Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Oh how this time is flying. I feel like I was just emailing you. And I probably say that every week... Sorry. But it's true. This time is flying by! But the end is surreal. It won't ever actually end... This is my life. And that's fine.

Broomall is turning out to be a pretty good area. 
Our investigator John is doing wonderfully! His dad came to church with him this week and then they stayed for the ward potluck. After the potluck John had his baptismal interview and we got to talk with his father which was awesome! We talked with him about the Temple, we gave him a Book of Mormon and shared some scriptures with him. Then I invited him to come and be a part of the reteaching, when after John is baptized we teach him the lessons again so he can learn more and feel more comfortable with the doctrine. 
This will be a great opportunity for him to learn and understand the things that John is learning and experiencing.

So that's great! We have been able to meet some interesting people, and we have had some really nice people. The people here are pretty receptive and open to the messages we share which is nice!

This week we had ZONE CONFERENCES! It was awesome because we got to view 'meet the mormons' movie before it was in theaters! Which was sweet. That was requested by the first presidency so that we can encourage our investigators and members to watch it, and we aren't allowed to go with them. But it was really good! I am not sure how many of you got to see it, or how long it will. Be in Oregon, but if you get the chance to! It was neat to see the members in Costa Rica and in Nepal and how religion influenced their lives! It was really neat. I enjoyed it. I hope you get to take ode friends to see it, they will enjoy it I am sure. It was really well done.

Then I got to bare my dying testimony... They have all of the departing missionaries bare their testimony at the end of Zone Conferences and it was harder than I thought it would be! But it was neat. I was grateful I was able to share about the change of heart I have experienced from being on my mission and seeing the Lord work in my life.
I am so grateful for His hand in this experience of mine! I would not have been able to make it this far, and I would not make it to the end without my Father in Heaven! But I have, and I will because I know that God has given me everything that I have, and the time that I have to dedicate my life to Him wholly is little remaining. 

We had a lesson with a man who is schizophrenic and it was a hard lesson. He said that he wants to be in agreement with himself before he is baptized. It's rather heart breaking and hard to witness. But it was nice to be able to teach him and help him see how the gospel will bless his life. He comes to church every week! Which is commendable and a lot more than others give so he is doing pretty well all this considered. 

Oh on Wednesday we woke up after the alarm was supposed to go off, and we had no power. And we had a meeting we had to be at, so we showered and did makeup by candle light... It would have been quite romantic if we hadn't been two sister missionaries trying to get out the door and praying that the fire truck who showed up in the parking lot was not going to come and pound our door since the fire alarm likes to go off from the shower steam... It had gone off three or four times. But it's always an adventure! 

We went and volunteered at bingo this week again and there was a swearing match between two 
Residents which was lovely. But the people I was sitting with won several rounds so they were happy.

We had a lesson with a less active named Andrew, he was wearing a sword on his back when we showed up. It was kinda funny, the member asked him why and he said for personal protection. But we had a great lesson with him about Christ and repentance and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about how we are each able to return to live with Heavenly Father because of Jesus Christ but that we are the ones who must take the action. We are the ones who must accept His sacrifice and then act on it.
Repentance changes us. It helps us to live life on a higher plane and to know and become what God wants us to become.

Well that's all for this week. Not a ton of exciting things, mostly just still living the life! We are hanging out in the mission office today emails since the libraries are celebrating Columbus Day like the post offices and no one else. So it's fun :) we are here with the Jones and the Ballards and the assistants and the service elders. It's a fun time. 

But I must go. Loves to all!

Also there is a frog that lives in our parking lot and comes out at night. He's rather large more like a toad, and we are friends :) he doesn't know it but I help him not get run over by cars!

Love you guys!

Sister Kindra Wilson 

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission
721 Paxon Hollow Road suite B

Broomall PA 19008

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