Sunday, April 28, 2013

So here is my mission wardrobe. Hope you enjoy!

So I ended up sewing or altering most of my skirts. Here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy and if you know a future sister missionary show her my page and see if it can help. Sometimes you get to the point where your creativity just stops and you need some more ideas. Hope you enjoy!
 This skirt I made the pattern work for, but I forgot to add seam allowances and so I added a black panel on the left and right side of my skirt to make it fit right. This ended up being one of my favorite skirts however.

This is my 'Kinda like Katherine' skirt I tried to make it like a skirt that Katherine made and make it a sailor pant inspired skirt. (Katherine is one of my sewing friends who made an adorable skirt that I just grew to love more and more as I got to see here work on it in the lab) I did the pattern work and cut it out before I realized that it was not quite what I wanted it to be. So i kinda fanangled it into what I wanted... well more so what I wanted. I added buttons, a wide belt and the white eyelet around the bottom to break it up and make me look less lengthy. It also hits me at a not so great spot on my waist. So this might be my least favorite skirt. But I think I like it more once I added the eyelet and the belt. Plus I am loving it with the red shoes, so it will be better than Im thinking... I hope!

This is one of my most favorite pencil skirts ever. my best friend Lynsi gave it to me and at first I didnt think I would wear this color. I now believe that every girl needs a nude/tan colored skirt, I wear it all the time! but it was a little bit too short. So I went to to the fabric store and I found some lace and a fabric that is close enough to match the skirt. I really like this one. I think its number two.

 And this is my dress that I made, the neck edge is not really what I wanted but it will work. Plus I just love this dress. I just pray that belt doesnt brake, other wise I will have to find some thick cute ribbon or something.

 This skirt I actually didnt have to do any sewing on! Yahoo! This one is the shortest skirt that I am taking but it still covers my knees.
 This is another one I didnt have to so any altering on :) And these are my winter boots that I am taking.
 It has a hood! How great is that? This is the typical black sister missionary rain jacket. I got it from Lynsi and you wouldnt think that we were the same size, but its a jacket so it fits just right!
 This skirt I got from my momma. This is a skirt that was too big for her. Shes lost 108 lbs! GO MOM! Im so proud of her :) Anyhow, this was one of her skirts that she didnt want any more. So I took in the elastic waste band and wa-la, a super full long turquoise skirt.
 This is one of my more dressy outfits. Some advice I received from recent sister RMs was to take a pair of heels (depending on where you are serving) to wear to church (leave some flats in your car for after) and that way you have one pair of shoes for that day that you want to dress up more. Sundays or Baptisms or special days that you want to make stand out just a little but more.
 This blouse that I am taking is one I made in one of my first clothing construction classes. Its nice because this one is short sleeved :)
 This skirt I need to still add two more rows of pleats/gathers to the bottom to make it a little bit longer. Other than that I think I will wear this one often because I really love fitted skirts :)
 This is actually a sweater vest and a cardigan and a super long skirt. I like this one more than I thought I would. This is another one of moms too big big skirts that I took in the waist band. Its got a nice liner on it and then a really light top layer.

Here is my advice for how to dress up an outfit. This is the most basic basic outfit. Skirt, matching shoes and a v-neck tee shirt. Take it and dress it up! Add a fun scarf or a cardigan or a fun pair of shoes, a necklace. Get creative! It can be fun to accessorize, see what you can find. It doesnt have to match something exactly, have an accent color, or a different shade. There are lots of options.

 This is a skirt that mom bought me for Christmas and I wasnt super excited about it, but as I was building my missionary closet I realized its actually quite versatile and fun and something different.
 This is actually a black jumper that I got also from my mom. Its a super light-weight sleeveless dress that is nice to layer with a cardi or a dressy shirt. Its a little bit bigger than I would normally wear so I belted it!
 This is another skirt that I didnt have to sew at all :) But it is kinda outta my color scheme, as you can tell. Its brown and I like it and I think I will wear it more after the mission than on because the clothes I do take are limited so I tried to get the same colors so I can mix and match more.
Anyhow, I hope this gives you some ideas for outfits / skirts / dresses and what not that you other future sister missionaries can take and wear. I think a cute missionary is a happy missionary :) But thats just because I like clothes, a lot more than I realized. But is your ready then Sisters get out there work hard! 

I have been set apart and will be leaving for the MTC on Tuesday! So I am signing off! My mom and sister are now in charge of updating my blog with my letters, so if they arent updating then tell me or get onto them! 

Thank you all for your support and love and prayers. I am just so excited to get out there and start working! Its finally my time to get to serve the Lord and so I am going to run as long as I can and help this work progress while I am called to be a part of it.

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