Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 Im glad that you guys are able to be doing some fun things together, and to be able to take Clara to see new things and have new experiences. I can just imagine her watching the dancers being all mesmerized! How cute :) SOunds like you guys have been having lots of Christmas fun already! We went with some members of the ward to carol at an Alzheimers facility, and it was HUGE! It had 3 or 4 floors and lots of doors and passwords and secret tunnels (which were really stair wells) and it was quite fun to be there with all of them. Especially since Sister Carrigan is getting transferred :( Which we are both sad about. We were getting excited for our Christmas in Christmas city! as a last Hoorah today we went to the Moravian book store, which is pretty cool! I got some fun cards to send to you guys (can I get Garrets address please?!), a simple Christmas present but something that is fun and unique from Bethlehem :) We got some snow this week, but it didnt start until Sunday after church, which was nice. But that was the time that we had to drive to the most southern part of the area for caroling, and then to the most Northern part for dinner, luckily on Saturday we went in and got new tires on Teancum. We were at 2/32 tread on them tires and they were slipper just from mist so it was good that we went in on saturday or we would have been in bad shape for this week. Today has been packed with a bunch of errands before S. Carrigan leaves tomorrow so emails will be short. But know that I love you guys! Im glad that you have been able to be together and enjoy this time that you have been making memories. Thank you for all the pictures last week, I printed the one of sleepy Clara, its one of my favorite pictures! It sounds like Keria gave a great talk, way to go baby sister! Its good to hear :) We have our Christmas party this saturday (S. Carrigan just barely misses it! :( ) and this week we have all of our favorite members on our meal calendar so we are planning on it being quite good :) For me and what ever sister comes back from transfers with me! We havent gotten training calls yet so we are assuming that neither sister Carrigan or I are training this transfer, which I am just fine with. I also think they will be re-doing our districts because they seriously dont make sense up here. The areas that are put together in districts dont even touch... its quite random. So we shall see what happens. Oh and Lehighton got a senior couple in their area (Thats our district leaders area) so we are excited to have them in district meeting now! It breaks up the monotony to have some seniors around who like to participate. But the zone leaders are staying! Which I am super happy about, because they are taking a lot of my favorite missionaries away from me this transfer, which is just rude! But oh well, thats life. And my zone leaders are some of the best missionaries I have met thus far, same thing with Sister Carrigan so we like them. And now Im just kinda rambling. Its been a good week. We were able to say goodbye to most of the members already so tonight wont be a mad house running around. We watched the Christmas devotional with Cindy and Gentry, who we love! She pushed her baptismal date out until January so we shall see what happens. They are awesome! I just adore them :) Anyhow, hope all is well! Love you all! Thank you for the prayers and letters! I appreciate every stinking one of them big or small :) Love, Sister Wilson

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