Friday, February 28, 2014

February 24, 2014 Well I am glad that you guys were able to have so much fun! It sounds like it was an awesome trip, and I love the photos you sent. Pretty dresses and birds and it was good to get one of you and Garret together too. And all three of you in front of the Duke? What is the significance behind him, do you know? And that heat sounds very welcome right now! We got a heat wave too, it was in the high forties! YAHOO! Super warm, the snow started melting, but its not all gone yet. And I almost wore my green cotton dress to church because it was feeling so good, but I didnt. It has been nice though to not have to wear 5 layers this week. But the heat is leaving and I think we will be back to winter for a few weeks. We shall see. I hope you enjoyed the cultural center, I have heard so many good things about it, and the beach sounds awesome! Sorry I missed the ocean knocking you down haha. But Im glad that they stopped laughing and did help you up eventually! It sounds very nice to be able to lay on a beach and swim in the ocean for a while. Man I cant wait for spring to get here! And Im glad that you got to enjoy your cloudy Hawaii, sounds perfect since it was already so warm. And dang you took a lot of pictures, but I am glad! I love pictures and I cant wait to look through all of them when I get back, because I know you will not send 1000 pictures to me... at least I hope you wont! But it would be fun to see some of the hi-lights, like Garret fishing in a grass skirt! haha And the Luau sounds so fun! Man pig in the ground, I have no idea what they call it but that was the best meat I have ever had, Sherice's mom made it or well brought some back for us and its probably one of my favorite things, and it wasnt even fresh. So Im guessing you enjoyed dinner :) Im glad you got to walk around the Temple too! How was that? I hope beautiful! Im glad that you got to be together and enjoy that time. Sounds like it was a great trip for all of you :) And maybe one day we will all get there as a family, but if not Im glad that you were able to go and spend some time with Garret and Keira and have those experiences. The vacation of a life time! haha. Well like I said we got a 'heat wave' this week and it has been much appreciated. Im wearing one of the more summer outfits I own, and it might have been a bad decision, but I just couldnt help it, its been so nice! And Im in denial that its going back to winter today or tomorrow :( Winter is my least favorite! But we did start the week off with a presidents day dinner with the Relitz, she is so fun I love her so much! She stopped me in the hall one day and said 'I hope you dont forget about me, I wish you could stay forever and be my special friend!' I love her so much! Shes a hoot. I am going to miss her dearly! We spent a lot of time doing service this week. A family who we have just started meeting with and teaching had a house fire, so they have moved out and we have been helping them to pack up their belongings and things they can keep and help sort and pack and do all of that. Its amazing what the four of us can get done in such a short period of time! I think we are going to help her another time this week to sort though the storage unit and the belongings that just got thrown in as they were clearing out the house in a hurry. That will be long and cold Im sure! But Im glad that we are able to go and help her and to be able to show her that we do love them, we arent just here to get them to church, but we are here to help them in any way we can. Oh and we went to mutual this week and did our missionary march madness introduction. We introduced the competition and what they would have to do, then we took them all and broke them into role plays. Number one: they were sitting in two rows of chairs, one facing the other and they were paired up with the person they were sitting across from. One of them was a missionary and one of them was a friend asking a question. The missionaries had 30 seconds to answer the question, and they had to talk the whole time. The questions were, what do you believe? Why do you go to church every week? And why do you get up early to go to bible study> Number two: we broke up into small groups and had to pick a question out of the bottle and answer it as simply as they could. The questions were things they get asked frequently (we asked the youth to give us these questions ahead of time) they were things like: whats with the mormon bible? what is the funny underwear? Why do you have temples? What do you have against gay people? why do you pay tithing? Why dont you believe in Jesus Christ? Why arent you Christians? This was a really good one because we had them answer and then we were able to talk about what else you could say, or why they would ask the question in the first place. It was good to have them practice speaking and helping them realize that there is no secret script that the missionaries get in the MTC to know how to answer questions. It was good to help them understand that they have to listen to the spirit to know what to say that time. Because each time you answer the question your wording may be different, or your focus may be different, it all depends on the person. Because individuals ask the questions, so you have to answer the question with individual and unique answers. The third role play: was 'explain it to an 8 year old'. We had three volunteers come up, then we would give them a word such as salvation, bishop, ward, priesthood, ordinance etc. and they had to define the word in such a way that an 8 year old could understand it. This is one of my favorite ones, and it can be tricky! Then the audience voted and the winner got a piece of candy. It was a good activity and we had several leaders tell us that they learned something and thought it was really helpful. I am glad that we were able to help them see that they do in deed know enough! That they can answer questions and that it is their responsibility simply to invite, not to baptize people! I think that is one way that people get intimidated and scared. When they feel like they need to convince people to be baptized. THATS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Or an invitation you can extend. That is what the missionaries are for. Your responsibility as a member of the church is to invite people to learn, to come to church, to meet the missionaries, to attend an activity or something simple like that. Missionary work is not hard, but it is work! Anyways. It was a great activity and Im glad that we did it with them. I think it will help them to really do the March Madness and enjoy doing it because they can feel better prepared. But we had a great Sunday yesterday, Katherine was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was truly touching to watch her and how excited she was. She is such a sweet little old lady and I love her dearly! I am going to miss that woman very much, but I am glad that she and Sister Wiehl found each other, they have a special bond, and everyone can tell. Its very heart warming to see. We also had another investigator at church and her son, and they really enjoyed it! She received a Priesthood blessing to help give her comfort, she had a traumatic week and we suggested a blessing and she said she would like one. Then we had a lesson with another investigator after church with a member couple. He has made a LOT of progress since I have been here. Its been amazing to watch the changes in someone and how much you can change in just 6 short months. Then we had a lesson with Katherine about Family History work and the Temple, she is so excited to be able to go and find information about her ancestors and then to go to the Temple and be baptized for them. And I am so excited for her to have that experience as well! Lets just say that it has been a fantastic week! And transfer calls will come in this weekend, so I will know on Monday what is happening for sure, but we are fairly certain that I am going to be transferred this time around. Anything could happen though! We shall see. I love you all! Thank you for your emails and prayers and letters, I appreciate them all! LOVE YOU TONS! Sister Wilson :) February 17, 2014 Well by now you are both in Hawaii with Garret, and I am really excited for all of you! Especially to be visiting him so you will get all of his extra time. Its always nice to have him home but you know he has friends too so the time is shared, its nice to have some selfish time with just the three of you being together. So I am really happy for you! And I cant wait for pictures! I want a good one of the three of you together if you get one! Especially to see how small you are now, I am still amazed when I see you in pictures, you look so good mom! I am so proud of you! KEIRA IS GOING TO BYUI!!! YAHOOO! I am excited for her! It is SO much fun! And I am also torn about her going in the fall because I would love to have her home when I get there, but also if I go back to school in January than we would only get one semester together either spring or winter.... as much as I don’t want to go to school in January think the Lord is rebuking me and telling me I might need to :( We shall see, I still have lots of time... at least that’s what I am telling myself! I am glad that you found a substitute for seminary, and Sister Janeck will be a great teacher, I had her in young womens and I always enjoyed her lessons. I know the material is different, and the thought of teaching seminary is intimidating to me because I dont have the scriptural basis to teach, but Sister Janeck will be great! Rachael is awesome!! The kids in your class will love both of them!! Heather asked if there were any plants to water, I think thats funny! Well you do have a lot of plants and it does take effort! haha. I don’t blame her.... Well we have had an exciting week. On Tuesday we had a Zone Conference where we got our new proselyting devices, mini iPads! So that’s fun, we are trying to figure out all of the programs and how to report all of our numbers etc. But that will take a while, its a process and they basically handed them to us, we set them all up with the locks and restrictions etc. and then they said okay, play around and figure out the programs. So its fun. Then on Thursday a huge snow storm came in and we were told to park the cars again. So we had all day to practice our musical number for Katherine’s baptism on Sunday, to input our area books into the iPads (which took all day to enter in like 7 people because you have to input the teaching history and everything, and we have a big area book.) and then to do our weekly planning, and we still didn’t finish our weekly planning! Because we spent time practicing and figuring out how to do it on the iPads. But that’s okay! We finished it yesterday after: KATHERINE WOLFE WAS BAPTIZED!!!! Its been exciting to teach her and see how she has progressed, she is in her 70s so she has time to read and ponder every day. We meet three times a week and I think that has helped her to progress as fast as she has. But I love her! And her and Sister Wiehl have a very special connection, I feel very blessed to have been here and working with both of them and getting to see their friendship develop over the past month or so. I am so dang lucky! Oh and I am guessing I am going to be transferred this time around, so I will probably spend March 4th as my last day in Bethlehem. Just fyi for mailing purposes, start sending it to the mission home next week or so. I did get the Melaleuca box, THANK YOU! And one of the other boxes was from Aunt Duana! Thank you Aunt Dewy! I really loved the 'my family' book you put together, when they came out I wanted to fill one out but I don’t have the information, now its a great tool that I can show people when we talk to them about family history work and what they can do to get to know their ancestors, so thank you! And I did not realize we are related to the man who invented Moorse code! I’ve been telling everyone that, kind of neat! And the Harvard founder, I did know that one! Anyhow, so Tuesday iPads, Thursday snowed inside - we literally left the apartment at 8:45pm to brush the snow off of the car so the accumulation wouldn’t be terrible to get out in the morning. Then on Sunday we had a baptism, and that was a great day. Sister Wiehl plays the piano, and Sister Singleton plays the Violin, so we played a trio of Come Thou fount of every Blessing for Katherine’s baptism, which wasn’t perfect, but I’m glad that we did it! Funny story of the morning before church: so I was eating quesadilla and salsa and I spilt some on my skirt, so I had to change right. Well I was trying to pick out a back up outfit for the baptism, and I wasn’t loving it, so I asked Sister Wiehl what she thought, and to be honest she was right, but when she looked at my outfit she said: "ew. I’m offended, you look like a school girl... take it off! NOW" So I did. And she was right, but we are still laughing at the terrible presentation of her opinion! We are working on that.... anyhow. She is great and I do love being with Sister Singleton and Sister Wiehl, its been a great transfer. And we might have been getting to bed super late the past couple of days because we just keep talking! Its a problem I haven’t had before, you would think being with someone 24/7 would give you enough time to talk, but I guess it doesn’t! Plus Sister Singleton has the best stories, and insomnia. so she will talk as long as you will. Anyhow, its been a great week! Oh and Kelly called us Sunday morning to ask how soon she could be baptized. IQQLJBFIQHELH Yeah, it was an awesome start to a great day! We are working with Kelly and she has a baptismal date in March, so I am very excited for her! She has a great story and she is a very sweet woman. She is looking to move so we shall see what happens. Basically, life is awesome. I love it here, and I am sad to think that my time in Bethlehem is coming to an end. But we shall see what the next adventure brings! I love you all! Life is splendid, I hope all is as well at home as it is here. Enjoy Hawaii for me! I can’t wait for pictures and stories. LOVE YOU ALL! Love, Sister Wilson :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

FEBRUARY 10 2014 A Few pictures from Bethlehem PA!! Kindra is soo happy and loving Bethlehem and the people there. She does prefer the snow we get in Aloha, Oregon.... because it doesn't stick around for MONTHS!!
February 10, 2014 But that is very pretty. I like snow in Oregon. It snows for a few days, everything shuts down so you can read a book, enjoy it, and not worry about work etc. And then it goes away and back to normal! Not PA! Its quite annoying. In fact I got the car stuck this past week... I mean thats kinda normal now because the snow gets piled up on the road. We keep a snow shovel in our trunk, and a member gave us a second one, which is nice. Its handy to be in a trio in the winter time, one driver (myself) and two minions to shovel out the car. Okay not minions, companions, but its nice to have two people who can push while one drives. But we were trying to contact a media referral we received this week, I was driving down the street and we already had gone around the block to try and find a parking place, and we were back to the house, I saw a spot and asked both S. Wiehl and Singleton what they thought about it, it looked iffy and I was a little worried. But they said go for it, we will only be here for a few minutes. So I did. And that was the end. I pulled in and then stopped and went to back in farther, and it wouldn’t move. The wheels were just spinning, even after I got off the brake. So we went and knocked on her door, since there was nothing we could do then, and she wasn’t home. POOPY! So we went back to the car. We tried digging it out, drive, reverse, nothing. So we had to call some members who had a bunch of boys. The 3 of them showed up and proceeded to spend the next 30-40 minutes digging us out with a metal shovel because of the ice. Turns out I high-centered the car. Yes the middle of the engine block was sitting on a big slab of ice. And they had to dig it out by laying on their sides and chipping at the ice with their metal shovels. I felt horrible. And once we got out of the car we realized that not only were we parking on the wrong side of the road (since it was only going to be for a minute or two) but it was also handicap parking. LOVELY. Story of my life. So that was a great wasted hour or so of our time, since it was 8 or so at night on the South side where the ward prefers us not to work, especially at night after dark. It was lovely. If I remember to get the pictures from Sister Singleton I will forward them to you. We also had a snow day this week where we were inside in the morning. Which is annoying as a missionary, but it worked out. We ended up walking to a few people and then planning our Missionary March Madness activity with the Youth. We are going to kick it off with an activity in a few weeks preparing them to be able to answer questions and helping them to realize that they do know enough. Then for the month of March there is a competition between the YW, YM and all the leaders (3 teams). There are things they can do to earn points and then at the beginning of April there will be another activity where the winners will get some sort of reward like ice cream sundaes served to them by the losing teams. But the whole idea is to get the youth more involved in missionary work. We are really excited about it, and I hope that one of us gets to stay and see the activity pan out! But transfers are March 3 or 4th I believe, so chances are I will be leaving just as its starting. But we shall see what happens! Anything is possible at this point... Also Katherine is scheduled to be baptized next Sunday! Its also ward conference which we were worried about since they are having meetings after the block, but Bishop is awesome and said, well Baptism is the priority so some of the leadership will be there to preside and attend etc. So we shall see how everything happens. Also exciting news is we are getting our iPads tomorrow. I am excited because of all the resources that will be opened up for us! The ability to show mormon messages in lessons, and show pictures and study materials! All of our records will be kept electronically and many many more things which we will be taught about tomorrow. It will be awesome! Mostly I am really excited to be able to show videos in lessons, they invite the spirit so strongly and so quickly, it is amazing what they can do! So thats also exciting. Hum, what else? Not a whole lot that I can think of. However Ashley did get set apart for her calling on Sunday! She is a primary teacher, and it was neat to be able to witness her being set apart! She has been a member now for less than 5 months! Its truly amazing to see the growth in her. She is already fellow shipping new members who are her age, and its amazing to watch. She also brought a friend to church with her and her 4 kids, (who were adorable! We drew pictures together for most of sacrament meeting to keep them occupied. I didnt realize that I needed to carry with me things to keep children occupied! I need to expand my resources, maybe Ill get a coloring book or something to take to church for Kylie and other kids). But it was a very neat experience to be able to be there when she was set apart to receive her first calling since I was also able to teach her when she was baptized. The gospel is true! What more can I say?! We are also now meeting with Brittany, who is a young single adult aged woman. She was been drawn to the Mormon faith many times and feels like it is right for her. She is reading the Book of Mormon and we have also been able to teach her in members homes which is very nice! She will be encouraged to go to the YSA branch however, so we wont see her at church, but she is in our area so we will still teach her. Missionary life = COMPLICATED! But its all good, there is no where else I would rather be right now! It might have taken a long time to truly adapt to the life, but its only do-able knowing that it is not forever. Knowing that I only have 9 more months to truly devote my time and service to the Lord and looking at how fast it is going is truly helping me to focus and put more effort into it. Bethlehem is booming! We have about 12 investigators who we are working with. Not all of them are progressing and they all have different levels of seriousness, but it is truly a great blessing to be here and working with all of these people at this time. We have a new investigator, her name is Kelly, and she has a cool story. So she was drawn to the Mormon faith and referred herself through for about 2 months straight hoping someone would come. No one was coming because the system has been down for maintenance, but she has been trying to meet with the missionaries for 2 months now! Some how the office found out about her and called the Whitehall sisters and told them to get to her house tonight and give her a Book of Mormon today! I dont care if it is 10 feet or 10 miles over your line, get it to her tonight! So they did. And then they gave us her information because she was in our area. So Kelly now has a Book of Mormon and all of the pamphlets we use to teach. She is working though the Book of Mormon and has finished all of the pamphlets already. We taught her the plan of Salvation yesterday and she said it brought her a lot of comfort knowing what did happen after we died, because her biggest fear is that nothing happens. You die and thats it. She has a son and is planning on moving at the end of Feb to get away from a lot of bad family relationships, but we will get that information and send the mission president, missionaries, and bishop all of her information so that she wont be lost! She is truly ready to change and has been doing a lot of research on the faith, She has started reading the Book of Mormon online before she had a hard copy but then her internet went out, she was planning on coming to church this week, she even went out and bought a new outfit so she would have something to wear that she felt comfortable in, and then her son was throwing up all night. And we have had a few appointments set up that we have had to cancel because of weather. Then we set up a phone appointment to teach her over the phone because of the snow, and she feel asleep putting her son down and she couldnt hear the phone when we called. I tell you what, stupid Satan is working hard to keep her from gaining the knowledge of the gospel and then being able to be baptized by the proper Priesthood authority, and I tell you this much: he will not win this battle. There are too many people working for her and against you stupid satan! He kind of been super annoying lately. So I am calling him stupid! Anyhow, the week is going good! Sounds like everyone back home has been able to enjoy a little break and some sleep and staying inside, which is good! Im glad that you guys got some snow too, I was beginning to think we were getting all of it :) and thats just not fair for anyone! haha. Thanks for your email! I love you! Glad all is well :) Talk to you soon! Loves! Sister Wilson PS>>> Thanks for the emails and the pictures :) I love seeing home and its beautiful white blanket :) Glad you got to enjoy the snow for me! I look forward to having snow that leaves quickly when I return home! Love you! Talk to you next week. Enjoy Hawaii! Cant wait to see pictures!!!! Im glad that you get to go and that all of the travel stuff got sorted out. Glad that Garrets CO helped him out and is willing to help him out since it was out of his control. It pays off to be good at what you do and trusted by your supervisors! And you know I am realizing more and more how blessed we truly are to have the family relationships that we do. I love the fact that we are always looking forward to time together and for the love and happiness we have. I cannot wait until we are all together again, not sure when that will be with all of this military life now ensuing, but I am grateful to have such a family that loves, cares for and supports each other. And the fact that we have righteous desires to serve God and our country. We are a truly blessed family, and I wouldnt change anyone for the world! How did we get so lucky mom? Im truly amazed every time I think about it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 4, 2014 So yesterday was P-day, but it was also a snow storm, so the libraries closed and we were told to park the cars, so no emails happened, but we did clean. A lot. Basically I spent 5 hours (not exaggerating here) deep cleaning the stove, the inside, the top, the drawer, pulled it out cleaned behind, and the back splash, and the hood, and the counters, and the kitchen, etc. Brought back many memories of Jefferson Square! Lets just say that elders have lived here for 9 years and I dont think a single one ever lifted up the range top and cleaned under the drip pans. The drip pans were covered in foil (which I hate) but I uncovered them to find why. They were corroding and the hole in the bottom for ventilation, yeah that was about twice the size it was when it first went into the stove... so we will be talking to management about replacing it, but since we are now on a month to month lease they probably have figured out we are going to be moving soon. Not until our ward finds good housing, but soon enough that Im not sure they will want to replace anything for us. We shall see. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. The card sound like fun, thank you I would love them! Also, in that box if you havent sent it yet, tooth paste would be MUCH appreciated, and if you have extra laundry detergent and brightener that would be great. If not dont wait for it but send it in the next box whenever that will be, because thats not an emergency thing. But the blue toothpaste would be great :) THANK YOU! As for a dress size?! I have no idea... maybe a 12? If you are not sure go with the bigger size, its easier to take in than to add to it. And if they wont let you exchange it I can help you figure it out and see what we can do. Im really excited to sew again! And projects will be much appreciated when I get home! So yeah, I can look at the brown suit and things and see what can be done, and if I dont know I can talk to some of the ladies in the ward and see if they would be willing to teach me, we have some experienced seamstresses in the ward so that is an excellent resource. Thanks for activating that and sending it to me, the box sounds great. And thanks for working on FAFSA I hope it doesnt mess anything up to now have two from the same household, so we shall see what happens. Do you have the pin you need? I will pray for Garret, thank you for keeping me updated. And CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch and Brittany! Im excited for them :) And hopefully Grandpa can be at the wedding and Keira's graduation! Im sad that I cant be there, but hopefully Grandpa can be! I love you all too! Sorry the letter is so short this week. I emailed Garret and Keira and I only have an hour today instead of unlimited time on a p-day... lame! But All is well! We saw a huge miracle this week! Our investigator Katherine, who is being baptized on the 16th if February, her son and his family went to the Washington D.C. Temple to be sealed together this weekend and we were tring to find a ride for her all week to no avail. Well the night before we heard some people from another branch were going down so we called and asked if she could give Katherine a ride and she could! So Katherine got to go to the Temple and spend the day in the visitors center and to be there when her son and his family came out :) She loved it! They asked her in Relief society to share her experience and what she liked and she said she loved the peace and the joy she felt, she enjoyed the movies in the visitors center and all of the white that surrounded her. So we are very excited for her to be baptized soon! We are working with a few more who will hopefully be ready soon! Cindy and Gentry went to church with Cindy;s mom this week, she attends another Christian church in town. And when we asked where they were Cindy told us "we went to church with my mom, no Gentry understands more of how I was raised and the belief system, but dont worry, Im not trying to convert him!" Man I love Cindy! She is so cute and I just love her to pieces. As I do all of you! Love you tons! Thank you for the love and support, but we gotta run, we have an appointment with Katherine in a few minutes. Love you! Talk to you next week :) Love, Sister Wilson
January 27, 2014 "WAHHOOO were half way there, WAAHOOO living on a prayer!" theme song of the week... hump day. Thats weird. And exciting! And what the heck, Hawaii?! Thats awesome! I love Garret, and I love the fact that instead of putting stuff on the Jeep now he is having you guys fly out. He has always been generous with his money and I love the fact that you will all be there together :) (and I hope this doesn’t sound too snobby but I would love a fun summer dress over a tee shirt... Im kinda not a huge fan of tee shirts and I have WAY too many... but I need some good fun summer dresses, even if you don’t send it to me here, I think I will wear more dresses when I get home... which you will probably love mom, the older I get the girlier I dress I guess...) But that will be a great vacation and I am glad that you will get to see each other since it will be a year since Garret has seen either of you! He emailed me and said that he is excited to see you, and that everyone tells him how great you look. Im excited to see you too, in another 9 months. And I am very happy and excited for you! but dont feel guilty. Especially since its a gift from Garret to you and not you going on some dream cruise randomly. Family is the most important and I think everyone helping out our family would agree with that. So go and have fun! and you better take TONS of pictures! And enjoy the cultural center as well :) The movie sounds like a good one! I wanna see that one when I get home! Glad you enjoyed it. I can wait for the shampoo to get here, so you can order that and throw it in as well. Thank you so much mom! And dont throw in any more lotion, I have a ton of that which I will end up leaving because I wont use it all up. Im glad that Keira and everyone is okay, she didnt send the picture to me, so if you think of it you can. But it happens, I guess were lucky it wasnt something more and that its the only thing that has happened, knock on wood. and seriously, the kids here have been at school like 5 times since the beginning of the year because of the snow. which is fine but annoying because that means the roads are bad and no one wants us to come. so we get to fill time with productive things. Twice last week president declared park your car days. Which was frustrating because we had 6 appointments that day! And they were all over the area, out of walking distance and none of the members wanted to drive in it. So we cancelled most of them and walked to the last few. It was snowing pretty well and cold, but we survived. I wore my rain boots with LOTS of socks because the snow was high and lots of layers. Thank goodness for thermals! Anyhow. Its been a slow week because of the snow, but its still busier than we were my first transfer here. Since being in Bethlehem we have doubled the total number of lessons we have been teaching in a week. Its awesome! Lots of prayers, sacrifice and hard work to see miracles here. We also started teaching the Tobias family which is quite exciting! They seem ready, all except for the mom. She has some concerns that I dont think have ever been resolved, (they have meet with missionaries before). But I am excited to get to work with them. We saw Cindy! And Cindy and Gentry came to church which was AWESOME! I love them so much! And we had a TON of people at church that we didnt know. Some investigators, some less actives, some visitors. One of the members came up and asked what we were doing because there were so many people there she didnt know. I said 'its not us!' because its not! Its definitely the Lord softening hearts and helping people desire to return. Its been quite the week! We also got our third companion. He name is sister Singleton, she is from Springville Utah, she is 22 and has been out just over a year. So I am the oldest companion, but Ive been out the shortest, and Im the senior. So now I am the permanent driver. Which I like more than being the permanent phone person. I hate talking on the phone, especially to people I dont know. But life goes on. sorry its kinda short this week. Its been a good one though! Oh and did postage go up for postcards this year? Because I sent out a BUNCH of them and they all got returned to me... including the one I sent to grandpa, so thats annoying. Anyways. We gotta go and make sure we get our laundry done this week on P day... last week we didnt have quarters and I ran out of clean garments before we got any because of the snow... that was lovely! But here I am still living the dream! Love you lots! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon :) Love, Sister Wilson oh and I dont know who they are from but there are two packages at the mission office for me, so whoever sent them they are here! So thanks! Ill get them in a week or so when the Zone Leaders head down to Broomall next. LOVE YOU!