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On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:03 PM,
Mom, I just love you so much! Thank you for your emails every week, I really do enjoy them :)

To answer everyone's questions, I am being transferred on Wednesday! It been a great 6 months here, full of lots of learning, love and laughing! I have LOVED being with Sister Singleton this transfer! We have started calling each other (depending on the events of the day we are assigned different titles) mine is usually the bully friend, sister Wiehl is usually the princess friend and sister Singleton is usually the drama queen friend. :) Trust me, we are laughing the whole time and we are joking around and everyone is having fun the whole time, but they ended up being kind of fitting... but thats nothing new. I tend to be assigned the bully friend often :( But princess fits and sister Singleton is jokingly dramatic so its always a hoot.
I have really enjoyed these companions, its been such a great 6 weeks together, I am sad that it is over and more so sad that I am leaving Bethlehem, but I am excited to see where I go next. Maybe Ill go down to Delaware and get out of the snow and boots!!!! That would be great :) Or Mary Land? Jersey scares me, not gonna lie. The East coast is a lot faster paced than the west coast, and from what I hear Jersey is the worst of them all! But who knows, I could be anywhere!
Sister Singleton and I have been joking around that we are going to go double into an area together. That would be so stinking fun! She goes home in 2 transfers and she is the companion that I probably clicked with the fastest. I love her so much! I am going to miss her tons!!!! But she is great and good and stuff. And we will find out on Wednesday.
I had to say goodbye to Ashley at church yesterday and that was the first of the almost tears, then other members, and then that night Cindy and Gentry, and man was that house a hard one to walk away from! I love them SO SO SO much! I wish I could have just given Gentry a big old hug, and Cindy and I swapped emails so we will be staying in touch! There are others that have been hard to leave, the Ortegas we took pictures with and we will be seeing them again tonight, saying goodbye to Sister Relitz, to Kelly! Man there are too many people I love! Im going to stop right there before I start crying in the library!

Anyhow, this week? They have been trying to get us to switch completely from our paper planners to the iPads (Im not a fan, too many glitches to still trust them completely and I dont know them well enough to use them efficiently yet) so I am still using paper but not completely, so sorry I need to figure out a better system for taking notes on my weeks.

So this week Sister Singleton has been feeding the squirrels on the back porch. They love her. She has named them 'scragles' because his tail is pathetic, and 'well endowed' because his tail is not pathetic. She refers to them as best friends and has taken many pictures of them, and dont worry, I got them all! haha

Well this week was a roller coaster. Lynsi told me about how a mission has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all in the same day. And she is dang right! We had an investigator that we were teaching the 'stop smoking' program to who realized she could never pick a cigarette up again, panicked and asked us to leave. We were devastated by how the lesson went and the events made us feel like we had done things not as well as we could have, which was true. But we were devastated, we walked out, drove around the corner, parked and just cried together. We talked about it and tried to figure out what had happened. We came to the conclusion that Satan is working on her VERY STINKING HARD and I could truly kick him for that. But he is working on her, and fear caught hold and took over and she panicked. She started texting us as we were in the car and we started looking up scriptures, talks, videos, anything we find with the new devices (came in handy!) and were sending all of it to her.
She ended up calling us a day or two later and told us exactly what we thought had happened. She apologized and asked if we still had time to meet with her and help her. OF COURSE WE DO! And so we went from the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs, with the same person!

We also got to visit a woman from the ward who we love! We shared the talk 'His Grace is Sufficient' by Brad Wilcox, because we each learned a lot from it. And she enjoyed it. There was snow outside so she asked us 'is it too cold for a Klondike bar?' and when we all said no she said oh yippee! while shoving her fists and feet in the air, and then jumping up and heading towards the freezer before we were able to ask 'can we say a closing prayer first?!' She said alright and sat back down.
It was the most excited I have ever seen anyone to give out a Klondike bar! She is so cute, we love her! I am going to miss her too! And she is older so no email or facebook there :(

Then we went and had an awkward lesson. It was the first lesson we had with an investigator and her son was there, but he was asking us bashing questions and said 'I can prove it to you with the Bible' and then proceeded to quite obviously record our lesson. But honestly, I didnt figure out what the heck he was doing until the companions told me when we left. I was confused why he was holding his phone like that the whole time... and if I had realized there what was going on I would have said something. But we ended up just doing some introduction to the purpose of our visits and figuring out her back ground to know where to start. So that was good, I hope we get to talk to his mom about it next time instead of having to call him out for it, but it was making the companions quite uncomfortable so the spirit couldnt be there, so Ill have to say something next time we go.

Other than that its been a crazy week of good byes, pictures, stop bys, cancelled appointments, lows and highs. Its been a good one over all. A hard one but a good one. Im guessing next week will be the same with dads two year anniversary, transfers and not knowing anyone or where I will be in two days.
Man if you want someone to feel anxiety you tell them they are going to be leaving almost a week before they do and then not tell them where they are going! It makes me quite anxious! But I get the reasoning for it, so Im not upset.

Anyhow, its been good. Sounds like you had a good week to. I will get the box you sent at transfers on Wednesday, so I don’t have it yet. But I will.
I also cant believe its been 42 weeks.... wow. Its flying by crazy fast!
Man 14 missionaries this summer?! Its amazing really. I feel so blessed to be a part of the missionary force at this time :) I am excited for Andrew, Tyson and Casey! I cant believe we will be serving missions at the same time... that blows my mind! But I am excited for them. And Devin and I both come home in November? Do you know when he gets home? I know Im like in the middle of the month, unless something changes transfers make it November the 11th I will fly home.
And enough of that talk....

Im glad that Tish and Jeff got the truck back at least! I cant believe it, that is very upsetting! But Im glad they have that back at least. Man people are terrible! And dumb.

Tell Tra, Deanna, David, Tara and everyone else that I say hello! Thanks for asking about me, its nice to know your not forgotten even when your gone! haha. How is Tara doing? Her baby must be a few months old now.... man. I cant wait to meet him!

I will keep that family in my prayers. I am glad that you are able to help and friendship her and help her in ways that others cant. It is difficult to talk about without being emotional, but I am glad that she has someone that she can learn to trust and turn to who has been in a similar situation.
I am also grateful and feel very blessed for the gospel, especially this week. Marnie told me in her email that Grandma Strasser passes away, so she was able to call home and talk to her family for a few minutes.
What a blessing it is to know about the plan of salvation that God has for each of us and to know that we can and will live with our families again if we want it enough to work for it. I am grateful to know of the Priesthood power and to have the blessing to know and live the gospel. How lucky are we? And we got to be in the Hazeldale ward? Why are we so spoiled?! I am very grateful for the people I know and for the things they have helped me to learn. I would not be here in Pennsylvania today without the influence of that ward helping me to learn and grow along with you and Dad.

I am so dang spoiled, and I love it!
And I love you all! And with that I will bid you adieu!
With all my love,
Sister Wilson :)

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