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Oct 21, 2013

Sounds like you had a fun outside week at the apartments this week, and I would say leave the other cutting to Stuart, I bet he misses all of that yard work :) You know since hes working harvest and all... but he would not mind doing it at all, you know Stuart, hes awesome like that.

Im glad that seminary is going well for you! Hopefully it keeps until Christmas break... because I feel like Christmas is around the corner... but its not. Its not even my birthday yet! Thank you for sending me packages! I love them already! And Im glad that the lady in Thriftway was so helpful! I kinda hate going into the post office because I feel like they are always cranky about whatever it is they have to do for me... so Im glad that she was friendly!

Thank you for the addresses and Garrets email. This week my letter is going to be short because Im being kicked off in 4 minutes... LAME! We didnt go to the church to email today, we came to the library because we are going to go explore old downtown Bethlehem! Im excited. Sorry this email is so short!

We had a pretty good week and a few miracles happened. I will copy and paste the story I shared with President, so it wont be geared toward this audience, so if you need to change things than change them before you post it please! Like change the names perhaps?

I am learning a lot about what it means to follow the spirit exactly! We watched a documentary about President Monson and I really connected with some of his stories. They ended saying that he made the promise to never ignore a prompting again! You think duh! but its true you have to make that decision!

LOVE YOU! sorry its not loading and I have 20 seconds to send...

JUST KIDDING! Were back! We were able to get on for another session, so now I can send that story to you.

"One miracle happened yesterday actually, we got into the car to go home and I felt like there was one more person we needed to find that night. But I was wrestling with myself on how we were going to find them. I looked at my planner at the people that we didnt get to see that day and I said 'can we stop by one more person' S. Carrigan said 'sure! who?' and I wasnt quite sure. But I said LaMartin, now there were two of that lived close together, both less active individuals. We went to the first house and I was excited to see what lay in store since the spirit was constraining me so strongly to find the last person of the evening. We knocked on the door and guess what? She had moved. I was confused what we were supposed to do! I thought this was where we needed to be. I told S. Carrigan I don’t know what to do, and it might be because I get nervous 5x5ing after dark.

She then reminded me that there was another LaMartin around the corner. So we went there to try and contact him. His wife answered the door and it was dark so I couldn’t see her face. I asked if Gentry was home and she said 'I know you two! We were in the session together' and then I was really confused, session? Then Gentry walked over to the door and they invited us in. We found out that Gentry has been a member for a while but goes through phases of activity and inactivity. He is now married to Cindy and she is not a member, but they were at church last week in our Sunday school class about tithing. I had no idea she wasnt a member. Were new enough that we are still getting to know the ward and everyone seemed to know who he was so I figured they were an AM couple we hadnt met yet.
We were able to have a discussion with him on how he found the church and then his wife joined us. (she was running around putting things away and getting their 10 year old ready for bed etc. they had just got home from a picnic or something outside and she was trying to get everything ready for work and such the next morning.) but she came in long enough for S. Carrigan to share a scripture and then for us to say a prayer.
We learned that she has just lost someone in her family and she told us that Gentry loved the missionaries and makes a point to tell everyone quite often! They told us that they were reading the B of Mormon together and that they watched the Mormon channel and discussed the gospel a lot. He calls her a closet Mormon because when she learns new doctrine she says it makes sense. She also thanked us for the great lesson on tithing! That was cool!
We were able to set a RA for a night next week when they would both be home and their son would be home as well.
The spirit is always right! I am so grateful that I listened to the spirit and made a point to find the one last person that night!"

5x5 is 'tracting' but when you have a specific house to go to, like when we receive a referral and they aren’t home we try to figure out why we are there then. So we knock 5 doors to the left and 5 doors to the right until we find whoever we are there for. Its intimidating, but you get to meet lots of interesting people!

We also got to eat dinner at a members house this week that was really fun. They have two teenage boys who are only a year or two apart and so they pick at each other and such, it was funny to sit and watch them interact because it was so a Sunday night dinner at our home growing up! You know the asking 5 times and then it turns into yelling 5 times to do anything including come to the table! Its funny because I see how utterly ridiculous we were! Dont worry mom, I finally figured it out! It only took 22 years! well.. almost 23 but thats not the point!

Anyways, thank you mom and dad for putting up with all of us all these years! And dont worry, pay back is coming... sooner than I know it.

Also exciting this week Ashley had her interview for her Baptism that is taking place this coming Sunday! We are really excited for her! As are the Elders in Easton. They actually started teaching her and so they are able to come and be at the Baptism to support Ashley :) So it will be good to have them there as well.

We also had our car die on us. AWESOME. We went out one morning to start the car and it just wouldn’t. No there were no lights left on over night... yes we waited for an hour for a member to come and jump our car, and NO it didn’t work. So then we had to call the vehicle coordinator, wait for his approval to be able to call Pep Boys and then they had us call a towing service. So it was a lot of hurry up and waits that day! Turns out the battery died, so it went into the shop and Teancum came out with a beautiful new battery :) (Yes, we named our corolla Teancum :)

But in the events of this day we were calling one of our ward members, and some of the quotes of the call include but are not limited too: Im making soup (at 10 am), see what I did is I got AAA because I cant do anything with cars, if you need anything holla at me, and he said good bye with: take care my friend. You would never guess that this was a grown man with adult children, but it was. And we love calling and talking to him now! Hes awesome and super funny!

We also got to teach primary this week. We talked about being thankful and recognizing our blessings, because we first have to recognize that they are blessings in order to be able to share that with others! So in order to do missionary work first we have to list all our blessings. We passed out papers and told them to list 10 things they are grateful for and bring them back next week. We also colored Todd the Turkey, who has no tail feathers. He has to earn his tail feathers through the primary before thanksgiving! We challenged them to come up with 1000 things they are thankful for by thanksgiving. Theres about 40 of them so we shall see if they rise to the challenge! Senior primary even did the math and it will take them a few weeks to get all 1000 things. So it should be good. Plus we get to go to primary for a few minutes every week now! So thats fun. Also we handed out Jolly Ranchers and we had a huge bad so after church I was walking through the halls passing out candy and so the kids loved me :) It was great fun. Plus you learn who also has a sweet tooth, I know Im not the only one! Even if I do have a sandwich bag of Jolly Ranchers in my purse right now... :)

OH and we went into the family history center this week, and shout out to Aunt Duana, we were clicking through our family trees to see how far back we could go. Sister Carrigan was really excited because she got all the way back to 400 BC... and then I kept going and going and going. Did you know that Duana researched a direct line all the way back to Adam? Yeah, now you know! "cause its mikes super short show!" (anyone get the reference?)
But how cool is that?! We go all the way back to 'Adam, Father of Man kind' also Adam and Eve have a 30 year age difference according to their records....  but thats so cool! I wish I knew more about family history work.
Mom and Keira, how is that coming? I found out that since dad did all his work on PAF we will have to transfer the records over, but there are church record numbers on every person, so once we get enough of them put into the other line it should pull up everyone since they are linked together and all. So it wont take as much effort as I thought it would to link everything over to So maybe see what Stuart and Keira can do about that come thanksgiving while everyone is there? Cause I know that Stuart was wanting to get into family history work, not sure what line he is working on.

anyhow, I should go read Stuart and Lindys letters. Thanks for everything! Love you all! The gospel is true, and it heals people and families everyday. I’ve seen it and you can too.

LOVES sister Wilson :)

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