Friday, May 16, 2014

 Here is a short note from Kindra. We had a wonderful facetime visit on Mother's Day. She didn't know Stuart & Lindy & Clara would be here so when Stuart answered she was surprised and excited!! She is doing well and loving her mission and the people in PA. Thank you for all your emails, letters and notes, she LOVES getting them! She also sent a handful of photos so I will include them also.

May 12, 2014

Thanks for the photos! I saved the, on my iPad so I can see them often
:) I love pictures.

It was treat to see you guys too! I'm glad that Stuart and Lindy were
able to come down and that I got to see Clara too! She looks bigger in
her pics but she also acts older! She's talking better and more and I
am soooo happy she knew who aunt Kindra was :) I was kinda scared she
might forget me while I was gone since I was around her only when she
was little little. So it was fun to see her.
Hum, not much has happened either in the past 12 hours. We’re at target
eating and emailing and getting groceries. We have a pretty slow day
today, we are going to walk Main Street and see if we can find some
cute postcards and then probably lay out In The sun for a little bit
and write some cards to send.
Well, sorry it's a short email. It was great to talk to you guys
yesterday! It's weird think I won't call home again! And I was so
proud, no tears this time! Last time there were some, but it is more
exciting and different when you see each other and all that. It was
great. I'm sad I didn't get to talk to Garret, but life goes on and we
will talk sooner than never so that's good :) I hope ye can figure out
his knees and ear soon. It would be nice if that would get taken care
I'll try to send some pictures if we get to computers today, not sure
what our plans are from here.
We have a busy week coming for us. We are doing 3 exchanges so one of
them will end up being back to back. And I'm still trying to meet
everyone, we are hoping for a second transfer together since we
haven't seen anyone we are working with twice this month! It's
ridiculous! I had no idea how big Easter is out here for people. No
one wanted to see us that week or the week after which is frustrating!
I'm hoping sis Shaia doesn't get transferred, this will be her third
ought so it could happen. But whatever happens happens!
All I can say is God is great! Gotta love him!

And tell Keira to check her email! Love you all! But mostly mom :) Sister Kindra Wilson

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission 721 Paxon Hollow Road suite B

Broomall, PA 19008

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