Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Mom you are the best :) Thank you for everything you do for me! The GPS will be awesome to have and help a lot. It doesn't have to be anything fancy at all, its just gotta work and last! :) Your the bestest :) And I am very excited to get Melaleuca, I didnt realize how much I love it and use it until I am across the country!
Im glad that the party was a hit! And I am sad because I completely forgot to email a note to you. Can I get his address and I will send him a belated birthday card next week? That would be awesome!
I am glad Garret is doing well. I have shared that miracle with a few people to help them see that God is watching over our families at home and that he is helping you guys in ways that we cannot. I am so blessed to be a part of this family! And to be able to be serving a mission at this time. The Lord is hastening his work, the time is now! So spread the word! Tell your friends, tell everyone, because this is the truth, this is what God wants his world to hear! And as hard as it is to be here at times, it is so worth it, especially when I hear about miracles like that. Thank you for sharing that with me. I am so grateful, I cant even express it fully!
So this week. Well we had dinner with a family in our branch, the Zingher's and they are so smart! We have some intellectual conversations with them, I always come away learning something new. Like Samonila dies at 140 degrees. Bet you didnt know that! One of my favorite quotes from the night was sister Zingher talking about a paper she write about the Bible and she said "The Bible is a series of cosmologcal do - overs" they try something and it doesnt work so they get wiped out and then the next people try something different and they get wiped out.
We had an awesome unexpected lesson this week too! We knocked on a door and asked if they wanted to learn about how to do their family history work, and they let us in. We ended up teaching them the first lesson, all about the restoration and how it can change their lives! We taught them about the Book of Mormon, where it came from and how we got it. Then we left them with a Book of Mormon and we will go back later and see what they thought of it. She said she was really open minded and had studied many religions so we shall see what she thinks!
One of our investigators, Vicki, I dont know if I have told you about her yet. She is very open, and wants to learn, but she has problems with her comprehension. She said she always has, and so we try to teach as simply as we can. We tried to explain faith to her, we used Alma and talked about how faith is like a seed, read from the childrens Book of Mormon, but nothing really helped. We talked with her more and she told us that she has been scared to go and do things ever since they lost their son. He only lived for 5 weeks, and ever since she is scared about what could happen. How quickly someone can be here and then be gone. She doesnt drive because of what could happen, and she would rather stay home than go anywhere because 'what if...' Which made me so sad, and so grateful. So sad that she is living in fear every day of her life! Sad that she doesnt have the knowledge that I do, and sad that I cannot teach it to her in a way that makes sense to her.
It made me grateful for my testimony, and for my knowledge of life. I am so grateful to know that this life is NOT the end! This life is just a blink in our existence! I know that there is life after death, I know what happens after I die and I know that I will be able to see dad again.
I am grateful to know that I do not have to live my life in fear everyday. While yes I know what it is like to wake up and not have someone there that should be and how sad and scary it is to know that people I love have passed on, I know there is a plan. I know that yes I could wake up tomorrow and it could be my last day or the last day of someone that I love, but I know that it is only a seperation for a little time. I know that I will get to see Dad again and that there is life after death.
Its frustrating because we dont get to know the plan. Do I know why my friends have died? No. Do I know why my family members have died? No. But I know that they are waiting for me on the other side and that I can live with them again, and that I will see them.
I am grateful for the strength that this gospel brings to me and everything that I have because of it. And that is why I am out here on a mission, that is why I can leave my house and not live in fear. Do I get scared or worried about how much longer I have with people? Yes. But that does not dictate my life. That is not what controls my actions or my relationships with people. It has made me realize how precious this time is, and I am grateful that I have been able to realize that. And I hope to help others realize how precious life is and how much we are blessed.
I just love this gospel! I would not be where I am today or who I am today without it, because I would be living in fear of death every day. But I do not have to.
Basically, its been a great week. But my comp is having problems with her computer so I am going to switch her so she can email. Love you all!

Love, Sister Wilson

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