Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hello all, well it's been a great week here.
My companion and I came to Souderton about 6 weeks ago, and it's been
rough figuring things out. It usually is when you are both new and you
feel like you are running in circles. But Finally this week the
circles ended! It was a great feeling!

We had several times where we were in the right place at the right
time and talked to the right people. That is a feeling I love :)
For instance Ron and his mother.
We were having dinner with a member and it was so fun, we had a
picnic! We went to Wawa and each got a sandwich and an awesome peach
mango smoothie and then she ran next door and got Chick-fil-A
chocolate chunk cookies for dessert. It was amazing! And we went to
eat it at a park close by.
We had a lovely dinner and she told us some amazing stories from her
life. Well as we pack up and start walking back to the car we see this
man walking along the path with his dog and his rather old mother. He
says something about not many people knowing about this park so he is
glad to see people enjoying it. The conversation lead to us not being
from around here, which lead to why we were here and then to the
member teaching the restoration right there!
It was neat to witness. And there was a bench right where we starting
talking so grandma got to sit and listen, and Ron was quite engaged.
It was so cool! Sister Sagers and I both went to pull out a copy of
the Book of Mormon to give to them at the same time. So Sis Sagers
gave him her copy. He told us that he was visiting his mom and would
be leaving soon, but seemed sincerely interested in reading it. So I
went to grab my copy so him and his mom could both have one, well mine
ended up being in Spanish... Oops! So instead we got their address and
asked if we could stop by after church and bring him a copy. He gave
us all the information we needed and more. He said he was excited to
read and to talk to his brother about it.
So we called him on Sunday after church to set up a time, but plans
came up and they were heading out soon, we were planning on teaching
more about it and bringing that same member with us to help us teach.
But they needed it now or never! So we ran over quick without our
member and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and a copy of the
Restoration DVD. He was so excited for both! It was awesome! He told
us he would be leaving to go back home soon and out schedules aren't
allowing us to meet up before he leaves :(
But we pointed him to Mormon.org and got his information so we can
send missionaries to him if he cannot figure out how to request them.
It was neat to see someone who was so sincerely interested and wanting
to learn about what we had to say. On Sunday when we went back he said
he was talking to his brother and said he could tell we were
passionate about what we were talking about and that there was a light
in our eyes. It's neat to hear people describe the spirit when they
don't understand it.  Helps me realize just how often the spirit is
with us and helping us testify of the truth of our message to the

The. We were able to find another man, Tony. We knocked on his door
and started a conversation about the Bible and asked of his
experiences with it. Well that lead us talking about prophets and then
we were able to teach him about President Thomas S. Monson, who is the
prophet on the Earth today. It was neat to be able to talk to someone
who was so open for so long about the fact that we have a living
prophet. He wanted to look up more information about him, so we
pointed him to Mormon.org where he could learn much much more about
President Monson himself and about prophets being on earth again
today, and about our general beliefs. It was probably one of the best
door approaches I have ever been apart of. It was awesome!

We also got to go to the Amaya's and meet some of their friends at a
birthday party which was fun. And there was a lot of young women there
so it was good to be able to spend some time with them.

We also got to teach this older couple and do some service for them.
He has a HUGE train set in their basement which we helped him to fix
in a few places that were hard to get to. We got to crawl under things
and attach different parts. It was fun! And we got to get to know them
more. Hey have been married for over 50 years and they were married
two weeks after they met. Crazy right?! I asked them what they have
done to keep their marriage strong all these years, she said they
never go to bed mad at each other, and they have learned to compromise
and work together. We were able to talk about how marriage, in the
world today, has become casual. If it isn't perfect people are more
willing to walk away than to work to make things happen. Of course
there are situations in which people need to walk away. But there are
many instances where people walk away because the didn't realize the
responsibilities of having a family etc. We get to see the results of
many broken families where dad disappeared or mom walked out.
How sad, that that is the culture that is accepted in the world.
We should share the Family: a Proclamation to the World with them, I
ink she would like that. Well their son is a member and has told them
about missionaries before and so they are wanting to take us out to
dinner to their favorite sea food buffet because they know our funds
are limited and that people from the congregation feed us. They want
to help to. So we are going to let them! Haha. They are a sweet old
couple, we are excited to get to know them better and help them see
how what we have will only add to the faith they have, not detract.

Well those were some of the hi- lights of the week! We got transfer
calls this week and we survived! We are both staying in Souderton for
another 6 weeks. I am guessing that after that I will be transferred
since that will be our last transfer and they aren't going to have two
sister training leaders die and double in two brand new STL... But
they could. Anything could happen! But for the next 6 weeks here I am
in Souderton :) we are excited to get another one together.

Life is grand! Life is hard, but worth the fight. So keep you head up
and keep going, God loves you, and so do I!

Sister Kindra Wilson

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission
721 Paxon Hollow Road suite B
Broomall PA 19008

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