Sunday, March 31, 2013

March is gone....

Well March is now gone. I have 17 days until my last day of work, and 30 days until I report to the MTC. Wow. Where has the time gone?

Since I got my call life has been a whirl wind of preparing. Interviews with the Stake President and his counselors, getting clothing and bags and shoes and everything purchased. I luckily don't have to get any more immunizations! Well at least not here, I have to get my last hepatitis shot in the field but that's not until July so ya know I'm not worrying about getting it quite yet.
Myself, Gpa and Mom
One thing that I do have to do is get my wisdom teeth out still! I have four of them puppies and they are coming out in just a few weeks. Not really looking forward to it, but its gonna happen either way.
Ive started in on the District videos, they are interesting to watch. Makes you feel like your not even close to prepared, and also makes you wanna get out there now!

Gpa and Me

I got to go through the Temple as well. Grandpa was here. Stuart and Lindy tried to get here but they ended up totaling their car on the way so we told them to just go home while everyone was still safe. Apparently your not supposed to come because nothing was working out to get them here. But I was surrounded by many people from my ward which I dd want. My ward here is my family and since my imediate family couldn't be here I filled that room with other people who I love dearly.
Mommy and I

Anyhow, I also have gotten a lot of letters from my fellow Sisters and I have been writting them back. I try to send my friends at least one DearElder letter so they get one while in the MTC. I just got two letters on saturday! One from a friend in the MTC still on her way to the Phillipines, and one who is in California oh and one from Georgia so I need to write them back this week.
But the most exciting news of the week is that I finished my first dress at like 1:30 this morning so I could wear it to church today for Easter Sunday and I love it! Ill post a picture or two for you of it, because its so cute I just love it :) Anyhow, I hope you are having a lovely Easter as I have a piece of Marie Calendars Chocolate Silk pie sitting in front of me now I must go. Thanks for reading!


  1. kindra! that dress is SO darling on you. cutest missionary ever :)

    1. Thanks Katherine! Making it definitely made me miss you sewing ladies!