Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 27, 2014 "WAHHOOO were half way there, WAAHOOO living on a prayer!" theme song of the week... hump day. Thats weird. And exciting! And what the heck, Hawaii?! Thats awesome! I love Garret, and I love the fact that instead of putting stuff on the Jeep now he is having you guys fly out. He has always been generous with his money and I love the fact that you will all be there together :) (and I hope this doesn’t sound too snobby but I would love a fun summer dress over a tee shirt... Im kinda not a huge fan of tee shirts and I have WAY too many... but I need some good fun summer dresses, even if you don’t send it to me here, I think I will wear more dresses when I get home... which you will probably love mom, the older I get the girlier I dress I guess...) But that will be a great vacation and I am glad that you will get to see each other since it will be a year since Garret has seen either of you! He emailed me and said that he is excited to see you, and that everyone tells him how great you look. Im excited to see you too, in another 9 months. And I am very happy and excited for you! but dont feel guilty. Especially since its a gift from Garret to you and not you going on some dream cruise randomly. Family is the most important and I think everyone helping out our family would agree with that. So go and have fun! and you better take TONS of pictures! And enjoy the cultural center as well :) The movie sounds like a good one! I wanna see that one when I get home! Glad you enjoyed it. I can wait for the shampoo to get here, so you can order that and throw it in as well. Thank you so much mom! And dont throw in any more lotion, I have a ton of that which I will end up leaving because I wont use it all up. Im glad that Keira and everyone is okay, she didnt send the picture to me, so if you think of it you can. But it happens, I guess were lucky it wasnt something more and that its the only thing that has happened, knock on wood. and seriously, the kids here have been at school like 5 times since the beginning of the year because of the snow. which is fine but annoying because that means the roads are bad and no one wants us to come. so we get to fill time with productive things. Twice last week president declared park your car days. Which was frustrating because we had 6 appointments that day! And they were all over the area, out of walking distance and none of the members wanted to drive in it. So we cancelled most of them and walked to the last few. It was snowing pretty well and cold, but we survived. I wore my rain boots with LOTS of socks because the snow was high and lots of layers. Thank goodness for thermals! Anyhow. Its been a slow week because of the snow, but its still busier than we were my first transfer here. Since being in Bethlehem we have doubled the total number of lessons we have been teaching in a week. Its awesome! Lots of prayers, sacrifice and hard work to see miracles here. We also started teaching the Tobias family which is quite exciting! They seem ready, all except for the mom. She has some concerns that I dont think have ever been resolved, (they have meet with missionaries before). But I am excited to get to work with them. We saw Cindy! And Cindy and Gentry came to church which was AWESOME! I love them so much! And we had a TON of people at church that we didnt know. Some investigators, some less actives, some visitors. One of the members came up and asked what we were doing because there were so many people there she didnt know. I said 'its not us!' because its not! Its definitely the Lord softening hearts and helping people desire to return. Its been quite the week! We also got our third companion. He name is sister Singleton, she is from Springville Utah, she is 22 and has been out just over a year. So I am the oldest companion, but Ive been out the shortest, and Im the senior. So now I am the permanent driver. Which I like more than being the permanent phone person. I hate talking on the phone, especially to people I dont know. But life goes on. sorry its kinda short this week. Its been a good one though! Oh and did postage go up for postcards this year? Because I sent out a BUNCH of them and they all got returned to me... including the one I sent to grandpa, so thats annoying. Anyways. We gotta go and make sure we get our laundry done this week on P day... last week we didnt have quarters and I ran out of clean garments before we got any because of the snow... that was lovely! But here I am still living the dream! Love you lots! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon :) Love, Sister Wilson oh and I dont know who they are from but there are two packages at the mission office for me, so whoever sent them they are here! So thanks! Ill get them in a week or so when the Zone Leaders head down to Broomall next. LOVE YOU!

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