Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Its been an amazing week. We had Elder Bowen of the area 70 come and do a mission tour. He talked to us about how we need to break out of the restrictions we place on ourselves and how we can jump higher and be a little better. He talked about being obedient and how that can help us to reach higher and become better. To set higher goals and to work a little harder.
It was weird because he was rebuking us for our failures of the easy and simple things, but in such a loving way that it was uplifting. Really good! And he called us 'weird' and 'strange' talking about how everyone else our age is out running around living the most selfish times in their lives, (which I was too up at school doing what I wanted when and how, thats the nature of school I think) but that as missionaries we are taking this time to dedicate our lives to the Lord and to serving others. It was really good to be uplifted and rebuked at the same time... also kind of odd. But good!

And we had to get up at 3:30 to get ready and travel to be there on time, so it was a long morning. And we ended up singing all the way down. Sister Oveson and I sang every Hymn or children's song we knew the words to since it was dark and we couldnt read the words. It was nice. I didnt want to sleep on the way down to the meeting because I figured I would not wake up enough to really hear and listen and understand. So I sang the whole time. We rode with the Crumps, to save on miles which was nice. I love the Crumps, I am going to miss them! Because Im pretty sure that wherever I go we wont have a senior missionary couple to drive with and to teach us and feed us and let us use their washer and dryer, you know, the little things like that :) They are awesome!

And we found out on saturday that I am being transferred. Which I am excited, nervous, sad, and naofoAWGF about. I am sad because I love the people in Montrose SO much! I took my little book to church and we had pot luck this week after church so I was able to get a few people to sign a note to me, and I got a few pictures with people as well. They asked me to share my testimony and a few thoughts in sacrament meeting so I did. I talked about miracles, and how if we have faith to recognize them than they will happen and we will see them. But if we dont recognize them than we think they are coincidences, and I quit believing in coincidences long ago!
I mean, we saw a miracle in our family just a week or two ago! I tell people about Garret being protected and how there are miracles all around us, we just need to have the faith to look and recognize them!
I said a few good byes, and I like doing it at church because there are so many other distractions so I dont cry. But we went on splits last night and I went with Cheryl, and so I had time to talk with her and to be able to answer more of her questions and things. And then talk as we waited for her mom and Sister Oveson to meet up with us. When we met up her mom came up and hugged me and said goodbye and thank you, and so I of course started crying. Then I had to say goodbye to Cheryl, and I cried even more.

Which was awesome because I also got a cold this week so Ive had a head ache and running nose and cough for a few days (yes I have counteract that I am taking for it, thanks) and so the head ache was just worse from that.

So I am sad because I have to say goodbye. I am nervous because I could be in a completely different state come wednesday! Surrounded by a whole bunch of more people I do not know. Or I could be in the same stake I am now, surrounded by a bunch of people I do not know. I dont think I will be training this transfer which is nice. I think I need a little bit of a break to de-stress and get my head on straight. Its been fun training, but also stressful knowing that this new missionary is copying everything I do, down to when I get in and out of the car... its like having a puppy.... just less adorable.

But I am also excited! Because this reminds me of school. After every semester I get sad because I have loved the semester so much and it has been so much fun I dont want it to end for fear that the next semester wont be as good. But then I get into that semester and its even better than the last one!

I hope thats what happens here. I have loved being in Montrose and I have learned a lot. I just hope that my next area is as great as this one and that I can continue to learn from my experiences I will have there as well.

I know that this gospel is true. Its truer than true! It just is! I want to share that knowledge with everyone, and I have my faults and my short comings, but I know that the Lord is making up for my faults and preparing my path to cross with those who need this gospel now in their lives. I am so blessed to be able to be a part of this work at this time. Because His work is going forth boldly and nobly, and it will continue to do so until everyone has had the chance to hear it!
I know that this gospel is true, I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet who was called of God to restore the complete truth to the Earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and it is the most correct book out of any on the Earth. I am grateful to have that knowledge and I am grateful to have this time to share it.

I love you all! Thank you for all of your letters of encouragement, your prayers, and all of the support you give. I can feel it out here, and boy do I need it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love you guys,
Love, Sister Wilson :)

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