Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April 14, 2014

Yup that’s right, I’m getting transferred again already! Its CRAZY! When they called us on Friday to tell us I thought my District leader was kidding, but he was not. I am being transferred from Newark already!
we found out that the Mission is getting 6 new sisters and 1 new Elder. We have one sister going home and I think 3 or 4 elders went home this morning. So I figured that either Sister Lewis or I would be either training or called as a sister training leader, since they will need both of those things.
And President called this morning and asked me if I would accept the calling to be a Sister Training Leader here in the mission! Which is also crazy...

I guess I should explain a little bit about sister training leaders since this is a newer thing world wide. They are similar to the zone leaders, but as a STL you are over only sisters in multiple zones, whereas the zone leaders are a set of elders who are over the elders and sisters in one zone.
We go on exchanges with the sisters, and we do accountability with them to learn how they are doing, if there are obedience issues that need to be fixed, to give the sisters someone to talk to when they need that, since the elders are not supposed to council the sisters (that can lead to one liking the other, and that is not what we are here to find). So they are calling more sister training leaders to cover smaller areas, since there are more sisters, to help them feel more connected and to allow us to develop relationships with the leaders and missionaries so that when you need your sister trainer you want to call them, instead of feeling like you are forced to call them instead of the zone leader etc.
Its exciting! Im not sure how many will be in the mission after this transfer, but there are I think 4 maybe 5 sets of sister trainers in the mission. So there are limited places that I could go, and so far I have heard that 2 of them are not changing. We shall see what they do, if they are creating more companionships than one or more will have to double in and take over an area. Which I wouldnt mind, I like doubling in. I am nervous that I am going to be sent to center city Philly! That would be intense, and I am NOT a city girl, so theres that whole issue.

Anyhow, its been a great week. We got to go to Philly last week on P-day. We saw Love park, game piece park, Reading Terminal market, we stopped and got a picture in front of Constitution hall, and then we went to the old city Tee shirt shop which is a shop that makes tee shirts and they have one for the PPM so I got a mission tee shirt with constitution hall on the back, because Im cool like that :) And my zone leader totally gave me the idea....

Anyhow. It was fun. Luckily sis Lewis really wanted to go and did all of the navigation for the trains and what not, because I probably would have gotten us very lost (another fear of being in center city Philly) anyhow, it was fun! And humid oh my heavens, I will not be straightening my hair again for the summer I guess because oh yeah, it was 78 and 85 this week YAHOO! It was nice, but we went and had this Rakie therapist in our ward work on our backs this morning and she told us it is supposed to snow tomorrow... WHAT THE HECK! Super ridiculous Newark! Its supposed to be between 30-70 with a chance of snow or rain... what kind of a weather report is that? Useless!

So the rest of this week,.... we went on exchanges which was fun. The sister trainers came and doubled into our area which was fun. Our sisters are Sister Taylor who I came out with, and Im going to room with her when we get back in January at Mt Pines :) and then Sister Argueta who trained sister Lewis so we were excited for them to come in and spend the day with us. It was really fun :)

Anyhow, we had some lessons with Jennifer and she is doing AWESOME! But Im sad I am getting transferred because she is getting baptized on Sunday! And I leave tomorrow... so we shall see where I end up and hopefully I will be able to come back for the baptism. We shall see what happens, I could be just about anywhere tomorrow, Im guessing either Jersey or Center city, the Delaware sisters aren’t changing, and neither are the Reading sisters, so unless they are putting some up north in Scranton, it will probably be the center city sisters or Jersey... so that will be lovely.
Jersey scares me, mostly the people. They are yeah just way more fast paced than I like to live. Anyhow. well with having to be at transfers tomorrow morning I have to pack tonight, so sorry this one doesn’t have a whole lot of meat to it, but I hope you enjoy it. I will try to send some pictures, thanks for the pictures of the tulip fields! I love them :) Ill save some to my iPad,... if I can get the email to work right... anyhow. I love you all! Hope your week is going better.
Grandma and the Wilsons and Andersons and Uncle Robb will be in my prayers. All of you will be. How is grandpa doing? I was thinking of him this morning.

Facetime might be a possibility, we might be allowed to use our iPads and if not I can probably find a member who has a device. But you should definitely practice that before calls if we do that. But it is an option, I believe we can facetime, skype, or call. So if you want to try facetime we can do that.  Guess what? One month until I call home, and thats the last call home of my mission! Ill be home for Christmas... so thats cool.

Anyways I gotta go lots of errands. Also I am going to send a box home of stuff I want to keep but cant use out here. So look for that this week. Ill send it today so hopefully it gets there.

LOVES!  Sister Kindra Wilson

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