Friday, September 6, 2013

Sept 3, 2013

Well yesterday was Labor day, as you well know, and on holidays we proselyte since that's a day people tend to be home. So President Anderson switched p-day to Tuesday instead. Which you can expect anytime a holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday will be our p-day that week.

Lets see what happened this week? Well I learned that I will never say I can live with anyone. I always thought that when missionaries complained about their companions that they just were complaining to complain. I now realize that it can be hard to get along with people when you are together 24/7.
I came out thinking, everyone says missions are hard, but it wont be as hard as other missionaries say it is. Ive done hard things, Ive moved out of the house, Ive lived on my own, Ive had less than desirable roommates, I can deal with challenging companions and with whatever else they think is hard.

Basically I came out super prideful.... dumb me.

Now dont think that I am having this miserable time with my companion and that its super hard and all that jazz. Because its not that bad! Its challenging and forces me to let go of some of my pride and look at the situation and think about what I did wrong in the situation.
I am learning that I need to step back and figure out what I could have done to make someone react to me a certain way.
I have been frustrated lately by a few experiences and feeling like things should have gone better, and so then I get frustrated with the companionship not being as good as it can be. Which is true, we made mistakes and we needed to be better in certain instances. But we are doing really well despite all of this!
Lets just say the Lord is blessing us! I dont know what it is about Montrose, but it is ready to grow! We were talking to our district leader this week as we were giving our weekly report and he told us that the zone leaders have been very impressed with the work that we are doing.
I had no idea.
At the end of the night when we review everything we did I often think, wow. Thats it? Thats all I did all day?! But then I step back and realize that yeah, it might seem like we didnt do a lot, but we did. We did everything we were asked to do and more. We talked to more people than I thought we did and we had more spiritual lessons than we have had in the past.
Even when I feel like there is so much more I can do, and when I feel like I might be holding back the work because I am working on my pride and still learning so many things, I realize that the Lord is blessing Montrose and my faults are not holding back these people from being with their families for eternity.

Sometimes I feel like my efforts fall short, and I pick myself up and keep going. And then I realize that the Lord is allowing me to work through my short comings as He is working through me to bring happiness and the truth to these people.

I am so blessed to be here, and I am learning so much!

Sorry this letter is short, we are heading down to Scranton today to do a zone activity so we gotta go.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I love you all and I know your prayers are being answered. Thank you, Love you and stuff! Love, Sister Wilson

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