Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 4, 2014 So yesterday was P-day, but it was also a snow storm, so the libraries closed and we were told to park the cars, so no emails happened, but we did clean. A lot. Basically I spent 5 hours (not exaggerating here) deep cleaning the stove, the inside, the top, the drawer, pulled it out cleaned behind, and the back splash, and the hood, and the counters, and the kitchen, etc. Brought back many memories of Jefferson Square! Lets just say that elders have lived here for 9 years and I dont think a single one ever lifted up the range top and cleaned under the drip pans. The drip pans were covered in foil (which I hate) but I uncovered them to find why. They were corroding and the hole in the bottom for ventilation, yeah that was about twice the size it was when it first went into the stove... so we will be talking to management about replacing it, but since we are now on a month to month lease they probably have figured out we are going to be moving soon. Not until our ward finds good housing, but soon enough that Im not sure they will want to replace anything for us. We shall see. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. The card sound like fun, thank you I would love them! Also, in that box if you havent sent it yet, tooth paste would be MUCH appreciated, and if you have extra laundry detergent and brightener that would be great. If not dont wait for it but send it in the next box whenever that will be, because thats not an emergency thing. But the blue toothpaste would be great :) THANK YOU! As for a dress size?! I have no idea... maybe a 12? If you are not sure go with the bigger size, its easier to take in than to add to it. And if they wont let you exchange it I can help you figure it out and see what we can do. Im really excited to sew again! And projects will be much appreciated when I get home! So yeah, I can look at the brown suit and things and see what can be done, and if I dont know I can talk to some of the ladies in the ward and see if they would be willing to teach me, we have some experienced seamstresses in the ward so that is an excellent resource. Thanks for activating that and sending it to me, the box sounds great. And thanks for working on FAFSA I hope it doesnt mess anything up to now have two from the same household, so we shall see what happens. Do you have the pin you need? I will pray for Garret, thank you for keeping me updated. And CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch and Brittany! Im excited for them :) And hopefully Grandpa can be at the wedding and Keira's graduation! Im sad that I cant be there, but hopefully Grandpa can be! I love you all too! Sorry the letter is so short this week. I emailed Garret and Keira and I only have an hour today instead of unlimited time on a p-day... lame! But All is well! We saw a huge miracle this week! Our investigator Katherine, who is being baptized on the 16th if February, her son and his family went to the Washington D.C. Temple to be sealed together this weekend and we were tring to find a ride for her all week to no avail. Well the night before we heard some people from another branch were going down so we called and asked if she could give Katherine a ride and she could! So Katherine got to go to the Temple and spend the day in the visitors center and to be there when her son and his family came out :) She loved it! They asked her in Relief society to share her experience and what she liked and she said she loved the peace and the joy she felt, she enjoyed the movies in the visitors center and all of the white that surrounded her. So we are very excited for her to be baptized soon! We are working with a few more who will hopefully be ready soon! Cindy and Gentry went to church with Cindy;s mom this week, she attends another Christian church in town. And when we asked where they were Cindy told us "we went to church with my mom, no Gentry understands more of how I was raised and the belief system, but dont worry, Im not trying to convert him!" Man I love Cindy! She is so cute and I just love her to pieces. As I do all of you! Love you tons! Thank you for the love and support, but we gotta run, we have an appointment with Katherine in a few minutes. Love you! Talk to you next week :) Love, Sister Wilson

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