Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 30, 2013 Please forgive me. We are now drinking 1% milk... I know, gross. Its just not the same.... Judy's Neilson’s daughter in laws sister is sister Trulock. We had dinner with them a while ago and figured that out, I thought I mentioned it, but I guess not. Yeah! Her husband is the Ward Clerk so we see him a lot. She is a very sweet lady and they have two adorable little kids! And shes expecting as well. But they are very sweet, I love them...... Christmas: It was great to be able to hear your voices as well! It was nice to just hear everyone and be together for that short time. It sounds like everyone is doing well, and I could ask for nothing more for Christmas! How excited I am for when we do get everyone together again, it will be something to truly celebrate. Also I am glad that we did the phone call over skype or facetime, neither of those worked well for my companions so I think we should do that for mothers day as well. As fun as it is to see each other, we know the phones work and I would rather get to talk to you for an hour than watch a fuzzy picture and be frustrated instead....... Man! Abby is home for a while. Can I have her address? I should send her a letter. I hope surgery goes well for her.... I love that story you shared about the 13 days of Christmas, thats something that I wish we would talk about more. I wish we would celebrate Christmas all year long and not forget our Savior the day after we open gifts, plus what do those gifts have to do with him anyways!? Moving on....... Thanks for the gifts... haha bad timing. But thank you everyone for thinking of me! I am already using the sweaters because its not terrible outside, but it is definitely cold still. Winter will be lovely! Maybe Ill get sent to Delaware where its slightly warmer... not a huge difference but at least less snow! Not that we have any right now anyways... but you know. I wouldnt mind it! Plus I kinda want to serve in all states in my mission. Ive been in PA and I went through the part of NY in our mission... so now its just Delaware, New Jersey and Mary Land :) So here's hoping!.... I am very proud to hear about all of the service that Garret is doing. He has helped set an example for me of how to get involved in the community where you are! I love the fact that he is spending his time helping other people in any way that he can, that service assignment sounds like a big one. I am excited to hear about it! That is one thing that I have decided, when I get home I want to be more involved in the community! I want to get out there and help others and meet people that I would never rub shoulders with if I didn't. And thats something that I wish more members would do, get involved in the communities where you live! ...... We were asked to attend a funeral this week (which was hard and I cried through the whole service) but it was neat. It was an elderly couple and the wife passed away. But the husband spent every minute I saw him at the funeral telling someone around him about the gospel. Half the attend-ees were Lutheran and half were LDS. He would talk about simple doctrines, like the God head and life after death. At the luncheon we went over to talk to him and he then gave us some assignments. He wanted to get the details for a service project our stake had done with our youth, and he wanted to get the word out that the cemetery where he and his wife volunteered at for many years was in need of a younger generation of volunteers. He said that he wanted to get more members out in the community and get them involved in things like this. And I completely agree with him! I wish that I had volunteered in some way before my mission, but I know that I will be involved when I get home from my mission now! What an amazing opportunity to truly live your religion..... And now I am rambling... this week was good. A hard one but a good one. Hope all is well! Love you all! Thank you for your thoughts prayers and support. I need it constantly so thank you! Love sister Wilson :)

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