Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Physical? check!

Today I went in and got my physical, complete with blood work, tetanus and Hep A shots, Yahoo! It was not as bad as I was thinking it would be. Dad would be proud, three needles and I survived! : ) and oddly enough my arms are not quite sore yet, so maybe they wont become sore? Im not counting on it but it would be nice.
Kinda the same way that I am hoping all my papers get in by the end of the month in hopes that I get my call before Garret leaves for Oki. BUT I need to get everything in by the end of the month in hopes that we get them back in two weeks! So heres hoping.
I had my physical today, dental tomorrow, well see how this turns out it could be the only appointment I need or it could be the first of a few. Hopefully I dont need a root canal or have a bunch of cavities, and then I have my TB test start on friday and the results on monday. And depending on the dental I could be done on monday and then just have my interviews, but well see. So cross your fingers for me!

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