Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 28 2014

And a funny story for you. We went to mission leadership council this week and OKAY sorry two stories for you, one is a blessing and one is funny.

So on our way there I was driving and I was going the speed limit and all of a sudden I pass a school zone 15 sign and so I start slowing down as I have just realized where I am and I see red and blue lights behind me... AWESOME! So I got pulled over for speeding in a school zone... this is going to be awesome right? Right.

He probably runs our plates and sees that its a church car or something because he takes a few minutes and then comes and asks:
Police officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Calm cool and collected me: Yeah, I just saw the school zone and was slowing down when I saw your lights
PO: Yup I got you doing 33 in a 15, in a school zone. But Im just going to give you a warning, can I have your liscence and registration?
....   trying to find it among all the papers in the glove box..... he sees my Oregon drivers license
PO: Have you been in the area for very long?
Me: we are missionaries for our church so Ive been in PA for about a year but we move around inside of that
PO: Okay is it going to come back to the Church of LDS?
ME: Yes
PO: Okay thats fine, give me a minute.

PHEW! Only a warning, no ticket thats awesome! sister Shaia asks 'okay, how are we going to give him the gospel?' and I just laugh inside thinking, I dont want to get a ticket! But we decided we would ask how he knew it was the LDS church

PO: So just so you know, 33 in a 15 zone would be a $500 ticket and a license suspension, and Ive been to Oregon, I know they have school zones there as well. But Im just going to give you a warning, and watch. This area is usually going from 6-8 as a school zone.
ME: Thanks, and can I ask you a question (as he starts walking away), how did you know it would come back to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?
PO: I read your tag... starts to walk away... and I saw the materials in the back seat. Have a nice day....

so he saw our scriptures, and our Preach my Gospel manuals in the back seat. It was a miracle because before he even talked to us he had decided to just give me a warning. I am so grateful for that! Somehow he knew we were missionaries and somehow he has a connection to the church, not sure what it is or how he knows about it, but it was nice to see someone taking pity on me. I was grateful for it!
We told our driving coordinator and the APs and the coordinator always says: "You dont get blessed when your being disobedient!" and it was disobedient to not obey the law, but I think it was a blessing!

Then in council we were talking about cutting down on casualness and President said that he did not want any of us to get into situations that none of us want to deal with. And they talked about how the church is sending out attractive missionaries, the ages have changed and these sisters are beautiful and the elders are handsome and you are attractive! But we want to remember our purpose.
Well sister Shaia and I are both laughing at this point and Sister Shaia is turning slightly red and so President walks over and puts the microphone in front of her face and asks 'are you attracted to someone?!' knowing that she has a serious boy friend and so we are just laughing now!
President keeps talking about casualness and how he was proud to have seen that we separated ourselves into a sisters table at lunch and elders without even being asked! He was very proud of us, honestly we just wanted to talk to each other!
But I was sitting next to an elder and I whispered to him, should we even be sitting next to each other? And then we both casually scooted a little farther apart.
But they kept talking and he turned kinda red from laughing so much and President saw it and walked over and asked him "elder, who are you attracted to?' and I immediately scooted way over practically sitting on Sister Shaias lap. It was so funny!

I love President. Sister Anderson then wanted to say something so she got up and talked about how much she loves us and how much she wishes she could just pair us all up!

To which we all started roaring with laughter. It was funny. I love the Andersons, they are so great!

And now I must depart, but I love you all. Hope your week is going well! Talk to you next week :)

Love, Sister Wilson :)

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