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October 27, 2014   ALMOST HER LAST EMAIL HOME!!!

Wow! Lots of fun stuff happening back there in Oregon, no rest for the weary I guess!

I am glad that you got to go to the trunk or treat! How cute Clara looks in her dress :) She looks happy and enjoying the attention and time from Grandma and Keira.

That's too bad that Janie is not coming, but I am glad that everyone is okay with how things will be working out. Hopefully you and Keira will be able to be there and work wont get in the way for Keira, and I hope you find some place for Clara! Im certain you will. Someone should be around! haha, but like you said NOTHING is simple about bringing a baby into this world.

And I am okay with new baby Wilson being there when I get there, or if he wants to wait, that's okay too :) Hey, I wouldn't mind sharing my birthday with him either!! My birthdays aren't big deals anyways anymore. Why not have someone else to celebrate too?! Makes it more fun that way :)

Well sounds like you will have plenty of fire wood this year or maybe for next year if it all so green!!, yeah! And with the weather the way it has been, maybe you wont use a ton either. Winter I think is thinking about coming soon here, and I am okay with it waiting for another week. Hopefully we wont get snow before I leave. Id like to drive to DC and get Temple pictures without snow! but who knows. Apparently President is having to work on getting us all to the Temple, we have the biggest group the mission has sent home! And I was in the biggest group the mission every got! (Thus far in its history). So that is kind of fun.

Lets see, how was my week this week? Pretty good. I am learning a lot about how often teaching opportunities are put in our path, and the fact that we must be ready for it. Always prepared right?! Its neat.

So we met a man at the library and were able to teach him about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ was lost after He was resurrected and after His apostles were killed and died. We were able to teach him about how the Gospel was off the Earth for years! But how it was brought back to the Earth through Joseph Smith being called as a prophet.
It was neat. I think one of my favorite moments on my mission was seeing Ed listen to Elder Jones (the senior couple we were teaching with) tell Ed that Christ knows who HE is and loves him. Ed was listening, and you could tell the very moment he felt the spirit because we grinned ear to ear. It was so neat to see someone soooo happy and to know the spirit was working with him.
Then Ed came to church yesterday! It was awesome! We weren't expecting him to come because we didn't talk to him after he cancelled the second appointment that week and we were going to set up another one, but we weren't able to yet. He showed up and luckily sister Jones saw him and motioned for him to come and sit with them.
We were sitting with John and his parents. John was baptized last week and yesterday he was confirmed as a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was neat to be able to see him and his parents enjoying the service together and knowing that he is officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Then after sacrament meeting I stood up and turned around and guess what? I saw Sister Stevenson who drove down from Souderton ward to see me! I love her! SOOO much!
She was baptized in May, and we had started teaching her the lessons after baptism. she fed us every Thursday and we love going to see her! So you can imagine my surprise when she showed up and brought a little gift for me. A key chain that says "love you to the moon" I love it.
And it was AWESOME that she was there, because she was able to talk with Ed after church and between the baptism and things about her experience and helping him want to stay and watch. We were busy helping the Elders because their investigator was baptized yesterday! And they asked us right before the service if we would teach the message of the Restoration during the time that everyone would be changing.
Sure, give us 10 minutes heads up.... awesome planning! But we did it.
And it was neat because there were a ton of primary kids there, last week we showed the movie about the Restoration and so we thought that would be a lot to show to the ward twice... so they asked us if we would teach. Well we did it more through questions and answers to keep the kids entertained, in their seats and involved. It was right after church so they were ready to eat and run around, but we somehow got their attention. I have to say, I have never taught like that before, but it was neat. And I was greatful for the opportunity to teach the Restoration at Annabelles baptism, one more time before I leave! I loved it, no notice or nothing, it was great.
Its neat to have the opportunity to really be in sync with your companion and listening to the spirit to help teach others and helping them learn. We had a hand full of non-members in the audience, but I think most of them spoke Spanish. I hope they could at least feel what we were talking about! I did end with my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how excited we are for Annabelle.

Man. Life is great!

In other news, this week Elder Jones and I lost at the infamous marble game he loves to sister Maybury and sister Jones. But that's okay. We might be able to play once more and re-deem ourselves. We shall see.

Also we got chased away from a house by a dog. Closest encounter on my mission, and it was not even close. Which I am fine with! Ill leave it that way. The dog was just loose in the yard, but it was quite a steep long driveway and the dog definitely had the advantage on us! So we left.

Also the Relief Society president made us an Apple pie :) Delicious! Even for a not so pie lover like myself!

Lots of finding, teaching, bingo, facebook, service, dinners <-- love those! The Flygares took us to Olive garden :) Only time Ive been there on my mission! And life is grand!

And guess what? 10 days until I get to go to the Washington DC Temple :) LOVE that!

also doing a trial pack today... don't love that. But I need to de-junk and we are going to try and go to Philly next week since sis Maybury has never been. We shall see what happens.
Anyhow. Life is grand! 9 days until my birthday, 10 days until Temple and 15 until I hug YOU.

The work is moving along and we are making good progress. Life is great! Missionary work is exhausting, and I am enjoying every minute of it! Well... okay I am enjoying the rest of my time. There are still things that are not enjoyable about missionary work, but it is well worth the sacrifices!

Love you all!
Thank you for your letters and love and prayers and all your support! I love and pray for you all.
Love you tons!
Sister Kindra Wilson :)

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