Friday, January 25, 2013

Dental? Check!

Wow, I swear my Heavenly Father loves me. I got all of my appointments scheduled and done within a week!
Yesterday I had my dentist appointment and wouldn't you know it, zero cavities! YAHOO! That was some pretty great news to get :) and no fillings no nothing. As you can tell from all of my exclamation marks and smiley faces I'm quite ecstatic! Any how, I do need to get my wisdom teeth out (because I am way smarter than any one person should be) but I can do that after my papers are turned in. So Im going to wait until Garret has come and gone, that way I wont be trying to recover while he is here, because he is way to obnoxious for anyone to 'recover' around, just kidding Garret! (But seriously).

Anyhow. Today I went into the Doc's office for my TB test and guess what? That test involves the tiniest needle I think that I will ever come encountered with in a medical situation. It felt like a prick that I often feel while sewing, not bad at all. Dad would be able to do this one I think... maybe not. He was terrified of needles.

But all thats left now is the waiting part, which is my least favorite part! I called yesterday and scheduled my interview with Bishop for Tuesday night, so hopefully I will be able to pick up all of my paper work from the doc when I go back on Monday to have them look at my injection site for the TB results (I just really wanted to say injection site there, so I did).

But if everything goes as planned I will get the Physical paperwork on Monday, I already have the Dental work papers, and then hopefully all the lab work will be done and at the office on Monday, if it is there will be no doubt in my mind that my Heavenly Father loves me, because I already know he does but its just another piece of evidence for me.

Welp, oh but I will get that paperwork on Monday, have my Bishop's interview on Tuesday, then maybe my stake interview on Wednesday or Thursday? And submit my papers then, and hopefully get my call on Feb 14th (Thursday) so I can open it before Garret leave's. And I talked to the Stake Secretary and he said it sounds very do-able. So I think it will all work out. So cross your fingers and "say a little prayer for me".

Im really excited. I hope it works out, and I mean it will work out however it is supposed to work out, but I would love to have Garret here for me to open it so here's hoping!

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