Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here is part of the note I received from Kindra's Mission President.. President Schaefermeyer. Letters are suppose to be mailed directly to Sister Wilson. Any packages should be mailed to the Mission Home address, that is posted on Kindra's blog. I also received a photo of Kindra and her Mission Pres & his wife, I HOPE I can figure out how to post that as well!

May 17, 2013
Dear Sister Wilson,
This week Sister Schaefermeyer and I have had the thrill of welcoming your daughter to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission.  She has arrived safely and we have enjoyed becoming acquainted with her.

Yesterday Sister Kindra Wilson was assigned her first companion and trainer Sister Honomichl.   Below is their address; we invite you to please write or email Sister Wilson weekly with positive, uplifting information and experiences to encourage her in her missionary efforts.  Your expressions of love and interest in her will not only bless her life here in Philadelphia but will cement relationships of trust forever Thank you for the privilege of serving with Sister Wilson.
Best personal regards,     William A. Schaefermeyer President,     Pennsylvania Mission

Sister Kindra Wilson     42 South Main Street    Montrose, PA 18801

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