Monday, July 7, 2014

JULY 7, 2014

Man sounds like so many good things are happening at home! 

I am excited that there are still so many missionaries going out for home, and I am sad to hear of all the struggles, but I am glad that you let me know so I can include them in my prayers.

I have been learning in the last few weeks that missions are WAY HARDER than I expected them to be. My Doylestown experience can be wrapped up as such: growing pains.

Its been a time of much learning, lessons that aren’t learned easily, but that will last for a life time. Mostly learning that we strive to run at full capacity, but the fact that our capacity changes at times has been a hard reality for me. Guess Im just too stubborn! 
But it is difficult to admit to yourself you cant do something, especially when you could do it before. We have talked a lot about it and the talk that keeps coming up from conference is the one about 'lifting burdens' I think its called by Elder Bednar, who talks about how our trials give us traction.

Anyhow, you have been hearing all about this and guess what? The Funk over!! Lesson learned (or at least determined what I am learning from this) and that seems to make a huge difference, so if that sounded super pessimistic it wasn’t supposed to because guess what? I feel better than I did before all these feelings came! Its amazing to see how much one lesson can change your life. And it has.
But I will pray for all of our missionaries, sounds like we could all use some as of late! 

4th of July sounds like fun! I am glad that the Barfuss' joined you both and that Keira got off.
Our 4th of July was magical :) We woke up and were pretty bummed to begin our day because we had no plans. But President allowed us to stay out late too! But we had to be home by 10pm So we were trying to figure out where to go and how to spend our 4th.

We spent the morning helping a member pack who is moving and it was really good.
Then we had dinner at a members house and it was great to be at their home. They had burgers and good American food :)  Then we went to another members house for dessert and as we were talking they were telling us about this beautiful lake we needed to see. So they took us to the lake, but the grounds closed at dusk so the rangers kicked us out before the fireworks started.

So we drove around and found a BEAUTIFUL location, just off the river where a family was doing a private show, and they had spent some money on it, so it was good. Then we looked around and could see several different shows down the river and such. It was beautiful.

But the magical part of it all?

We were surrounded by FIREFLIES!!!!! They might be my most favorite bug in the whole world! It is something that you cannot describe! twinkle lights everywhere. In the fields, in the trees, by the lake. Lots of sparkly little lights. It was fantastic! 
And if I had more time I would tell you more, we got to see more fireflies the next night with the same family when we had dinner at their house.

But time is short this week because we are BOTH being transferred out of Doylestown! I am pretty much packed with my stuff, compa is not and then we have to deep clean the apartment on top of packing up all the sisters apt type things because elders are moving in.

And weirdly enough, I do know where I am going this time. I am going to take over the elder’s area in Souderton which is literally right next door. I have meet a few of the members even because we share a chapel. SO next week will be weird going to church at the same place, but not knowing the people. 

And we have no idea where Sister Shaia will be going. Needless to say this is pretty stressful. We’ve got lots of things like mirrors, soap dishes, decorations, crafty supplies, cup cake pans etc.  That sisters want and use that elders do not.

Oh and I think I may be taking over 2 sets of elders areas. They had spanish and english elders in Souderton and they are both being doubled out as well. So added stress of taking over 2 elders teaching pools, doubling into an area so neither I nor my companion will know anyone or where anything is etc. and I will most likely be getting a new sister who is called to be a Sister Training Leader, so it will be training her to be a STL on top of doubling in, taking over two sets of teaching pools and adjusting the ward to sisters needs instead of Elders. 

Its gonna be AWESOME!

and prayers would be good this week!

Anyhow. I gotta run! Thank you for the pictures of Garrets ceremony, I love them! I am so proud of him , he is such a great guy. He’s awesome. But he is a Wilson so that is expected.

Keira, keep working hard and enjoy having your friends around this summer! They will leave for school sooner than you think and then you will want them all back, so enjoy them while they are around! 

And I am so excited for Stuart and Lindy! I hope they hear about the AF SOON! I want to know when he will be around! And if he will be home when I get home! 

LOVE YOU! More than you know, 
Sister Kinda Wilson

also no more mail to the Doylestown apartment, I will try to send my new address asap. Thanks for everything! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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