Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where in the world is Sister Wilson going to serve?!

Well I got my call on Friday night! I am going to serve in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission and I report to the Provo MTC on May 1st! And I cannot wait :)

My mom called me on Friday before I left work and when I saw that I had 4 missed calls I already knew why. I rushed home calling friends and family who I wanted on the phone on the way. I get home from work at about 6, then we were going to the LDS performers concert that night that started at 7:30 so I had about thirty minutes to rush home, prep everyone, get ready to leave, call everyone and open it before needed to be leaving. I got home and changed, about 17 times because I was just distracted and needing to do something and not liking anything I put on. Then at 6:30 Karen and Deanna came over and I starting calling the friends. Mom was setting up skype with Stuart and Lindy and I had not one or two but six phones going and only one of the phones had a single person, all the others were groups. So I was excited! I finally had everyone on the line (a few people hung up by accident and then I had to hang up on a few people in order to get to my contacts on my cell) but finally the phones were set and mom had her camera, I'm about to open it when  Stuart and Lindy disappear! I dont know how it happened, other than crummy college internet connections, but they we got them back on the line so I could open the call!
I ripped open the envelope and Deanna was started teasing me "oh thats not going to be pretty!" and all I could think was 'Im not going to save the envelope!' so I pulled it out and found the letter. I started reading and of course my eyes jumped ahead and saw Phil.... and then I looked back to the other line. I though the Philippines! Im going to he Philippines! I was getting excited. Then I continued reading and saw Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and I was so confused! I swear it changed in a split second and so many thoughts were running through my head. I finally decided on excitement from the fact that I was not being sent to South America to speak Spanish! That is something that I was sorely afraid of!

So then I said good bye to whoever was still on the phones, a few people hung up and the only ones Im really sure of who I said goodbye to were my boys so that was quite a personal moment haha (just kidding). but I said 'bye Ill talk to you all later!' Then I hugged Karen and Deanna and sent them off, we grabbed our coats and shoes and headed out the door.
As we were climbing into the Jeep Lance and Sasha pulled up and I got to tell them too which was fun. They said congrats and I jumped int the Jeep. The first phone call I get was from one of my friends up at school who missed hearing be open it by about 5 minutes and he was really mad at me, I thought he was crying at first but that was completely out of character. Since he was mad I talked to him for a minute and then I told him I needed to call other people before the concert started. So I called some aunts and Gpa before going inside.

I walked in and said a few hellos to people and made an announcement or two before the concert began. Now this concert was a special one for us. This was the LDS performers concert which my dad was on the committee for, for the past approximately ten years. My dad was unable to help like he had in the past at last years concert due to the cancers progression. He went last year and enjoyed talking to the people that he had always worked so closely with. He came home and talked about how great that concert was for weeks!  A little over a month after that concert Dad passed away. Were coming up on a year now which is hard to believe and emotional too. I only tell you the concert this year that we attended was opened by announcing to the audience that this year they were honoring one of their own who had passed. She told a little bit about Dad to those in the audience who did not know him which we weren't prepared for and made us start crying right off the bat.
Then the music began and it was a beautiful concert with a lot of talent and a great variety as they always have. My favorite was a Jazz quartet with piano, bass, flute and drums and there was a little bit of a skit to it so it was cute.
They closed the concert by having two of my Dads favorite musicians play the song he wrote for mom that he found a little bed and breakfast with a piano for their honeymoon so that he could play it for her. It was beautiful! The last time we heard it performed was at dad's funeral and it was by the same two musicians who Dad loved! So that was an emotional night. But it was also perfect, because although dad wasn't 'here' when I opened my call he was definitely 'here' that day. What a beautiful ending to a perfect day :)
Setting up all of the phones and calling people

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