Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines' Day! Mine was the best

So this morning, this pre-missionary, call waiting, loving life single 22 year old girl decided V-Day was going to be a happy day, but I had no idea just how happy!

I thought I should wear something festive and something that makes me feel pretty, since it is Valentines day (how many more times I can say v-day, its been like once a sentence! Ill try to stop... no promises however).  So I put on my red pencil skirt that I made and love and a black/white striped top, black tights and bada bing bodda bomb, I was feeling pretty good today.

So I am working my life away, like the slave I am (I mean arent we all at some point), anyhow, I was scanning some mail docs and I needed to walk away and think about something else because I was confusing myself and I wanted to boost my productivity back to where it should be. So I walk back to my desk, drink a swig of water and tap my phone to see if I have any texts.... and I did! Youll never guess who from either, my Stake President! So my heart started racing a little bit. (He has access farther than me to see what the current status of my papers is). I immediately thought, there's no way its sent already, were only on day 8!

I open the text and all it says is: "Assignment made". I just about shrieked right there, and Im not usually a shriek-er so that should tell you how excited I was : ) I asked him if that meant the call was sent and he didnt know. He told me it was "Your v-day gift from the Prophet" and what a great v-day gift indeed!

I went back to work and was the happiest I have been in a while! I started thinking and then I started hyping myself up, and scaring myself half to death with where in the world I could go, and then settled myself back down.

I realized that on this very Valentines day morning an Apostle of the Lord looked at my  picture, and reviewed my papers, and was the mouth piece for the Lord in making my mission assignment. I started singing 'called to serve' in my head and realized its my turn. It's finally my turn to be a part of the army of missionaries who are going out into the world to spread the Gospel, a message of good news, to all the world. Its doesnt matter where I am going, because that is where I need to go, that is where I am needed. Its my turn, I have been 'called to serve Him, Heavenly king of glory'.

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