Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well exciting weeks in a lot of places. I am glad that Lori was able to come and spend some time with Robb and Grandma and to make some decisions. It sounds like there are some great options that hopefully everyone can agree on or at least feel okay with. I am still praying for everyone daily!

I am glad that Parker is okay! I will keep them all in my prayers this week as well. How scary! But I am grateful that Uncle Jeff was in town and was able to go down with Tish to give her a Priesthood blessing, what a comfort that brings to know that the Priesthood is so close and so powerful. I’m glad she is alright now!

Sorry this might be short again this week! We had a busy week with three exchanges, not all the 3 that we originally planned and needed to be one, so we are doing an exchange tonight. Which means that our transfer prep won’t be in until tomorrow night which is later than they want them, but its the best we can do at this point. One of the sets got sick so we had to push them to today, and another set called us very stressed and asked if we could meet them for lunch, so we did and then we did a half day exchange and all ended up staying the night in their area. So it was a busy week and didnt get everything done that we needed to but it was also a fun good week.

I got to go on en exchange with a sister who was brand new out, just one month! And it was really neat to be able to compare where I was at that time and where I am now. I have made progress! Which sounds dumb, but it was nice to be able to see the progress you have made. Its hard to see in yourself because you are with yourself 24/7/365 you know? But to see the things that I was worried about or trying to figure out in her and how she is figuring things out, that is grand. It was really neat to be able to be working with someone who is so much younger (in mission life) than you are, because it re-affirmed to me that I have changed, I have learned, and I have made progress. It is really nice to see that right in front of you. And she was so cute! We had a miracle experience in giving someone a Book of Mormon.

We walked up to the house, and she had told me about how she lets her companion talk to people because her companion is so good at it. So last minute as we are walking up I whispered, this ones yours! To tell her that I was going to let her initiate it. She was scared and looked at me like what? But I smiled and nodded and said you can do it! And she did! She walked right up to the woman and started talking with her, she said: we have an important message that has brought me peace and happiness about our Savior and how He has blessed my life and can bless yours. Or something to that extent, and the woman was not really excited to talk to us and said so, which threw the golden through a loop and she stood there and there was an awkward silence and the woman looked at both of us back and forth, so I started talking, it was small talk, where you from, did you go to church around here, did you grow up here etc. But it got her talking. And she was intrigued! She stood there and talked to us for a minute or so, we asked again if we could share a message with her of peace and comfort, because this woman was very depressed looking. And she told us she needed to find Christ for herself. So I pulled out a Book of Mormon and said, I had to find him for myself too. I grew up in this church but I had to ask myself if it was truly what I believed, truly what I wanted and where I needed to be for me. And I asked and I got my answer, and this Book has helped me to come closer to him more than anything else Ive tried, so I want to give this to you to help you find Christ on your own.
And she gave some kick back, said she didn’t want to take it if she didn’t have time to read it, so we explained a little bit more about it. We talked about how it told of what happened when Christ came to the American continent, because God loves everyone, wouldn’t he send his son to see more than just one group of people? And how we can come closer to Him by reading about him.
She asked when it was written and my companion showed her how in the bottom of the pages it shows us the dates of when it was written and we talked about how it was written at the same time as the Bible and that it was written by ancient prophets.
she was intrigued and ended up taking the Book of Mormon! And she is going to read it, I can tell. Its not one of those take your book so you will walk away, but she is going to. She is searching for something and she needs this right not. It was not an accident that we found her, we were looking for someone else and found her along the way.
The Lord is guiding us to those who we can help. We are being led to friends, family, loved one and complete strangers who can find strength in what we have. I am learning how I just need to invite people to learn for themselves, but being bold enough to tell them what I really know that they do not. Its truly a blessing to me to be here at this time and realizing how much peace and strength people are missing out on by not knowing about the Book of Mormon. Man I just want to give it to everyone I know!
Man we are blessed! And life is great and grand and stuff and I really have to run! I have to get an report in before we head out. We are meeting a set of sisters who is struggling to help them have a fun Pday and so I got to go switch my laundry too before we go.

Love you and stuff! Thanks for thinking of me! You’re in my prayers as well. Thank you for your love and support, I hope you have a great time in Texas! Don’t worry about pictures until you get back. Enjoy everyone, give them my love! Miss you all, talk to you next week,
Love always,

Sister Kindra Wilson

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