Monday, September 29, 2014

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Well, it seems like so much has happened this week! I hope I can remember everything, because at the same time I feel like I was just sitting here at this computer last week...

Well last Monday we went to Philly and it was so fun! We got to see the Liberty Bell because the line was all but non-existent this week. Which was awesome! Last time it wrapped around the building almost. So we got to spend some time walking through the hall reading the history of it, and listening to the 'Liberty Bell March' by Sousa. I love that song, we played it every year at Mountain View.

We also got to see one of the original printed copies of the Declaration of Independence owned by Washington, and we walked past the house where it was written and man there is a lot of History down town there. We didn’t go to the Temple because we already saw it just a few days before, we still haven’t seen the Rocky steps because they are pretty far from everything else in Philly. But I have gotten to see a lot of the other things which is cool. 

We also ate in Reading Terminal Market again, SO GOOD. We got Amish pretzels at Miller's Twist, a MUST eat when visiting the market. And we got cheese steaks, I love steaks! They are delicious, so I am eating them all up :)

But you should all be proud of us! We correctly boarded two trains and even used the subway to get to one of them! I am honestly terrible with ANY and ALL public transportation and navigation of it. But we were given directions and I was the one who remembered them so I was in charge of getting us on our correct train. And I did it!

Sounds dumb right? But it was a big accomplishment. Trust me! :)

Then we were on our way to our dinner appointment when this guy asked us what our tags were all about. So we shared with him all about what we do as missionaries and he has been trying to start some inter-faith groups in the area. It’s the elders portion of the ward but it will be an awesome opportunity for the elders to get involved in the area and get the name of the church out there! You never know where or when you are going to meet someone, being a missionary is sooo amazing.

We have been meeting a lot of people as we are out exercising too. People always ask us what our badges say when we are out walking around. Its amazing how friendly people are at 6:30am. So I ALWAYS wear my badge for exercise, some missionaries don’t and I just don’t get that. You only have 18 months to wear that badge, so DO IT!
Just my two cents...

We have had some really awesome lessons this week with the people we are working with, recent converts, less actives and a fun one with our investigator. We have really been able to connect and enjoy the time we share together. I am sad to go, but I know that Sister Sagers and her new companion are going to continue to make changes in the lives of these amazing people. I am just so lucky to be able to have been a part of their journey!

Sister Hammons came to church again this week which was SO AWESOME! We felt bad because there were 6 missionaries in the Doylestown sacrament meeting because the elders brought their investigator there too... so we are going to have to talk about that and see what we can do. Its kind of confusing for the ward to have so many missionaries in the congregation...

But as we were leaving Sister Hammons asked if I was going to call her, I told her I could not call her but we could be pin pals and she was so excited! I am so lucky to have meet so many wonderful people I love here! There are a lot of letters coming up when I get home :) So that will be good too.

Well the funny story from the week was when our investigator gave us snacks after the lesson... and I was 100% on the word of wisdom before my mission...

So she is 83 years old, and we have not taught her about the word of wisdom yet (the commandment that talks about why we do not smoke, drink or use drugs etc.). Just keep that in mind.

So after we taught the plan of Salvation she offered us some cookies and juice. Harmless right? Until she pulled out a gallon of apple cider that was quite fermented. Well I did not know that fermented apple juice became alcohol. I do not know the process of making anything of the sort right?

Well she pulls it out and we have to shake it up to get all the sentiment in the bottom redistributed into the juice. kind gross, and its bulging... like about to burst. Which is kinda gross, so I am super excited (rolls eyes) at this point and thinking this is going to be lovely.

So we pour the juice and I just start drinking mine because I know she is not letting us leave the house without finishing it, it tasted like apple cider vinegar so it was kind of strong and really not pleasant any more.
So I am half way done when the relief society president who is with us makes a comment about it being slightly alcoholic. I thought she was joking, so I finish mine because its gross.

Then she asks if Sister Sagers is driving... and I thought, wait, was she serious? She was I guess. Come to find out she was a waiter and she said she knows what alcohol tastes like and it was becoming alcoholic. 
Which explains why it was gross. So then I say I am taking mine to the sink, and as I pass by sister Sagers I grab her glass from her and dump it in the sink so she doesn’t have to drink it. 

Then we said good bye to our investigator because we had to take our car into the auto shop to get checked out, and as we were hugging her the Relief society president was able to dump hers down the sink. 

I know it was not actually strong alcohol but it was becoming more than just juice... so they will be teaching her the word of wisdom next time to explain why we were trying to explain to her that we really did not want the juice. And why we didnt let the kids drink it.

So there you go.
The adventures of the missionaries and our lack of knowledge of worldly things. So now we joke about the alcoholic missionary I am.... and how ridiculous it all was.

So anyhow. Well I dont know if I actually spelled it out, but I am being transferred tomorrow. It will be my last area and my last companion. I am feeling as though I will be released as a Sister Training Leader, and we shall see where I end up. Maybe in Jersey? Maybe an area I have been in before? Who knows! I could end up in Broomall at the mission office! Anything is possible :)

I love you all! Thank you for everything you have, are and will do for me. I really appreciate it, and I can feel all of the prayers being sent my way. Love you! And I hope to be able to write back to some of you soon. Know I think of you often and love you dearly! And hopefully next week I will be able to write some letters. Today we have to go wash the car, grocery shop, laundry, clean and pack.
huzzah! Gotta love missionary prep day! Its the bestest ever!

Love you! 
Sister Wilson

SEPTEMBER  22, 2014

Well I I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Life is moving along for everyone and that's what I like to hear. I'm glad Stuart was able to be laughing about the harassment from the CO. Hopefully he keeps that lightheartedness about him. He is such a great example and I hope he enjoys his experience with the Air Force.

Garret got his slow poke computer, well that's good to hear! Glad he will have access to more people and things to do. Even if it came by boat to China! Haha. That's awesome.

Clara is a dancer huh? Well that sounds like Heaven! How long is the class? I hope I get to see her dance once, that would be so fun to see! And thanks for the pictures! They are so cute! Little girls dancing and having fun. Hopefully Clara and Kennedy will become good friends :) that would be fun for her to have. Friend her age whenever she comes to grandmas house! 

That's fun that you got to work in the Temple. How neat! I am excited to be able to go to the Temple when I get home :) that is a blessing I need in my life! Especially when it is so close to home! I am still hoping to be able to go to the Temple with Ashley, we shall see when the Temple prep classes get started... I hope soon! 

Well transfer calls come this week. So we will know who is leaving and who is staying for our last transfer. I am hoping sister Sagers gets to stay and be with these people we love. She is such a hard worker and loves these people so purely, it would be nice for her to get to stay and train someone else to take over the area.

We shall see what happens with me. Maybe I will die a STL? Maybe I'll become a trainer for a golden, maybe I'll be companions with someone who is struggling, maybe I'll get sent back to Scranton and die up there. Anything could happen really! 

Okay my week:

Last Monday as we were doing our laundry we talked to a man named Justo, and gave him a pamphlet, invited him to church and to the Chilli cook off, and swapped information. 
Pheasant text us on Saturday to say he couldn't come to the chilli activity but that he could come an hour into church. We told him it started at 9 but if he couldn't come until 10 that would be okay too.
Well we got through Sacrament meeting with no sign of him. So we waited for. Few minutes before going to Sunday school, but after a while we figured they weren't coming and went to class. After all we hadn't even taught them yet and no one comes to church without at least a discussion....

And then THEY CAME! It was a miracle!
A brother came and grabbed us out of English Sunday school and said here was a Spanish couple looking for us. So we went to Spanish Sunday school and there they were. Justo and his wife Ana came to church,

And they stayed for the third hour, even though she had just met us, and they were in different classes and they don't speak very good English, they stayed!
We had sister Amaya translate during RS for her so she could understand what was going on. It was awesome! 
Ana said she wants to come and see the women's meeting on Saturday too, so that's awesome! I am soooo excited for them! 
 Bunch of the Spanish members were starting to fellowship them without us even asking. It was awesome! 

So we are excited for Justo and Ana :) we are trying to set something up to teach them tomorrow, we shall see what happens. When you need a translator things get more complicated...

Sorry for the terrible spelling errors. We are typing from our iPads as we are going to Philly today so we are trying to double task...

Also we had the chilli cook off. We had two not as solid investigators come, but they loved it! And they beat us to the building so our members were great in helping them find everything they were needing.

We had a bunch of non members and less actives at the activity which was awesome! A Lutheran woman came with one of the members, and she does not know much at all about our faith.
She asked if we believed in marriage...


So we talked about eternal marriage through the authority of God and being able one together forever. She loved it and said that her husband died 3 years ago and her minister or pastor told her they would not know each other in the next life... Which she said doesn't make sense. And she is right! Because that doesn't make sense... Why would God give us families here just to take them away when we die? God makes sense, and that does not!
So then we got to talk about how it is in Temples and through the Priesthood authority that we are able to be sealed together for time and all eternity. It was really neat!
Our member is going to try and set up dinner with all of us so we can continue our conversation. 

Miracles are happening!

We also got to go on exchanges this week. Last 2 for the transfer! And our sisters are awesome. We ended up exchanging back together in Philly at the Temple sight. It was so fun! On Wednesdays the sister that is called to be a missionary at the Temple sight (her husband is the over seer for the Temple construction) bakes and then gives cookies to the Temple workers as they come off the sight for lunch. 
So we got to help with that which was so much fun! It was neat to be able to thank them for their service. We got to talk to one of he workers and ask what he did and thank him. He started asking about what the building was so we were able to teach him a LOT about the church, it was awesome, us 4 missionaries were able to answer questions, teach and testify together.
Man. I am such a spoiled rotten missionary! I love it :)

Well as I I said we are going to Philly again today, so I'm gotta run. But thank you for your emails and support! I love you all and am so great flu to be here serving The Lord at this time. Thank you for your prayers, love and support. I live, miss and pray for you all constantly.

Sister Kindra Wilson 

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission
721 Paxon Hollow Road suite B
Broomall PA 19008

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