Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday May 9, 2013

YES my first email! Glad you got to see everyone and the kids and what not, and jealous of your massage! That sounds Heavenly! Sorry that the hotel room was so bad. And actually we heard the track meet going on. We were studying outside one day and they were BLASTING their music so it was kinda distracting, and started to rain so we went back inside. I’m sad I missed Devon and Monica! I can’t believe we timed that so close! And I ended up being the last one in my district to report so they were all sitting in our classroom and talking so I walked in and sat in the only empty desk.
We had a big group meeting on the first day and I ran into Elder Sellers and Elder Ridd! So funny. I see both of them pretty much at every meal time so that’s fun to have some familiar faces. I also found one of my old FHE sisters Sister Milligan on campus so fun! I ran into Brother Whitnah at the bookstore and then I saw Sister Whitnah on campus as well. Im trying to think of anyone else Ive seen on campus but I don’t remember right now.

My district is awesome! We have 6 sisters going to Philly together, and our 6 elders are going to Chicago (Which is where my teacher Sister Smith is serving so that is kinda cool). The other district in our zone left Monday morning and they all went to Guam which is cool. But out of that district Sister Bryce is going to Australia and her visa hasn’t come yet so she is waiting for that. She’s still here in the MTC with us and just got reassigned today to Tennesse. Im glad she’s her she is so fun to have!
My district is so awesome. There are two elders who I would swear I know from somewhere but we have no connection, so we have decided that we were friends in our pre-Earth lives :) They are so fun. I am the oldest person in my district by at least 2 years, my companion is the youngest. Sister  Suckow (like suit coat without the 't's' so sui coa). any how well they are all from Utah and I don’t even pretend to remember where cause I don’t know where anything is in Utah. But sister suckow just turned 19 the week before the age change. And its so funny how well the Lord knows you because we work together so well! She is a sweet heart and is so enthusiastic I am learning so much for everyone in my district. But we teach really well together. Its fun. And, a fun fact for you: there are 27 missionaries flying to Philly with us. 14 Elders and 13 Sisters. We don’t really know anyone outside of the 6 of us but we feel like we were all meant to be together we are such good friends.
We also have Sister Taylor (always said in a British accent to show how proper we are) and she is hilarious! And so clumsy she keeps us laughing all the time! Like the first thing she did when she got the MTC was turn around on the curb and knock over her suitcases and in the process of trying to pick  them up she knocked over the number sign they have on the curbs. I love her, we ate the cupcakes that sister Hall's sister sent her. (Her sister is a wedding cake person, I don’t know what to call it but she makes some dang good cake! She sent like 4 types of cupcakes and 6 types of frosting/fillings.) and Sister Taylor and I ate them at like 10pm right before bed. Not the best idea but it worked.

Oh and remember how we went and ate a big lunch because I wasn’t gonna eat until late? Yeah we ate at 4:30... lets juts say I wasn’t really all that hungry by then. Which is fine because the food is well its cafeteria food. Not great but not terrible. And two of the girls have gotten cinnamon rolls, one got cupcakes, and they are like eat my treats please! So I do, and they are delicious.

okay and there is sister Sagers, its not sag but its not sage, yeah I don’t know how to tell you that one. But she is so fun! We ran around the MTC campus during our gym time one day (which was great, I haven’t ran since I don’t even know when, Rexburg probably, and between the elevation, time, food and basically entire life changes my body was ready to go to sleep that night, which was good because it took me like an hour and a half to fall asleep the first night!)
Who else? Sister Hall is fun. She is quiet but super sassy, not as quiet as Keira and just as sassy as I am. Same with Elder Rusick which is probably why we get along so well. But sister Hall plays the Violin and our Branch President asked if we would do a flute/violin musical number in church on Sunday so I need to figure out how to rent a flute here today as well.
Sister Lecheminant (yeah its French, good luck) lost her voice like the day before we got here and still hasn’t gotten it back :( Which is sad. She I guess is an opera singer and got into the U to sing for them, that’s what the other sisters were telling me. But she is the oldest in her family and the 1st missionary (obviously) so when she got a package from her family she had this drawing from her 6 year old sister taht was completely illegible and totally adorable!
Oh and Sister Taylor, okay she is like me in a short little cute body. She hast heard anything from her parents yet and she has been waiting and waiting, one of her study people called her mom and explained to her how to send a dear elder and so Taylor thought she was going to get a letter the next day from her mom. And she didn’t, she got a letter from her friend telling her 'your mom says she is gonna kill you because she hasn’t heard from you yet' we all about died laughing at lunch! it was so funny!

Other things we get to do... well the Elders ditched us one night when we planned to go across the street and play sand volley ball (like what you saw mom) and they didn’t show up. So the 6 sisters all played, but mostly we were just yelling sorry at the court next to us and 'thank you' for giving our ball back to us. It was great, were super good.
Then another time we went and played 4 square in the gym (yes just like you did in elementary school) but instead of being the loser in line ALL the time, that only happened half the time and then I DOMINATED Elder Houston who was wearing his bat man shirt and I was wearing a super man shirt so obviously I’m better, I mean we all knew that already but now I get to tell him about it all the time because I’m super nice like that :)

What else? On Sundays we get to walk up to the Temple and back just for fun. So we did and we took some pictures but some of our district was gone so we didn’t get a ton of pics. Ill try and send some if I don’t run out of time. Anyhow.... and we got to go to the Temple today which was so good! I miss going to the Temple every week! But we only get to go on P-day and btw today is the only P-day we will get for like the first three weeks or something. We will leave on Tuesday which is before our Pday here and after our Pday in Philadelphia so yeah, I don’t know when I will email you next.

I guess everyone expects something spiritual from me so I talk about that part too.
The MTC is awesome, but every day you have a super high point and a super low point and each day you don’t know when it’s going to hit. I love being here, everyone said your lucky your here for such a short time. But I feel like every day I am learning and growing leaps and bounds! We have had two talks' devotionals which have changed my life and my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. Our leaders are so inspired and say exactly what I need to hear. I want more time but at the same time I am excited to get out into the mission field and start sharing what I know with people and how I can help them!

Thanks for the email and I got a letter from Stuart and from my roommate Whitney :)

Tell Lynsi and Estrella they better write me! I didn’t bring their addresses. And the MTC will forward anything that gets here after I leave so you can send a card or a post card or a letter Keira!
I also need Garrets address, tell him to write me and send it to me please! I have international stamps so I can send stuff to him right now. Or give him my email and I can email him too. Can I get both? Thanks :)
Welp I guess the computer isn’t going to let me attach pictures to show you. Awesome. I love computers. Sorry guys!

Id love to hear from anyone and everyone :) Love yall, Sister Wilson

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