Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Every time I sit down at the computer my mind goes blank as to what I want to write home about.
I don't think I talked much about it but last week we had Cheryl's baptism. Which I loved. We had it right after church and so most of the branch stayed to be there for her. The baptismal font is in one of the classrooms though, so not everyone got to actually see her get baptized, which was weird to me and I didn't even realize it until after when we walked out and there were people in the hall way. But thats one of the joy's of being in a branch right?
Cheryl is amazing. She is one of the most sincere and caring people I have ever met. We definitely have a connection of some sort. Which is funny because several people have told me that, including her dad. I love him! George is so funny! He is I-talian! And lived in the Bronks. I told him that I was born in Queens and he asked me all these questions that I could not answer because I dont remember! He is our new branch mission leader.
Because yes a month ago we got a new BML and this week they changed again! We had Brother Massamini last week but he was put into the branch presidency this week. We are excited for all of these changes, missionary work is ready to boom out here in Montrose, now if we could just find all of the people this is preparing that would be awesome!

Also this week Sister Oveson and I sang in sacrament meeting. We have been singing to people on their door step and we practiced/sang a few times for the choir director and she asked us if we would sing, so we did. We sang 'Ill go where you want me to go' and everyone loved it. Sister Oveson can do some pretty harmony, she was in choir etc. in HS, and so I sang melody and she twirled around me to make it sounds super cool. So I got the easy part! haha. But she is definitely louder than me... Ill work on that. Lindy how do I sing louder?!
Anyways, then as we were planning last night our Branch President Wilcox called and asked if I would speak on Sunday about the Atonement. Then he called back and said Sister Oveson I hung up and realized that I cant leave you out and gave her a speaking assignment as well. So that will be fun. We will try inviting our investigators and people we are working with to come and hear us speak this week, we invited them to come and hear us sing last week but guess what? None of them came. LOSERS! Whatever, they just need to come. Thats all!
What else happened? Oh as we were leaving church yesterday one of the members stopped us and said our truck needed oil. I was like 'how do you know that?' and he said "I can hear it, pop the hood" so we did and turns out we were pretty low. So we went and got that fixed this morning. Lovely. I love cars... not really. But I have decided that I do love Hank! And I may consider getting a Chevy Colorado when I get home because its a good size and easy to drive and I love it. Anyhow, in case you were wondering about how I feel about Hank, we are best friends :)
We also went to jail this week. Dont worry we got out!
We have a member who was moving but I guess, yeah anyways shes in jail for fines etc. and the branch asked us to go and visit her so we did. It was interesting. Ive never been in a jail before, but I have decided that if you ever have to go to a jail go as a representative of the church because they took us back and let us into a room to talk instead of using those stupid phones, and we dont have any time restrictions and we can go any  time we want instead of during their specified visiting hours. It was interesting. Not as cold and dark as the connotation of the word jail paints in your mind. And she was really nice and receptive to us being there which is good. I wasnt sure because I had only met her once and my comp never has. She was expecting some other people though so when we walked in she was a little disappointed. But by the time we left I knew she was glad we had come and talked with her. And we were able to leave a Book of Mormon with her so that was good too.
What else? Well... I dont really remember. This week was kinda slower however. Our investigator Kevin told us that he wants to read the Old Testament before he gets baptized and asked if we could slow down the learning process because its a lot of information and he is getting a little over whelmed with everything. Which is understandable. He is awesome! And I am glad he was so honest with us, I just hope he doesnt shut us out completely and lets us continue to teach him after he reads what he wants to. We are going to try and do a Bible study with him, because I honestly cannot say that I have read the whole Bible either, so we shall see how much he lets us do. But I feel like its kinda my fault, because I let the hype of everything dictate how much we taught him, and while yes I have a companion and we share equal responsibility, I am the trainer now. And I feel like I should have listened what I was thinking/feeling rather than what everyone else, the investigators friend, the golden companion, the member etc. were all saying. Because everyone was so excited that we were going to have another baptism so fast! When in all actuality I knew it wasnt going to be as soon as we originally planned, but instead of adjusting it how I felt we should have I thought I was wrong and should have listened to everyone else since they were all on the same page.
Being the trainer is kinda hard. Its learning that balance for me of what is going on and how missionary work actually works, and having a companion who would like to baptize everyone and their dog in Montrose asap. Which yeah we are here to bring people to Christ and help them receive the restored gospel, but we are not going to baptize all of Montrose in the next 3 weeks... But anyways now Im making missionary work political which I dont want to do.
Moving on.    I love Montrose. And I am assuming that I am being transferred out when transfers get here in 3 weeks. And Im sad about that. I was talking with Brother Zenefski yesterday, we had dinner at their house, and he told me it would be a shame for me to be transferred. Which made me feel good, like the branch is appreciating the work that I have done. Which means that I have done work here, and made a difference and helped people. That is my calling as a missionary, and its nice to hear that I am accomplishing it from one of the members. I am going to try and take pictures with people over the next few weeks though, because I dont want to miss the opportunity! And I hope I am here when Mariah has her baby! She is due the day of transfers... so we shall see what happens. She is a young soon-to-be mom in the branch and she is very sweet! I love her. I pretty much love the Montrose branch. And now I am rambling. But they feel like the Hazeldale ward to me! Just one big family, and thats probably why I love it so much.
Anyways, I love you all. I hope you are enjoying Texas, mom and Keira and everyone else down there. And Im glad to hear from everyone. Thank you for your prayers, I need them! I cannot do this work without them, that is for sure!
Love you all! Sister Wilson


Also thank you for the CDs they are AWESOME! And I love music :) And the pens are way fun, I use them all the time! Love you and miss you both dearly!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sister Kindra 8/12/13
Well Hazeldale ward is going forth to preach the gospel! What an exciting time to be a missionary! It sounds like their farewell was an uplifting experience for all in attendance. I’m so blessed to be a part of the Hazeldale ward, I learned so much from my leaders and ward family I don’t know who I would be today with out them. I am so proud of our youth! What firm testimonies they have and how boldly and willing they share the gospel to their friends. They are truly a testimony to me on how to be a missionary and I am grateful for their examples.

 I guess I didnt realize that you were a part of splitting and forming smaller groups as well. Thats what they are called in this Stake, groups, smaller than branches. The district is the group of missionaries not members, sorry for the confusion. But I am hoping I get to stay and to be able to be a part of this work that is growing. Scranton stake is an amazing place to be, and I have learned a lot about being a member missionary from them. It’s truly been a blessing to be here.
and I want to read that book when I get home! It sounds really interesting. And Im glad you are getting a sister missionary poster! I feel so special :) Im gonna be on the wall! :)

Your lesson sounds like it went well! Discussions are much more beneficial to the class than speaking at them. We talk a lot about asking questions, and I often think of President Wights 'conduct an edifying discussion' (see even if I didn’t attend all too often President I did learn things!). I would say that if you get people involved and thinking before they share 'insights' by asking them good questions, than it was successful.  My mommie is SO impressive :) But more so a great example to me. Thank you mom for everything you taught me, you truly are the perfect mom for me :)

I remember all but one of the people you mentions, Lowe? Thats the one I didnt recognize. But sister Kaui was there? Are they still living in Hawaii? How is Sherice do you know? We were good friends when she lived here and I don’t think I have talked to her since.

I am sorry to hear about Silvia. She was a very sweet lady! I didn’t know her very well but I knew of her more and everyone always had great things to say about her, and she was very nice to me the few times I did talk with her. When is the funeral? Will you be home for it?

Have fun in Texas! You should be okay, Tish is always cold but her house was comfortable when I was down there so you should be fine with the heat, even if it is August again! We should plan a trip to Texas not in the dead of summer sometime!

Glad Stuart and Lindy are having fun! I cant wait to hear all about the family reunion and seeing Jared and Michelle. They always come home with a crazy adventure story! I got a letter from Lindy that had pictures that Clara and Bryce had colored, they are hanging on my wall now :) So fun!

When does Samantha leave? How about Abby? I also got a letter from Rachel that I still need to respond too... and Lynsi, I have a letter to send you but when are you moving? Where should I send it? Because its a 'happy - late - bday' letter so yeah... I need that info.

Okay now for my week! It was AWESOME! Super busy! Lots of stuff to do, people to see, meetings to go to, dinner appointments (dont worry, we get fed almost every night which is nice! We hardly ever cook dinner and we even have a dinner and lunch appointment one day this week, I am seriously the most spoiled missionary ever! And Im loving it, because I know it wont last forever!)

One day we went to go to Interfaith to help them empty the donation bins and bring all the stuff inside and then hang and sort the donations. The parking lot was full and I saw a few cars parked curbside and I knew that Sister Honomichl and I had parked there before so I figrued we were fine. Well we came out after and there was a ticket on the wind shield. I looked around appalled! Who would do such a thing to the poor sister missionaries?! (office 220 according to the ticket...) and as I looked around I saw the most ridiculous sign of my life. I had not seen it previously because there was a car parked in front of it... but now that I could see it I read "No parking on odd numbered days from 9am to 3 pm' WHAT THE HECK! It was ... stupid. Thats the word I will use, stupid. But it was the 9th which was an odd numbered day and it was around 2 so we were in the wrong. It was only a $10 ticket and I doubt it will go on anyone record since it just said 'put your money in here and drop it off at the municipal building' and didnt ask for information. Sister O insisted on splitting the ticket so we split it and paid it. Not a big deal... Im just still appalled that someone would make such stupid rules for parking.
And that brothers and sisters is why you do not park in front of parking signs, because then the sister missionaries disobey rules they didn’t know about. So that was my first ticket.

Then we had our first baptism! Cheryl is her name. She is 17 and has been taught off and on for the past seven years. Man did I need Cheryl. She has taught me so much! I love her. She was baptized by her dad who was baptized 3 years ago himself. I am so excited for their family!

We also had a lesson with Kevin. It went really well! He is eating up everything we teach him. I taught him about the word 'atonement' last week and he explained it to us this week so simply and perfectly. He talked about how the Atonement is how we can repent and come closer to God and that its only through Christ that we can repent and be cleansed from our sins. He is golden! And so ready for this gospel! I am excited to keep teaching him. His baptismal date is Aug 25th but we might move it back a week just because of scheduling. We shall see.
But the work is moving forward! It is time to teach everyone we know everything we know. What an honor it is to be in the mission field now. We are busy and we love it! I love you all and miss you all! Hope all is well, I love your letters and thank you for your support and prayers, it is felt out here! And if you want to know what you can do to support one of your missionaries? Tell your friends about the gospel and introduce them to the missionaries in your area. Help the work spread! Thats all any of us want!
Thank you, love you all,

Sister Kindra Wilson

Monday, August 5, 2013

What in Hell do you want?!‏     August 5 2013

We heard that quote this week and its my new favorite, because its so simple and so true. There is nothing you want in Hell. Which is why Heaven is my goal!
Well Im glad that you guys got to go to Vernonia and see the parade, did you stay for the concert? That would have been interesting to see. Im glad the Barfuss' were able to go with you, sounds like you guys had a fun day!
Also thank you for giving the Sister’s Collin's name, I have been thinking about him off and on, I guess I could have put in the referral but now they know they can come and talk to you and whatnot. He is just such an awesome guy I feel like he could benefit a lot from the message of the gospel!
I dont interact much with the Spanish missionaries, but I will try to remember if I run into any of them. Thanks for feeding Hazeldale's sisters and taking care of the missionaries! Being in members homes is such a treat! Just remember to go light on the desserts! But you dont have to cut them out all together...
Hows the pool going? Anyone else ask you if they can have doggy time?! Haha. That was so funny to me, but Im glad you let him for a little while!

Man, we have so many missionaries out right now its awesome! Give em my email when they leave if you want and tell them they can email me. You can give my email to more people too,tell them they can send an email if they wish. I do love getting letters or cards or post cards! Anything in the mail is fun.

And I did get the package THANK YOU! You guys are awesome! I love you. The CDs are fantastic! and I did get a cheap speaker thing so I can listen to the MP3 in the apt so I have more music now which is superb. Thanks! And thanks for sending the letters from the other missionaries, its fun to read their experiences as well. And you can send those packages to me in Montrose, they are outside on the porch or inside our little sun room? I dont know what to call it. Im not worried about that stuff, but when you send my Primary Song Book send that to the mission home please, because thats something that I do NOT want to risk losing. So anything  valuable send through the mission home. Thank you :)

Okay so my week, was lovely. It truly was. I started thinking a week or so ago why am I here? I know that I am on a mission because thats where the Lord wants and needs me to be, but do I want to be? I am here because God told me to be, but am I happy about it? And I realized that I was happy about it.
We have an investigator who is going to be baptized on Sunday Aug 11!  And I am so excited for her. Through our teaching and talking with her I realized that she is one of the people that I came to find. When I realized this my testimony of timing grew exponentially. I am supposed to be here now, the Lord has a plan for me. I also learned that I need to open up and share with people my experiences because that is what makes me who I am and that is why I am sent here to find certain people. If I dont open up I cant find the people I am sent here to teach! She taught me that, and she is awesome! I love her so much. she is getting baptized this next Sunday and we are so stoked!

That is kinda the low day that turned my outlook positive again super fast. Another day that was awesome was Saturday. Well okay so we had a Zone Training this past week to teach us all about the new key indicators that the church is changing.

Missionary work is ready to move forward like it never has before! The changes in the key indicators (how they track numbers and missionary work) is changing, from tracking the missionaries and how much we are teaching, to tracking the members and how involved they are. The truth is ready to spread! And we need the members to move the work along. We need to stop being so shy and reserved. Missionary work is as easy to do as telling people that we are going to the Temple to do service for the Lord, or I went to church this weekend, its giving people the opportunity to ask questions! The members job is to be out in the community finding people who are wanting to learn more, the missionaries job is to teach.

I think that is one reason members are hesitant or scared to do missionary work, because they feel like they have to teach people everything. First of all no one knows everything but God so stop beating yourself up. Second, the member missionary work is to give people the opportunity to learn by interacting with people, not teaching lessons.

We have this amazing family in our branch that has given out a few copies of the Book of Mormon in the past few weeks. And it was simple and beautiful. He was talking to someone and saw a clue that they could use the gospel, he asked them do you believe in Christ? The people said yes, he handed them a Book of Mormon and said if you read this book, even just verse by verse it will change your life. He didnt teach any super profound doctrine and he didnt get any hard questions. He saw the opportunity to share what he holds most dear with a complete stranger and he acted upon it, not knowing if he would ever see them again. We are not here to shove anyone into doing something they dont want to. We are here to share what we have with people and help them understand how it truly can benefit their life!

Saturday was a very uplifting experience. We had an 8 year old in our branch get baptized, but she was able to be baptized in the Susquehanna river! It was very neat to be able to go and be there with her family and celebrate on that day with her. They also asked us missionaries to share the message of the Restoration. This was a very neat experience, we had the opportunity to teach about the restoration of the Priesthood power back to the earth on the bank of the Susquehanna river, where the Aaronic Priesthood was restored once again to Joseph Smith. And to see her being baptized in the river at the same spot that Joseph was baptized. It was a very spiritual day.

And quite the party! There were 5 baptisms that day. Ours was first, then there was a family from around here who had 2 cousins fly in from Utah so that they could all 3 be baptized on the same day in the Susquehanna river! Then there was a convert baptism after that as well! It was neat to be able to see all the families and friends and missionaries gathered to such a sacred place for such a sacred ordinance.

This Sunday was another great day. We taught a guy named Kevin last week and we invited him to be baptized, he said yes and we set up an appointment. He rode to church with his friend and when the friend picked him up Kevin asked "do I need to bring a change of clothes so I have something dry to wear after Im baptized?"

GOLDEN! He is so ready! And this came just because he asked his friend if he would be willing to meet with the missionaries. We had a lesson with him after church and he asked what else he had to do in order to be baptized. We told him he would have to quit smoking and he said I can do that. I asked 'will you quit smoking this week' and he said 'yeah, Ill go home, have one last one and that will be that'. This was without even teaching him the Word of Wisdom or the reasoning behind not smoking. He was just so willing and ready and wanting a change that he has committed to do it.

We also got to teach the son of a part-member family about how to believe in God. We asked him do you believe there is a God? He told us that he wanted to. So we taught him how each of us came to believe in God and gave him and Book of Momon and told him that it was a resource he could use to learn about God. We read a few verses with him and he expressed the fact that what he got from those verses was that he needed to just accept that there is a God and that that is how life is. So I shared with him that when I read those verses I read that we have the opportunity to pray and ask God and get an answer for ourselves. That it is not saying you need to accept it and move on, but that you need to figure it out for yourself. And just the like the introduction to the Book of Momon reads test it out, ask if it is true, and ask if it is not true! dont take our word for it, learn for yourself!

I am so blessed to be able to have this gospel. I was born into a family who had the truth, and for that I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven. And that is why I am on a mission. To bring this comfort, this knowledge and this good news to the people of Motrose. This gospel changes lives. It has given me an understanding of who I am, where I came from, my purpose in life and my goal of where I am going after I die. With that eternal perspective I live my life. I cant imagine where I would be without it, and I do not want to. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God as a Prophet to bring the fullness of the gospel to the Earth. That we have that Priesthood power and authority from God and that we know the way back to live with God again. I know that Jesus Christ is my redeemer and that it is only through him that I can return to live with God and to be able to be surrounded by my family. I love you all. Thank you for your support, your love, your prayers, I can feel them all the time. I love you, dont you ever forget it!
Love, sister Wilson