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To: Lynn & Don Wilson
well maybe, not quite sure. But as I was backing my companion into some parallel parking to come into the library she pinned me between her and the other car, RUDE! Mostly it was funny because she knew she hit me and I saw her hands go up and her face said "I didnt just do that!" but she didnt move the car until I motioned her to go forward! hahaha, so funny. And no it didnt hurt! Mostly its just funny, it was a light pin....
Anyways! This week was awesome! But first to respond to your letter. It sounds like the trunk or treat was a hit! We had one here too and there were a few people there but not a ton of them. It was fun because we went to primary last week so a lot of the kids talk to us now, and we've been in more homes and met them and played with them so they are excited to see us and to talk to us so it was fun  to watch them all dressed up and running around. 
Let me know what happens with your nerve whatnot. That sounds painful! Hopefully it will go away and not be a big problem for you :( 

Sounds like Garrets base is tiny compared to what he has had, but Im glad that Janelle is able to go over and that they get some time together. Another Marine ball huh? Those sound like fun! Glad she gets to go meet some of the guys over there that hes been serving with.
Sounds like Stuart is jumping the gun! Planning for after the AF... you got some time buddy :) Just kidding, I know what you mean though, it would be cool if he could go back to NASA. I think he would really enjoy it.
Lindy is singing in a professional choir? Good for her! Im glad that she is able to have those opportunities. And I am glad that they are coming for almost 2 weeks! That will be so fun! 
And Jim Band is coming back?! WHAT! Im excited and I dont even get to go! But I hope they get to have a bunch of the great artists come that they have in the past. I have always enjoyed them and I was sad that they discontinued. So hopefully you get to go to a bunch of them. And the Christmas party sounds like fun! They are already starting to plan there party here in Bethlehem, and it sounds like SO much fun! They are having a shadow puppet play of the nativity and S. Relitz has told us about their plans for their RS activity after that, pretty much they have some fun activities here! Which is fun to hear about but also like, yeah thatll be awesome, for whoever is here... because it probably wont be me. Not a big deal....
And the nutcracker! Man I also enjoy going to that performance every year as well. So Im glad that you guys are getting to go! It will be a lot of fun. And Im glad you got to skype with everyone for a little bit! And I did get an email from Garret this week, YAHOO! I figure email will probably be better than trying to snail mail it with him since he moves around so often and by the time I get the letter written and in the mail I hear that he is moving to somewhere else!
We have elders and sisters? Elders B and Sisters L... thats kinda funny! Well Im glad that the work is moving in Hazeldale. Are they getting to teach many people? Im glad that you got to take pictures and send it to their moms! Its kinda fun to be able to do that randomly :) Mommies love it as you know! haha. How old are they? Do you have 4 young missionaries? And how many ward missionaries do you have in the ward? Who is the ward mission leader? I might be able to find out on but yeah, do you know who it is?
anyways, Im glad your week was so good! Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun back in Oregon :) Me too! Pennsylvania is getting a little bit chillier. S. Carrigan is from San Diego and so she is FREEZING all the time. The ward is even joking with her about it on sundays, because she is cold enough that she never takes her coat off. Which I do in Rexburg in January, but not in october! She is going to die this winter... and its kinda funny. But only because Im not cold quite yet. Tights are warmth enough right now. Give it a few weeks though and we shall see what the weather does and when we get snow.
So Halloween here in Bethlehem is a little weird. One of the members described it as the police not having enough to do and wanting to regulate something else... so trick-or-treating is allowed only on the Friday night BEFORE Halloween. Something about so the police force can be more organized or the kids always have a saturday following halloween, either way its weird. And they never get to actually trick-or-treat on halloween, unless its a friday. So we had to be in last friday for trick-or-treating, and we will have to be in on Halloween because thats mission wide. So itll be interesting... staying in is fine. But its not like you get to watch a movie or write letters, we get to curl up with Preach my Gospel or the District... lovely! I might start into Jesus the Christ on Halloween, we shall see. President might make us plan in the evening instead of during the day since its Thursday, but yeah. anyways, we have already had halloween in Bethlehem, and today they were taking down the harvest decorations! They decorated the light posts with wheat which I though would be for thanksgiving too. But its not. LAME! We'll see if they put up anything else.
OH I forgot to tell you that last week I ate at the Trulock's here in PA, and guess what? Her sister is married to one of the Neilson twins! So tell them that I met their sons in-laws! Kinda fun, and such a small world, at least in Mormondom.
And on to yesterday :) Yesterday our investigator Ashley was baptized! It was so exciting to see her walk into that water and come out smiling. The Elders in Easton that taught her before we did were able to come and be at the Baptism, they were the witnesses. It was fun to be there with all of her friends from the Easton ward and get to meet the people who she began her journey of searching with. They have a singles FHE group in Easton that she still attends so a lot of those friends were able to come and support her which was good to see. And we had us, the Easton elders and 3 other sets of missionaries that are in our zone at the baptism, so she had a lot of support there which was cool.
Then after Ashley's baptism the Spanish branch had a baptism. His name was Pedro, and all  the missionaries went from our service to their service. And then they had all of the missionaries get up and sing in Spanish! So yes, I sang in spanish at a baptism yesterday. It was ... interesting. None of the elders ever sing very loud or confidently, and only 3 of them singing spoke spanish. So there were 3 spanish speakers and 5 of us that didnt singing as well. And it was hard because S. Carrigan speaks french and a lot of the words are spelt the same, so she was singing in a french accent and I am trying to listen to the quiet elders on my other side sing in a spanish accent to try and pronounce the words right. Basically it was another great story :) And you know Ill do anything for a good story, include sing in a different language! :) AND the sad part of the day...
So we are out of miles right? So after church we stayed at the building and took our lunch break and then did our studies there so that we could watch the water. WHICH Ill tell that story first, so Our warm mission leader asked a member of the bishopric to turn the water on, unannounced to us. So we go in and we turn on the water to start filling the font. Well we go back an hour and a half later to check on it and its only about 3 inches full, the water is TRICKLING out and we are a little bit panicking, we have 2 baptisms tonight starting in an hour and a half, and we need more than 6 inches of water. So we turn on more water and hope that it will be warm enough! We were told to only turn on the warm water which is what we thought we did originally. Well the font gets filled up and all is well before we start, because we keep checking on it. 
Then at the baptism we hear the bishopric member talking about how he doesn't know what happened! He went in and the font was being filled with only cold water! (which it was NOT!!!!) so he turned the warm water on and he turned it down because he was going home and didnt want it to overfill. Thats when we came in and turned the water back up so that it would work. We told him that and we have now been dubed the 'font angels' because with out us there would have been 2 baptisms postponed. (which isnt 100% true because there were at least 3 sets of missionaries in the building that day checking on it to make sure that didnt happen, but you can call me the font angels! I can take a compliment :)
So it was a good day! And the hi light of the week for sure!
Well, thats most of what I have to tell you, I hope! 
but I love you! Thank you for your prayers and for faithfully writting every week :) Love you tons! Thanks mom your the best :) 
and you can send the muffins any time :) The sooner the better :D LOVES and stuff 
Sister Kindra Wilson

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