Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Well it has been a busy busy week! One that leaves me in need of some more sleep. But I tell myself join the club and keep going.

We were on exchanges on Tuesday in Broomall where the mission office is, so we met there. It was fun to be in the office at a time other than transfers and Mission Leadership Council. The building feels quite empty! But its good. It was fun to be in there with the office staff and get to know them better. I got to spend some time with the senior missionaries in the office. We went apartment hunting with Elder and Sister Jones, and he is so fun. I give him a hard time like I do Brother Bleak, only probably more! When you dont see them as often you really have to be quick on your feet! He was so fun to be with because he gives you a hard time right back. Hes almost quicker than I... almost. He asked when I was going home and that was sad.
Also I was in the mission office when they printed up and sent out the departing missionary information... and I was on the list. So if you havent received the letter yet, be looking. Itll come soon! Which is depressing.... but you know what? I still have 3 months to kill it out here and thats just what Ill do!

But while we were in the office the box you sent arrived, which was fun. You NEVER get those packages quickly and you are never in the office when it comes! Unless if you are the Broomall sisters, and for the day I was :) Which was fun. And while I was there I got 3 or 4 letters from people which was really nice. The sad part? The week was so busy I literally did not have 5 minutes to read any of them until Saturday. So I had 4 letters with me for a few days waiting for a spare moment, never came until Saturday night when my poison ivy flared up, we were both therribly exhausted and we decided we would finish our nightly phone calls the next week. So I got ready for bed, washed off the poison ivy and laid on my bed with the air blowing on me and at 10:25pm was able to read the first one part way through. 
But its better than bored... not that you ever are bored on a mission. There is always somewhere to go, someone to call or someone to find! which is a good thing. I like being busy.

Lets see what else? Oh I mentioned my posion ivy. Yup, got that doing yard work on exchanges in Milford last week I think. But it waited to flare up until this week. And each day it just gets worse. The bad part is that it needs to be uncovered to heal, but if your out and about talking with people you cannot have a large pussing open wound on your arm, so I have been having to cover it up. Well band aid adhesive is not in agreement with the poison ivy (me neither). So it was good to have this morning. We didnt go out running like we have been, instead I uncovered my rashes, put on this stuff the ward told me to use and it seems to be helping. Thank goodness for P-day! 

Lets see? What else happened this week? We did some service, went and looked at a few apts with the missionaries who are finding it for us, it was nice but in a bad area so its a no go. Then we did some service for Sister Collier who hurt her back. We were able to help her clear out a little bit of her studio so hopefully she can start doing lessons and things from her home, or be able to paint a little bit herself even!

Then we had our weekly district meeting and planning sessions. We still have people we are trying to meet and get to know and work with, who knows when it will happen though! Exchanges are crazy, and we have zone training next week, and then we have zone conference the week after that. Oh they told us that we have Elder Anderson coming to tour the mission in September which will be exciting. He is a member of the quorum of the 70. We are all excited for him to come. Elder Bowen came last year and it was neat to be able to see him. And Elder Bednar came, that was awesome! 

Then we had mission leadership council on friday which was good. We were able to nail down some of the rules of using facebook and the elder/sister communication from it. Which was a grey area before but president sent out an official email about it, which will be nice. Now we just have to enforce it instead of having to explain it to the sisters and elders. It works much better that way, then everyone hears the same thing and we can just clarify, plus I think it has more validity coming from President than from the missionaries. 

We had another lesson with Sister Hammons who has been less active for a few years. She is so ready to come to back! We gave her a Book of Mormon last week and she had read it all the way up to 2 Nephi 5. Thats more than I've ever read in a week! Shes awesome. And she had written down questions, and we got to talk about some of the things that stuck out to her. It was awesome. She is a sweet old lady and we are excited that we have been able to find her since the ward had no idea who she was. Which is so sad to me, but I know it happens a lot.

Saturday morning we went and played soccer with the ward. 2 hours, thats the most soccer I think I have ever played in my life at one time. Lets just say that my legs were so sore at church I had to pick up one leg and lift it over the other to cross them. It was hilarious! On top of my poison ivy infestation, OH AND I we were driving home one night and all of a sudden something is stinging my hand, in the middle of me driving. I look down and its dark but I see the outline of a bee on my thumb. WHAT THE HECK!? Where did it come from? I dont know. Well I could say somewhere but it would not be very nice... so I fling my hand to get it off, end up throwing it at my poor companion Sister Sagers who has NO idea what is going on, pull the car over, attempt to locate the creature, was unsucessful in the destroying of it, got back in the car and drove home hoping it would curl up and die and not sting again.
Good news is only 15 hours later the swelling went down and thumb is good as new. The ivy? still pussing ... its gross. Hopefully it will leave soon and not be shared with my companion. We decided that we do not need both of us to get it, we are unified even without that! haha. 

Anyhow. Its been a busy and great week! I feel like I was just here emailing... and man alive time if flying by!

And you know it was hard to not want to be with family this weekend, knowing everyone was home and what not. But I think that was why Heavenly Father blessed me with a busy week! So that I did not have time to think about it! Instead I was able to realize even more how blessed I am to have the gospel, and to have the opportunity to be here serving in such a capacity. I am so grateful that I am able to interact with so many elders and sisters. Its amazing the strength that comes from going on exchanges with all of them. Talking with them, getting to know them, helping them in their missionary work, receiving answers on how to better my missionary work, and being able to see miracles for sacrificing the travel time to be with all of them. Its amazing how much God loves us, and it is something that I am reminded of every day! Its truly a blessing and exactly where I need to be right now, to show my gratitude to God for everything He has given me.
And its amazing how He prepares us for whats up ahead. I have been able to give advise and council to many sisters while on exchanges who are having the same experiences I have had in the past. Its a blessing to have struggled, and to be able to look back and see what I have learned and what helped me to get through it. Man alive, this is awesome!

ALSO: Update on Ashley! She was baptized while I was in Bethlehem, and I asked her if she was planning on going through the Temple, her year mark is coming up and I wanted her to know that I could go with her if she goes through before I go home. We were able to talk about what she needs to do to prepare, who she needs to talk to etc. She talked to the ward and is going to take the Temple prep classes that start in September. That makes everything worth it, to know that Ashley is going to be able to go to the Temple and receive all of the blessings that I have had. She is doing so well! I love her dearly! 

And I love all of you! Im glad that you were able to enjoy your week together, and that Garret was able to come and be at the wedding. Thank you for sending all of the pictures :) I love pictures :) I love you all, thank you for your love and support! I love you guys. The gospel is on the Earth, the priesthood power is real, and that is what allows us to be a family for eternity. How grateful I am for that knowledge and to know that I am here bringing that happiness to others. Its amazing :) 

I Love you all! 
Love, Sister Wilson :)

P.S. just because it takes a few days does not mean I dont still love letters :) They are still VERY needed and appreciated! :) :) :)...and so are treats...

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