Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

I will probably be sending all the books and manuals I have home, since they are heavy and annoying to pack. We shall see, I think they make us do a trial run soon, so we shall see what the weight is at, and then I will probably send stuff home from there.

We are getting some beautiful fall colors this year! They were taking their sweet time getting here, and we got a cold patch, and then an Indian summer so its been quite warm these past few weeks. But Sunday might have been the turn to boots, scarf and jackets. We shall see if it stays. I would be okay with it staying now! Its about time it felt like fall! I kept dressing for what it looked like outside, COLD, but then it would be 75 and I would be in a sweater, stockings and boots. It made for some warm days! So hopefully it will turn and stay that way!

We had a few miracles this week! We were at the library when this guy named Ed asked us if we were nuns. We explained who we were and he then started talking about how he was trying to find a church and the truth.... WE CAN HELP! It was awesome! We invited him to church and he gave us his info, he wasn't able to make it yesterday but we set up an appointment for tonight, hopefully he gets home in time for it and he doesn't get called in this evening. So keep Ed in your prayers! We are going to teach him the gospel for sure!

We got to go on exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders which was fun! My last exchange! Sister Sagers came to Broomall with me so it was fun to be out working again like we had done in Souderton. I am still fairly new with Broomall area so it almost felt like we had doubled into our sisters area for the day or something! haha.

But it was really helpful to talk with her about the change of pace from Souderton to Broomall. Its been kind of a hard change. Going from being a Sister training Leader and running around never having enough time, to here where we have too much time and not enough work.

We have been trying to get to know some of our less active families and who we can strengthen and trying to find people who we can teach. Its amazing what happens when you just get out there and talk to people! They find you in the most random places, like the library! haha. Its been good.

Oh we went and volunteered at the old folks home to help them with Bingo and there was almost a fight that broke out! Words only of course, they don't move fast enough to get to each other before help could prevent it... and they know it.

So John the investigator, who we have been teaching, moved in with his dad. Which is great! A better situation than what he was in, but his dad lives in New Jersey... so now he has to commute 45 minutes to church, and we have to teach him over Skype.

He talked with Bishop about the situation and they worked it out so he can still come and be a part of our ward.... somehow not quite sure how it works. But we just keep teaching until we are told we cant! So we have been teaching John over Skype and Facetime, which is quite the adventure! Its been a lot of fun actually. We are able to go and meet at a members home and teach with them over the devices we have. Its amazing the blessings that have been given to us to reach out to so many people!
I am so grateful to be a part of the work at this time. So many miracles and help!

And the most exciting thing of the week:

It was awesome! The room was packed, we did the service right after the block of church meetings, and lots of people stayed. John bore a beautiful testimony, we showed the Restoration movie which was really touching to both of his parents, and there were great talks and words shared.
Then we had refreshments of course, you cant hold a Mormon function without food.
And the elders have an investigator being baptized next week as well, so its an exciting time in Broomall!

Well, sorry its short this week. I had to email some stuff to the office, and I checked my school stuff, all the holds are gone! YEAH! So now I will just have to ask President if I can register or if he wants family to do it for us. We shall see.

Anyhow, 18 days until my birthday everyone :) Yeah! And that means 19 days until I get to go to the D.C. Temple! HUZZAH!!! I am SO excited to go to the Temple again! I miss it SOOOO much! Its a place that I truly do love!

P.S. this may sound self absorbed or something, but PLEASE don't send anything for my birthday that I will have to turn around and pack to bring home 4 days later. Candy or cards are perfectly fine! But nothing that I will want to keep please, I have WAY too much junk that I need to get rid of already and I am hoping to not just leave everything in my apartment.
I hope that wasn't presumptuous of me, but yeah. We can just celebrate my birthday with lemon chicken and scotcheroos upon my return :)

LOVE YOU! More than you know! I will talk to you again next week, know that I love you and I am thinking of and praying for you daily!

Love, Sister Wilson

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