Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 So turns out that I am not being transferred, so I will be in Bethlehem for at least 6 months of my mission! That is if I dont get ET'd out. Which I wouldnt be super surprised about since we are going back to a trio!!! We got a call from the Assistants to the President, and my heart started pounding! The past few transfers they have forgotten to tell people who are being transferred that they are leaving, so I thought they were calling to say just kidding sister Wilson your leaving! But instead they told us to be at transfers to pick up our 3rd companion! So we are both excited for that. Neither one of us really wants to leave, so we are happy to be here. Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a new set of people to work with, but there are a lot of miracles happening around here so I am glad I get to stay. We are working with Katherine, who is on track for baptism in one month! We are quite excited for her! The ward is not fellowshipping her as well as we would like, aka she sits alone in RS so sister Wiehl goes and sits with her, and no one really talks to her. We are taking a different woman with us to each of her lessons and seeing her 3 times a week in preparation for her baptism, so hopefully more people will start talking to her at church so she doesnt feel so lonely and what not. Then we have Cindy and Gentry, who I have only seen once this transfer, so I am glad that I get to be here for another one and really get them back into the grove of meeting every week and back on the road for Cindy to be baptized. I am a little worried about them, and I pray for them often because I love them so much! Then last night we went and talked to the Tobias family, their son is the one who came to church and bore his testimony! They told us that they weren’t ready to be baptized because they still have some investigating to do but that we are welcome to come any time. We set up an appointment to teach them and talked to some of their friends who are members so they will come and fellowship them. I am excited to start working with them, they are a great family with 'old values' they said. Basically they have high standards which is unusual in the world today and so they feel out of place some times, so it will be fun to work with them and help them see that there is a whole culture of people with the same values and they are not weird for thinking that way. The dad told us about how he likes the fact that at church we dont use Hell as a way to scare people into being good. He says he's heard Hell talked about maybe 6 times in his experiences, and he enjoys the fact that we focus on God is our Loving Heavenly Father. He doesnt work on Sundays so that wont be a battle, and church is at 1:00! So I am excited for that in our missionary efforts to get people to church, its easier to come the first time at 1, as opposed to 9! We have a few more potential investigators that we are working with, nothing too solid yet. But we have a bunch of less actives we are working with who are making some great progress. And Ashley is awesome! We introduced her to the family history center and when I tried to schedule an appointment to meet with her I asked her about wednesday night and she said she was going to go to the family history center that night, so as long as we did it before then.... OH MY GOODNESS I was so happy! She has been there the past 2 weeks and plans to be there every week :) :) :) Also, she gave her first talk in church last week, and she was extended a calling this past week. She is also helping to fellowship one of the recent converts who moved into the ward and is around her age. She joined the church at army training and so she has no connection to us or the ward so it is good that they have each other. SO it has been a pretty dang good week! Also we are teaching Cliff.... who is coming to church every week. We started teaching him last week and we meet with him after church with a member couple. He has a lot of questions and they are awesome! But he is a talker and has some major concerns that we are working through with him. I have seen him soften from the first week I was here until yesterday when we met with him, and we are working on that even farther. He has some tough trials in his life and I think the church is bringing a sense of peace and comfort he didnt think he could find in the world. So that is good. And then today for P day we went to Nazareth and toured the Martin Guitar factory, it was pretty cool, they hand make all of their guitars so that was fun to tour, but now time is short! I love you all, I am glad that you are feeling better and I hope that continues to increase. Good luck with finals Keira! And I cant believe your turning 18! Ive been thinking this whole time that you were turnig 17... so that was a shocker, not a big difference but big enough! I want to know as soon as you hear from BYUI! So send me a post card or something when you hear! Im excited for you! As for footwear, I wore boots everyday as soon as the snow came. So you will want at least one or two pairs that are good for snow and keeping your feet warm. Get fun but functional, I had some of those fake ugg type that I weather proofed and they worked rather well, but it would not be a bad idea to invest in a good pair that will last you more than one semester in the snow. I guess that also depends on your track, if your winter term you wont wear anything other than boots, fall you can get away with flats for the first half and spring is all about the sandals! So get good boots that will last you, one to two pairs, just depends on if you want to wear the same shoes all day every day ( I would suggest not) but I hope that helps... you can ask more questions and I will respond as best as I can. You can also talk to Lindy if you need to speak to someone, but Im good with questions. Im glad Garret and Janelle are enjoying Hawaii longer, let me know what happens with re-cope time etc. for him. I will try and send him a letter today, but time is short so who knows what will happen. And we now need to clear out and make room for our 3rd companion in the apartment... so yeah that will take a little bit of time. Love you all! Thank you for all of the letters and notes! I tried to send out postcards but I think they upped the postage because they all came back to me :( So I will try again! Loves to all! Love, Sister Kindra Wilson :)

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