Monday, April 14, 2014

April 6, 2014

Well we are on the train on the way to Philly and it's pretty bumpy so be grateful I'm not writing, and forgive misspellings please!
I didn't get an email from Stuart, well you and then my two friends from Rexburg are the only emails I got, which is perfect for a p-day celebration in Philly!

Conference was great as always, and I have be honest, I also just learns that all 12 speak every conference and that the first presidency always speaks in the Priesthood session. I hear that elder Packers talk from Priesthood was a good one. I have seen some quotes on Facebook and the elders have said that it talked a lot about women and the Priesthood and that it was their favorite talk from that session, so I am excited to read it once it is out.

This week was good. ASL was fun. We started praying in sign language! And sister Lewis and I try to say one prayer a day I. Sign language in order to practice, it's fun! I'm glad that we have been able to learn together, I'm not sure how missionaries and transfers are going to work with the sign language class, so we shall see if they keep going. I guess they have a few courses, for like 3 years I believe so it will get harder and harder as it goes on for missionaries to jump in without have the introductory portion of it.

We did enjoy the Easter egg hunt. The YW were putting it on for the primary, but they didn't exactly all come, it was quite WINDY that day, so they asked us and the elders to hide the eggs. Turns out it's hard to hide Easter eggs on a flat field... Luckily the kids were pretty little so we just kinda walked around and scattered them. We hid some in low branches of these trees but the wind would knock them down so we have up on that. And they had over 300 eggs, and maybe over a dozen kids... So they invited the other kids playing at the park to join in, it was neat to watch them, some would help the younger kids find eggs, others were so shocked they would run fast and fill their shirts as much as they could, and they started to drop eggs. It was cute and neat to see the difference between the nursery kids, all showing each other their eggs and handing them to each other, compared to some of the older park kids. It makes me grateful to know while yes it takes a good village to raise a child, that we picked a good village! Haha. I am grateful for our ward families and being surrounded by good people. The elders investigator did end up coming, so that was good. And a few less actives came as well.
OH too funny, so there are these two little girls who LOVED the elders! They were dragging them all over the park and talking to them as we were playing catch. Well one girl drug an elder over to the swings and wanted him to help her up and push her on the swing, well that's against mission rules. So he was asking the member mom next to them to help, and the little girl was not going to accept that! She wanted to play with the elder, she is 2. So the elder said well if you run away excited ply then they follow. So he did, and she followed and the swing was forgotten. well when we had to leave he couldn't pick her up so he walked over to her mom and mom picked her up and the elder said goodbye, and oh my gosh, that girl started SCREAMING! Page wanted to keep playing, so we all waved and walked away and the rest of the ward was watching like what on earth?! Her mom was laughing and so was her dad, it was more just embarrassing for him to walk away.. Not that he was. As we walked away he exclaimed "and still breaking hearts....." So he got a kick out of it.

Let's see? Well we are on our ways Philly. This day is going to be a roller coaster.
I saw the email last week after p-day, but it simply showed "were having a rough time up here. Not sure if you...." And right then I thought 'okay, who died this time?' But I didn't get to read it until today.
That was probably for the better so that I wasn't blind sided by it, but it's still hard to process. I was not super close to Trevor, in fact he is the one I knew the least. But it is still hard to lose a friend, someone that you knew and loved, someone who has helped you, laughed with you, and someone that you haven't talked to in a while.
I know Trevor is in a happy place, but it's still hard to think that last week, while I was sitting in Applebee's eating lunch, Trevor was killed in a car accident. His father walked away which is a blessing for their family, but it's still hard.
I wish I could have been in Rexburg when it happened, to run up and hug each of those boys and tell them it's going to be okay. But I know they have the gospel, and that is the only thing making any of this okay, the fact that they know they will see Trevor again, the fact that I know I will see Trevor again and hug him and say I'm sorry and laugh with him again. Life goes on, after earth, and that's the beauty of it all. Knowing that we will be together again, that his life is not over. But that I have another guardian angel out there.
I think that's my favorite thing to tell people after someone passes to point out that Trevor can now help. That the other car crash, The one that Caleb and everyone were safe through, maybe Trevor was one of the angels there protecting them.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the knowledge of the plan of Salvation and that all have the opportunity to hear of Christ's Atoning sacrifice for THEM, for the chance that we all have to live with our Father in Heaven. It's truly a blessing, and one I am so grateful for.

Life is hard. I loved in general conference this weekend when they talked about mortals not being comfortable with endings, and I thought to myself yeah! I hate saying goodbye and wondering if this would be the last time I saw them?! But they said we are uncomfortable with it because it's not in our nature. We are eternal beings which means without end. We are uncomfortable with it because it's not something our spirits are used to.
We do exist after this life, we are a spirit who has a body, we are not a body who has a spirit. We are spiritual beings, and for that knowledge I am grateful. I would not be able to keep going every time another person I love is taken without this knowledge. It is my most treasured gift.

I love you all and I hope your having a fantastic week. This one for me? We shall see what it brings. I will be okay. I am learning how to rely on Jesus Christ and His Atoning sacrifice and how it heals us.

Love you,
Sister Kindra Wilson

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