Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 18, 2013 Well first of all, Im not mad that you didnt write last week. I would be lying if I said I wasnt sad, but Stuart and Lindy write every week as well so I still had emails. And truns out we needed the time to clean the apt and such, we ran out of time to do everything we need to on Pdays. but Im glad I got one this week :) So much to respond to. I think it would be fine for you to send it to the Relitz, she loves us! She is a hoot! Funniest lady ever! She said she wanted to send a letter to you, I dont know if she did or not, I know she has been really busy lately. But she is awesome! She and Bro Relitz drove us to the adult session of Stake Conference and fed us on the way home and all that jazz. Shes really awesome, so go ahead and send it there. Ill tell her what it is and that she wont get a bunch of packages so itll be fine! Im glad that you guys are all able to talk a lot. I did send Garret an email a few weeks ago and Ive heard from him twice already! I know he has a ton of stuff that he has to do so I dont expect an email every week. The first one was pretty long actually, and definitely made me cry. In the middle of the public library... not a big deal. One thing that my mission has made me is a cry baby. Its pathetic! But sister Carrigan says I have a pretty cry face so I guess its okay... Brittany got married! I had no idea! Congrats! Thats exciting :) Hope everything works out with everyone. That would bring a lot of mixed emotions for a lot of people. But Im glad that she has been able to find someone to enjoy life with and for the happiness thats able to bring to her and Dylan. I got some letters from Jocee and Laurissa (who told me that she also goes by Larry) and Bethany so that was fun! Im sending them a letter today, but Im not sure if the address is 100% right... Michaels hand writting is hard to read... so if they dont get it in the next while Ill have to get the right address for them. It was either #66 or #00 and I couldnt quite tell.. Im sending it to #66 so hopefully thats right! You might want to ask them though if they got it... Im glad that Tiff is doing good, uncomfortable but healthy! I will keep her in my prayers. And Congrats to Tammi! How exciting! I am sooo happy for her and for her girls! Im glad they found each other again :) And Junior sounds awesome! But why on earth was it at 6:30 in the morning?! Thats odd... And I will keep the Texas cousins in my prayers :( How is rufus doing? Hopefully he is doing well! And how is Grandpa? I havent heard anything about him lately... The advent calender thing sounds great! It will be fun to try and guess and open them every day :) And you are way on top of things this year! Good job mom! Thats quite impressive! Better than I ever have been... and I cant help you out with Garret, hes always hard to buy for because he is very particular about his tastes etc. But Im sure he will be fine with what you plan on sending him! And Im glad that Janelle was able to hold out and get him with the muffins! haha. Good girl J! How was her visit? Another ball right? Hope they had a good time. Did they get any pictures this time? You can email me pictures :) Glad you like the carinessa! I love them. The cotton still keeps me way warmer! Ill be sweating the days I wear them, but they will be good for winter! Stuart and Lindy are coming already? Man. Thanksgiving is coming up so fast! Time is just flying by! Which is good, and bad... But anyhow. We have already one thanksgiving dinner set up, we are going to try and get to as many dinners as we can, the ward is trying to get the less actives into actives homes for thanksgiving dinner, so if we can get to lots of dinners, first of all we will be happily fed missionaries :) and we will get to spend time with lots of our members and less actives which is good! This week we went to go contact a 'do not contact' because a member called her and asked if we could come over and she said yes she loves missionaries! So we were able to get in and meet her. And they fed us dinner (which was a blessing that night, we were definitely hungry then! ) and she invited us to thanksgiving dinner or to come for pie, and we have been told that her pie is divine! So we are planning on ending our night there :) I am excited! We have also been invited by another member, now we just need to figure out times and see who else we can visit with! Man Kjiera is still in AZ! I thought she was gone! How grateful I am that I am not a visa waiter.. which we are now calling Visa blessings in our mission. And things have changed for them. Originally they were doomed to be the junior companion the whole time they were state side, they were not allowed to hold any leadership callings but that changed. Which is a big blessing! Because they are literally waiting every day to find out if they are staying or leaving within 24 hours. And members ask constantly why they are still here, which makes it harder for them! But now they are allowed to train, and be leaders and really feel like they are giving more. Which is huge! Because we have some amazing visa blessings here who will help teach and really be a great benefit to the mission while they are here. I am not jealous of them though, just waiting to know whether or not they will stay or leave. A very hard transitory place to be :( She will be in my prayers too! And you guys got to see that Sister Lauer and I saw each other at stake conference! I felt bad because we literally only saw each other long enough to take that picture and then it was starting and we didnt find each other after the session. But it was good to see her! she snuck up behind me and said 'how are you doing sister wilson' it was great to see her again! Wish I had gotten to see the kids or talk to her more! But who knows, maybe I will go to Pottsville and get to see them all again! And meet the new little ones as well :) Well this week. what a blur. I feel like I was just here email you! We got to go on exchanges with the sister training leaders. Which is a new thing after the age change. They are like a Zone Leader.. except really different actually. They are the leaders over just the sisters in multiple zones. There are 8 sister trainers in the mission, so 4 companionships now. They split the mission into quarters and they each are leaders over one quarter of the mission. They go on exchanges with each companionship they are over every transfer. They are there to help council, (since elders and sisters dont council each other) and they are another go to between us and president if we need it. They attend Mission Leadership Council and help to train the sisters. They hold sister accountability during each exchange, which is a list of questions about obedience, stress, your family, your mental health etc. to make sure we are doing our best and to make sure that we are receiving any help we need. They are pretty helpful actually, and I was sad because when we first got here I had the same sister traininers that I had in Montrose, but they got switched and I was kinda worried about what kind of leaders they would be. Turns out they are awesome! Sister Earl is one of the most kind and sincere people I have ever met! She taught me about really focusing on strengths of me and my companion, which is helpful. Also sister Meeks is one of the funnies sisters ever! She was a hoot and a half and I only spent lunch with her so we could all do accountability together. Hopefully I get to work with her a little bit more. But next transfer is her last one, so we shall see. We had dinner at the Tatlows this week. They are hilarious! In the middle of dinner sister Tatlow said: You know, I dont think Im going to make it to the Celestial kingdom, but as long as I get to be an angel in one of my kids worlds, like I want to be the Angel of Death in ______ world! I just busted up laughing! It was soooo funny! Shes a hoot. I love it! They are having us over the day before Thanksgiving and that is when they have Thanksgiving in their family (husband works away most of the week) so we get another Thanksgiving dinner! Yahoo! Also we saw Cindy last night :) Oh how I love Cindy! She is awesome! We talked about the plan of Salvation last night, and we talked about what she had been feeling all week and how things were going. She told us that she got her answer while she was ironing this week. She said there was a very sassy voice that told her ' what are you waiting for? You know this already. Just do it!' and it surprised her because of how sassy it was. She talked with Gentry who told her yup, somtimes its sassy, and yup sometimes thats weird! But it was so good! We tried to set a baptismal date with her, and she was very hesitant. Turns out that her son is in the Navy and she wants to be able to talk to him before she gets baptized and she wants Gentry to talk to her son before they get married. I told her I get that, what ever poor soul I marry is going to have to talk to two brothers instead of one dad, poor guy... but secretly thats really funny to me :) Anyways, so we ended up setting her Baptismal date for January 5th, which gives them enough time to talk to her son and figure out what exactly they want to do. So we walked out of there on cloud 9! Just so excited for her! Cindy is awesome! We only got to Earth life in the plan of salvation, and we were there longer than we should have been... but we only got part way because its such a good conversation! She has awesome questions and we are able to really discuss and help her learn, and if she isnt quite sure she says 'Ill have to think about that' and then she does for the next week! I love her. As we were leaving, she said I love it when you girls come over, because I feel like Ive known you for longer than only a few weeks. And Gentry, and I both said to her its probably because we have! Im sure that the four of us had a conversation in the pre-earth life about coming down and finding each other here. How grateful I am that we have found each other! I cant wait to get to the other side and have a prefect memory of everything, earth life and before and to know that we were friends and we were able to find each other. Man! This gospel is SO cool! I just love it! We also unexpectedly have a really busy week ahead of us, which is awesome! I am so excited for everything that is happening now. We had a few referrals that we have been trying to contact and we were able to call this week and set it up. Turns out that Shannon is a college student and she invited us over for lunch and said that they were all excited to learn about our religion. So we have an appointment with an unknown number of people to teach about the gospel, and they are going to feed us. How cool is that? I love food. And you know what missionaries miss eating? Breakfast foods. Do breakfast for dinner! Waffles and bacon and eggs! Because lets be honest, I dont cook breakfast... and a sister had us over for breakfast before Stake conference on sunday and we had waffles and it was delicious! Also we miss fruit! Because no one serves fruit with dinner, and its expensive. So serve fruit to your missionaries! At least your sisters, you elders may not even care. But I miss fruit. And Mexican food and Chinese food! Mexican is good, and there is not a whole lot of good mexican food out here... but Sister Ortega is a good cook and she is feeding us more spanish food so its okay! I love it :) Hum, I cant think of anything else! Mostly I just love you guys a whole lot! Miss you tons! I think of you often and you are in my nightly prayers. Thank you for your love and your support, how grateful I am for that! So keep doing what your doing, your awesome! Love you buckets! Sister Kindra Wilson

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