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August 25, 2014

OKay first off two things:

There is an Elder Menlove serving somewhere in Beaverton OR, and his sister is serving here in Philly! So if you see him say hello from Philly! And be nice to him!

Also, mom, did you ever serve with an Elder Zowtiak? From Canada? He served in Holland, he wouldnt give me years and assured me I was too young to have a parent who served at the same time as him. But if you remember him, he is in our ward! Kinda fun to have another connection to Holland :)

And now onto the week. It was a pretty good one. Lots of finding, but it was nice to see some miracles happen as we were seeking to be diligent in our finding efforts and not trying to find anything else to do before knocking doors, like previous companions and I have done.

This week was the first week I have knocked a whole neighborhood. Usually we dont have enough time to do that, but we set aside a 2 hour block and we did it! We might have talked to 5 or 6 people because no one was home, but we knocked every door in that neighborhood! It was kinda neat.

Well while we were there we talked to two youth aged people. The first we gave a Book of Momron to and talked about where it came from and how it is a record like the Bible, that doesnt replace the Bible, but is another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ. She seemed like she was interested in reading it so we left one with her, and I hope she does read it! 

The second girl we asked if she had ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and she said yeah I actually went to that church last week.
That was a shocker! 
We did not see her! Turns out she is friends with some of the youth in the ward and they invited her to come to the ward after us because thats where some of the YW her age would be, I guess ours were all out of town. But we asked what she thought of the service and she said she really enjoyed it, she liked the Sacrament meeting even though it was really different from her Catholic church ( a lot less up and downs). But anyhow we had an awesome conversation with her, she knew quite a bit and really enjoyed the lesson on Temples and how we can be sealed together for eternity in the Temple by the Priesthood authority. I asked her if she would consider coming to church again and she said she would. We gave her a pass along card and told her we would love to see her come again! She took our card and we found out that she took a picture of it and text the picture to the guys who invited her. 
It was really cool to knock into someone who knew members and had come to church with them.

Our ward is awesome at talking to people and inviting them and all that jazz. So its nice. Now we are just working on getting introduced to some of these people.

WELL This week we also had Stake conference down towards Philly. The adult session on saturday was all about missionary work. It was a neat meeting! A wife of a member of the Stake Presidency had written a readers theater called 'if it happened' it was really neat. And she wrote it over 30 years ago, so it was neat to see how well it is still relevant today. It went through an experience of a guy asking his friend at the grocery store why someone had come up to his family and asked where the closest mormon church was (the family was on vacation and trying to find a chapel) only to find the family was not LDS. The vacationers said sorry, they were sure that the family was LDS, they just looked it!
She he asked his LDS friend what that meant, and what they thought they saw in their family that was similar to the LDS faith. It was neat and went through the experience of both the member and the friend and how they worked together to learn about the church. 
It was pretty cool, unique for a chapel but cool for a Stake Conference meeting.
Then they put together a slide show showing all of the Elders and Sisters who are serving from the Philly Stake. They have 11 sisters out and I think 23 Elders? Yeah. It was pretty cool. It showed a picture of them before their missions, when they left and then a few from on the mission. It was really neat to see all of them. They had a few videos of people opening their calls which was neat too. And it was funny, because I knew a lot of the missionaries or their families. Its neat to be able to serve within a stake for such a long time. Stake conference was fun because I was able to see a lot of people from the Doylestown ward there :) I love them dearly! IT was weird to see people after leaving the area. But it was so good too.

Oh also we invited an investigator to come to soccer, or rather a person who we are trying to work with to become an investigator, to come to soccer on saturday. It went really well, he was enjoying it and was a good soccer player, but then he hurt his knee. No bueno. It was sad. He probably wont be coming again... but we will hope that he does after it heals!

We play soccer in the park on saturday mornings, yes I actually play soccer, not well but they still give me the ball and let me try! Also, I am a terrible goalie when it is raining and the ground is muddy.... probably other times too, but that was rough! But I have come to rather enjoy soccer on saturdays! Its nice to be able to switch up the exercise routine, and to get to play and exercise for more than 30 minutes... even if it is killer.
Anyhow, soccer saturdays are good. And I am learning that I am not very good at team sports, or kicking a ball with my left foot. Also no Bueno.

OH Also this week we found Cathy. We were going to reschedule an appointment with a less active sister when we saw this lady walking along with a walker and some bags and we decided to ask if we could help her. She said no at first, then asked us if we were the Jehovah's Witnesses, we told her no, and then she let us help her. 
For some reason everyone thinks we are Jehovah Witnesses, but once they learn we are not they are usually more willing to talk with us. Funny. 
So we helped her get her things inside, she shared a scripture from the Bible about building our life on Christ as our rock and Redeemer. So I shared Helaman5:12 with her: "12 And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."  

She loved it! And then we talked with her about the Book of Mormon again and how it is another testament of Jesus Christ. She was excited to read it and asked when our church started. We told her 9, she said perfect! I can go to yours and then mine, it starts at 10:15. So we told her that ours was 3 hours long, she said she would still like to come some time. So we will invite her to come when we see her this week. 
She told us we can come back on Wednesday so we will call and set up a time. Then a day or two later we saw her at the library which was fun! She was ready for us to come again, so we are going to keep working with her. She is awesome and very open to learning and really just wanting to talk about how she gained her faith and how we gained ours which was cool. So we will go back and talk more about it :)

Anyways. It was another great week here! 

OH and I forgot to finish the stake conference thing. So after the adult session which was all about missionary work, we had a couple come up and ask us to come over tomorrow so they could introduce us to their neighbor! So we did, it was not a good time but they set up a dinner for tonight. So we are going to go back and talk with her a little bit about how she has gained her faith and any questions she has about the LDS faith. We are excited, and we get dinner! Win-win! 

Well. I shall leave you at that. I love you guys! Hope all is well,I am praying for you daily and individually.

Love you bunches! 
Love, Sister Kindra Wilson :)

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