computer is freaking out and Ive got about 20 minutes left. But its been a late Pday today. We went and got our hair cut by a sister in the ward. Its similar to how I cut it before I left, bangs, short. S. Carrigan says she likes it. I think it looks good. I might send a picture but no promises. Ive been wearing my hair scrunched recently because its easier with the winter weather, but I still like it straight more. Anyways my computer is also freaking out and pulling up music videos of Eminem... love it... not. But I did get to email Garret so thats good. Thank you for all of the pictures! I love them! I think Im going to print out the sleepy Clara picture, its just too darn cute! Well this week was Thanksgiving and we had lots of festivities. We started Wednesday night with the Tatlow family (The ones who said she wanted to be the angel of death in her sons world). So it was loud and lots of people and fun! Then Thursday we started by taking thank you notes to the ward members, which was a really great way to spend the morning actually. We were able to talk to a lot of members and to leave messages with them. We found the perfect thanksgiving scripture ... the day after! Which was sad, but go look it up its funny: D&C 59:13 Dont be surprised if I read it to people every year from now on. Then we went and had two lunches, one right after the other, and they were wonderful. The first one had 13 pies... yes 13. I didnt even see them all because they were storing them in the basement b/c they didnt have room in the kitchen. It was wonderful. Then we went and had another dinner with two families from the ward, and it was a fancy dinner. Table set with more silverware than I use, goblets etc. It was fun. And we celebrated the first day of Hannakuh. Did you know that Hannakuh and Thanksgiving wont correlate to each other for another like 56,000 years? Yeah, we said werew all guessing there wont really be Thanksgiving in that many years... we will probably all be perfect by then... But it was really neat. The brother explained the symbolism behind Hannakuh and how it is a celebration of remembering when the Lord had forgiven the people and accepted their repentance etc. It was really neat. Then we went to the Lefgren home. Hes the member who called us Angels sent from God! We went and had pie with them and were able to have a Thanksgiving discussion. I love sister Lefgren! And before we left she told us that we could come back and visit once or twice a week as long as we called first. So we will be frequenting the Lefgren home! She is such a delightful person. She was so nice I stopped myself from saying a few witty comments to her husband, because he is a loud boisterous person who appreciates witty people. But she was just so soft spoken and gentle and kind and loving that I didnt want to share all of my thoughts. (SEE I am Learning! slowly but surely) Then we went to visit the Relitz. And they offered more food to us, that was the original plan, but we were just too full to eat any more! So we shared a message with them and then we went home and passed out. It was a good thanksgiving. And we went and saw the Bittners, who we love! Shes the one who missed church to go to Comicon and she is writting a sci fi book that I actually want to read when I get home! But we went and visited them and found out that they had baked french toast for breakfast and they said you should have come! Because its a holiday tradition that they do... so I said, well we could come for Christmas, and he said (its his specialty) that they are having baked orange cranberry french toast for Christmas and if we are still here we are welcome to come. So we are planning on going to the Bittners for Christmas breakfast :) and I did get the advent box, THANK YOU! They didnt really understand what it was (brother Relitz or S. Carrigan) so we opened it and we did the first day then. Sister Relitz things you are very cool and creative to have gone to all of that work for an advent calendar! She thinks your pretty awesome, I told her you are :) So thank you :) Very creative with the Rolos! I did not guess that one at all! And the Jerkey is gone as well :) Oh and sorry I did not explain well. We are not becoming a trio, we are hoping to get three transfers together, this giving us a three-peat (like repeat but put the 3 in there). So sorry for the confusion, still just the two of us, but hoping for a three-peat. Although that means that one of us will be in Bethlehem for 6 months if that happens because someone has to stay to train the next companion on the area. I mean it doesnt have to be that way, but we are guessing it will be. I like Bethlehem! Its a lot of less active work and a lot of referrals that refuse to be contacted and a lot of slow moving. But there are miracles being planned out and waiting for someone to come and experience them, so I am hoping I get to be here to help the work along! Sorry that you werent able to Skype with Garret for Thanksgiving, hopefully we will be able to plan Christmas better so you get to talk to everyone! I wonder if we get to Skype home and if we could get everyone on... or if that would be too complicated. Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Compliments :) It looks like you guys are having a fantastic time having everyone home. The Jeep is awesome! Good job G&J :) And Clara looks adorable as ever! I love the picture of her helping you cook, very sweet :) I love you all and miss you each dearly! I hope you get to enjoy your next week together and are able to take lots and lots of pictures :) Because we all love pictures! I need to take more here, I havent taken many in Bethlehem. Oh well, Ill work on that. I love you all! The gospel is back and we have all of it that we need to return to live with God again. How blessed we are to have that! Love you all, stay strong, you are a child of God, Love, Sister Kindra Wilson :) ps Thank you for telling me about Grandpa. Tell him I love him and miss him! I cant wait to see him again, wherever that may be :)