Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday March 10, 2014

Wow mom, sounds like such a cool missionary activity. Not sure that I would have had the discipline to take it when I was in seminary, but I would certainly try for a week! Tell them if they do, Sunday will be one the easier and better days for them, because everyone else will be living like they do. If they really want a challenge tell them to dress up too! Well... at least the girls can wear skirts, the boys would probably feel funny in suits in class.... anyhow. That is awesome!
I am excited to hear how Bethlehem's Missionary March Madness goes, since I was only there for the preparation and kick off. Hopefully it goes well, I know of a few youth who were starting already, so that’s a good sign! Let me know how that goes, that’s exciting!

Thanks for doing my taxes etc. and my FAFSA, your awesome! And registration wont be until December? sweet! I will have time to look and figure them all out and teachers and times etc. And Keira and I can be up at school for two semesters together, starting in January! Dang. That would be hard to pass up. I do want to stay with Mountain Pines but I am will have to talk to one of my companions who I want to room with. Sister Taylor from the MTC, anyways, and I have a few more people and technicalities to figure out. But I would suggest Mountain Pines for her, I love the location and the management. So I would call and talk to Melanie, if she is still there. And see if Keira can get a winter/spring contract or if there is some reason that they aren’t doing them. Maybe construction? Anyhow. I am so excited for her! Im glad she gets to be there in the Spring! That is my favorite semester, and if I graduate that semester that would be a great time to have people come out and road trip back without a huge rush on mine or Keira's part... anyhow. That’s way out there and trunky talk and so Im stopping. But I am glad that she gets to be there in the Spring! Its the best! And we can do some great hiking together and anyhow, its gonna be a party!

But as far as talking to the school, I wouldn’t worry about that until Spring is at least up and running. We will probably have to do something during fall track to make sure its all good, but I wouldnt worry about it until after summer. They wont require things before that to switch the tracks. I will probably have you email my counselor and ask him just to get some step by step instructions to make sure it all gets figures out.

Hey and then I will be home to help Keira with registration as well! Cool cool! That will be fun to help her with. MAN I am just so stinking excited for Keira, college is the best! I love it. And I do miss it sometimes.

And thanks for the area update, Walgreens will be weird to have so close... and that cute little barber shop is being torn down? Get a picture first!

And Im glad that you were able to go to Red Lobster together :) 28 years huh? I couldn’t remember which anniversary it was, but I am glad that you guys were able to celebrate it. Im glad that you have still felt close to dad, and I think its really neat that you said you have continued to get to know him from opposite sides. I sometimes pray for dad and ask for him to be able to do whatever he is assigned to do well and have everything he needs. Since we dont know what he is doing, but I am grateful to know of eternal families as well. I am so lucky to know that dad is still alive, he is somewhere else, but I will get to see him and hug him again. I feel so blessed to know about this gospel, and I am so lucky to be able to share that with people here in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. I am here sharing the gospel because I know, I don’t just believe or think this is true. But I KNOW with every fiber of my being, that this is the true Gospel. This is what Christ came to teach the people of His time and He has not left us alone to figure it out on our own. He called a Prophet again, just like Noah and Moses, to lead and guide His people, to guide ME back to live with God the Father, Jesus Christ and all of my family. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know so firmly that this is the Lords true church, once again established on the Earth.
And I know that I have friends and family and acquaintances and others who are reading this blog. And please, I would ask, if you have any questions to ask! Ask me, or my family, or the missionaries or a member near you. Because you can know for yourself the same things that I know. But answers come from questions, so ASK! God gave us a brain and a heart to think and feel, so use them to figure out what God wants for you. This is what I know to be true. So act on those feelings and questions, they are not random, they are tender mercies from God leading you to the path you should be on. I love you all, whether or not if you believe what I believe. But I don’t want to get to the other side and regret not inviting any one of you to find out for yourselves what I know. I love you all, thank you for the support and letters and love  I have received from all of you, I truly do appreciate it!

Anyhow, how was my week? Well it started by switching states... I am now in Newark Delaware! Part of our ward is in Delaware and part in Maryland! How cool :) We live in MD. And I am assigned to a Family Ward and to a Young Single Adult Branch. It is so much fun, and a completely different experience from what I have had thus far.
I am with Sister Lewis, who I came out with. We were in the MTC at the same time, but I haven’t really gotten to interact with her until now because of how many people I came out with. She is 19 and from Utah, Mapleton to be exact. She is the oldest of 6 or 7 and she is awesome! She has been here for one transfer so we are learning the area and people together pretty much. Also we are spoiled rotten! We live in these apartments that have a gym, wifi access (very helpful with the iPads and things we have to do) and a pool, not that we are allowed to use it... plus we have a washer and dryer in our apartment HUZZAH! Its awesome! I love that. NO more quarters! Also the car wash we got to has endless vacuums... so thats sweet! 
Lets see, what else. Oh and we share the ward and the branch with elders. We share the family ward with the District leader and his companion, and we share the YSA branch with our Zone Leaders who are awesome.
Yesterday was exhausting however! We went to ward council, church, lunch, met with the elders, branch council, church, munch and mingle. So we spent 11 hours at church yesterday... which was good but exhausting! Lots of new names, people, places, and the YSA asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting but they asked me on Friday and we had no study time between that call and church. So it was one of the talks I have felt the least prepared for, but I think it went well. One of the sisters thanked me for it, so I found my one! So that was good.
But it was fun. We went home for 30 minutes for lunch because we are only a mile or so from the church building, but we were at church from 8am to 7:30pm... it was exhausting! But good.

Man, there is nothing like a mission. We also re-did the boundaries from the elders and us in the ward so we are having to shuffle around the people we are each working with... we got 75 people from them. I think less than 10 are investigators, but almost 10 and thats a lot! Plus that was 95% of their investigators... so that was sad because we only had 3 or 4 less actives to give them... oh well I guess it is what it is. They are having a good spirit about things though so that makes it way better to work with them. They are awesome! One of the elders is always smiling and he has this great big huge smile and I cant even tell you how many people asked me 'the elder that smiles a lot?' to figure out which one stayed. He is awesome.
Anyhow. It was great. I am excited to be here! And we got another investigator from the White Castle elders and she is superb! She came to church last week, could only stay for one hour but came this week for all 3, signed up to feed us this week and signed up to come out with us next week. She also set her own baptismal date for May! How awesome is that?! Her name is Jennifer and she is going to be a great addition to the ward. The elders were also working with her son and daughter-in-law so hopefully we can start working with them soon as well.

Basically? Life is good :) I know this is exactly where I need to be. There is nothing like a mission and I am so excited that I am here! And Sister Lewis is awesome, we have a lot of fun together. So our goal for this transfer is to just laugh as much as possible! Its good. We’re gonna have a ton of fun and work super hard!

OH and for transfers, its a miracle we got there. We fit 5 people, and 2 sisters belongings in a small 5 person car. There were two members up front, sister Spanogle had two crates of all our books and office supplies in it. Then we had the trunk FULL, our feet were padded on all sides with bags, the back window was full, and we had my two green suitcases on our laps in the back. And it was packed so close that I couldn’t move my legs and most of the weight from one suitcase was resting on one of my legs... lets just say it was asleep for almost an hour... not the best but its fine!

LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you for your prayers, letters, love, packages and support! I love and miss you all. Wish I could say more but this is long enough, hopefully someone will read it haha.

And Aunt Duana, thank you for the package! And tell Grandpa thank you as well. I have read through and used that Family book a lot, it’s an awesome tool for me so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

And I got your package mom, thanks! Lots of candy :) The boxes and cards are cute, thank you, they will be fun to give to people :) And for all the product. very nice to have.


Love, Sister Wilson :)

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