Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

Well, it sounds like home is keeping busy and lots of people in and out. I hope you are enjoying seeing everyone and that you will be able to enjoy the slow down soon.

Lets see, what even happened this week? 

Well on Tuesday we went on exchanges, I went back to Milford and I didnt even get poison ivy this time HUZZAH! We went to dinner at this diner that was kinda fun, and we talked to lots of people. We met a guy who was previously married to a member in a ward I have served in, he gave us botterscotch candies :) And a crazy woman who knew me showed up at the diner, which was odd because its kinda far from her place and not great enough to travel that far.... but it was fun. We also talked to a few ladies as we were in line to pay for our food. The sister I was with tried to give her a pass along card, but the lady was very Catholic and refused to take it. 
Life goes on.

But it was fun to walk around that night, lots of people out and about enjoying the beautiful fall weather we are already getting all August! Before school starts. No one super interested, but a few who were willing to talk with us.

Then we exchanged back and got to go see Sister Hammons :) We love her! She is such a cute nice little old lady. She is so awesome, she reads a TON every week, and then is able to teach us what she is learning from reading the Book of Mormon again, and how it applies to her, without us even asking many questions! Then she asks us questions, this week her question was "how were spirits created?"... that was a fun conversation. People dont really like to hear the answer 'we dont know' but when its all you have, its all you have!

We also have had some awesome lessons lately with our recent converts. We talked about how the church was organized and the Priesthood authority etc. Then we were able to talk to both of them about Patriarchal blessings, which is neat to be able to teach someone. Thats not a lesson you teach an investigator...

I also FINALLY got some letters written to Cheryl and Katherine and some other people from previous areas. The first Presidency of the church has raised the standards and asks us to remain in close contact with those we taught and who were baptized, and I havent been doing a very good job with Katherine or Jennifer :( I get to talk to Ashley and Cheryl on Facebook usually.

Ashley is doing awesome! She went on the ward Temple trip to do baptisms for the dead, and she really enjoyed it! Then I have been able to talk with her about preparing for the Temple. She can go through the Temple in November! So we are hoping that scheduling works out so that I can go to the Temple with her! So if you could keep that in your prayers everyone, that would be awesome! I would love to be able to go and see her make those covenants and receive those blessings. She is doing so well! I just love her SO much! 

Also one of the recent converts here in Souderton got to take 11 family names to the Temple and have their baptisms and confirmations performed. It was awesome! She is doing FANTASTIC as well :)

Souderton ward is really on top of helping their recent converts attend the Temple and be able to do baptisms for the dead. We hope that they will all be able to go with the ward in November, so I hope that as we are working together as missionaries and members, we can help them prepare, plan and attend the Temple and receive the blessings of going and to be able to feel the strong spirit that is there in the Temple.

Man. Life if grand isnt it?

I love fall. I have realized that this week. I almost love fall more than spring now... its just so happy and beautiful! And I get to wear leggings, tights, scarfs, cardigans and boots. I love layers :) But we have had an unusually cool August, instead of the deathly humidty and heat we have gotten a fall like August. The trees are all sorts of confused, loosing leafs already and changing colors. Its fun, maybe we will get an extra long fall this year? That would be nice! I am praying that winter does not come early... I think we all had enough of that from last years treachery! So I am hoping for a nice long fall :)

Its just so happy! And so many things are happening :) We have Elder Anderson coming to visit the mission in ... 9 days! After that transfers.... then we will have general conference, then we will have another mission leadership council, then we will have zone training, and another zone conference, then my birthday, and going to the Temple with Ashley (hopefully!) and then going to the Temple with the other departing missionaries. SO many exciting things are happening! 

I am just loving life. It feels like time is speeding up! Which is good and bad. I am excited for everything that is happening but sometimes I feel like I am going to blink and this is going to be over! And I want to enjoy every last minute of it that I can! 

Its been neat to be working with the leadership here in the PPM (Penn Philly Mission). I have been able to see changes happen in the mission based on suggestions that are given. It feels like President hears and cares about the things we discuss with him. And I feel that part of my purpose in being in the leadership is to help them establish how we work together. Sister Training Leaders are a fairly new calling, and it seems as though you do not serve for very long, so about the time that the sisters are comfortable talking to President about the concerns or changes they feel should be made, they are released or go home. So I have decided life is too short to hold concerns in. Its been neat to work closely with the elders and sisters around here and to know that President is focused on moving the mission forward. And that is what we are doing.
As we come to council together I feel like I can be open with my concerns, and questions, and even if the elders dont agree, understand or care President does, and thats when changes happen.

I am so blessed to be here in the Philly mission. I am so grateful for the people I have been able to meet and talk to and develop friendships and relationships with. Its been such a great experience and I am so excited  to be able to continue to develop such friendships. I am excited to see who else I am here to meet, and who else will impact my life as I am endeavoring to change theirs as well. 
There is truly nothing like this experience. It is something that has changed me for eternity, and for that I am grateful! 

That you for all of your love and support everyone. I can feel the prayers, love and support. The letters are wonderful, thank you for sharing a little bit of home with me. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you enjoy the experiences you are having.

Love you to all from Philadelphia!
Sister Wilson :)

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