Monday, April 22, 2013

Only 9 days and counting

In a matter of 9 days I will be reporting to the MTC! I can't believe how fast time has gone! I spent today finding all of my belongings between the three rooms I have been living out of and storage and then repacking everything into boxes/suitcases/tubs so I can put it all back in storage, its been quite lovely. It wasn't that bad since I got to just listen to music the whole time. That's one thing that I am going to miss a ton. Music and clothes I think will be the things I miss most about everyday life. I love wearing different clothes and getting creative and what not. So I guess the next 18 months is a long challenge to see how creative I can be with what I take! Challenge accepted :)

I was surprised that I got most of my stuff packed up today. Mostly what I have left is actually folding all the clothes I'm not taking and packing them in a way that they can store for a year and a half; you know instead of the pile I now have. Other than that its just carrying boxes/tubs back to storage.

I gave my farewell talk yesterday which was a really unique experience because we had three missionaries speaking! Elder Sellers, Sister Whitnah and myself. Sister Whitnah reports this week and Elder Sellers and I report on the same day. It was really cool to see how many people came to see us speak. We had several people come who were in our ward while the three of us were in the youth program together. One of the women that dad worked with for the Music workshop and performers concert came to see me speak, and my Aunt, Uncle and cousin came too. Devrie and Janelle came to listen also, and I made Janelle cry! Devrie congratulated me because that doesn't happen all that often I guess.

Well after the Farewell talk its just packing and then the open house next week (we are having an open house on Sunday the 28th after stake conference at 7pm, it's at the Johnsens let me know if you need the address, Im not going to put it online, but its basically a social to say goodbye to everyone and eat cookies, and who doesnt love cookies?! So come one come all I'd love to see you one last time :) Anyhow, after the open house and getting set apart as a missionary all I have left is to get to Utah and report!

Im slowly getting everything I need to take with me. Grandpa bought me a camera to take with me and I think I've finally gotten all the shoes and such that I am taking. (Yeah they tell us to bring 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots.... lets just say I have more than that :) I might be a missionary but I still have my weaknesses and shoes are one of those!).

Now its just packing clothes, saying goodbye and sewing! I think Im going to sew 3 more skirts and call it good. I went through my closet the other day and I found that I had way more skirts I can take than I thought I could. Theres one or two that I am going to slightly alter (extend the length) so that I can have some of my favorites, but other than that I should be good on skirts/dresses too. So sorry that I didnt get more sewn and more pictures but I plan on sewing the other two dresses when I get home so I have something to do before I go back to school and that will give me a few more pieces, and I think Im going to love them :)

Anyhow, I will post again before I leave so I will talk yall soon!

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