Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keira and I drove over to Rexburg this past weekend to see Stuart & Lindy & Clara and be there for Lindy’s Senior Recital…which was amazing!!! That is the driving Kindra is referring to…

Sister Kindra 7/15/13
To: Lynn & Don Wilson
How was the drive? Did you get to stop very often? It is definitely a long drive and especially when you are the only driver :( but Im glad you were able to go and be there for her Senior Recital and for their graduation and things. Did you go to the ceremony? Or did you watch Clara? Did you get to spend time with them or was her family there the whole time too? I hope you got to see them and spend time with her family, Ive grown to love them more and more as I spend more and more time with them.  Sounds like you guys enjoyed Rexburg though. I like Keiras hair, I think shes died it brown already in the Rexburg pictures, but either way the picture looks dark! haha. Im so glad you got to go to Patriots and Pioneers! That is one of my favorite concerts that they do! I miss Rexburg!!! I cant wait to go back. and I cant wait for Keira to get up there! Thank you for the pictures I love them! Clara is getting so big already! And Lindy and Stuart are gorgeous as ever! How did her recital go? Just tell me everything! haha.
And I hope that you and Stuart and Keira share the stories in my letters with each other because I try to tell different ones in each so that Im not recounting it ten times... mostly because I get bored of telling the same thing.

Lets see, we just got a new Branch Mission Leader, Im not sure that I have ever actually met him but in Branch Council yesterday President Wilcox was telling us that he asked him the same questions we were asking him so it sounds like we are already on the same page which is good.
We found a new investigator this week! We were working out in New Milford area and walking along main street back to the car to eat lunch when this gentleman sitting on a bench said loudly 'these must be the sisters from Montrose!' so we went over to talk. Turns out he is a member from the Susquehanna branch, he then introduced us to the man he was sitting next to and said "Richard I have been thinking about you lately and I know that it is not a coincidence that we are sitting here and that they walked by. I think I was supposed to introduce you to them so that they can teach you." Richard is an older man who had a stroke 4 years ago and spent 2 years in a coma. When he woke up he didnt know anything, not even who his family was. So he is in the process of learning and recovering, and a blank slate. Its an odd problem to have, teaching someone who doesnt know anything more than the basics about the Bible, but its nice because he doesnt know anything about most religions so he is willing to listen to us and reads and talks with us a lot. We will probably see him more than once a week because he said he had to read the pamphlet we left him twice so he would remember what he read for when we came. So he will be one we teach slowly and its back to basics. We taught him about Noah, and once we told the story he remembered but he could not come up with it on his own. Hes a sweet old man so I am excited to teach him.

I havent heard or been able to talk to our Moses man. He cancelled our appointment and wont return our phone calls :(

But we have a man were teaching named Joe. He  is eager to figure out why God gave him his new security job that allows him 12 hours to sit and think and read and then why two girls showed up on his door step with a book for him to read. He I think has already read through Alma by now and hes had the book for 2 weeks I think. He is eating it up! Which is good. But he thinks the Book of Mormon took place in Africa... we told him it was the Americas and showed him the introduction and everything but he still doesnt believe us. Were working on it though. He is awesome.

The members here are awesome. We took Sister Liggett with us to meet her visiting teachie who is less active that she has never met. And I tell you what, the Lord is so smart! He is just awesome and knows what he is doing. Turns out they have a LOT in common! They connected really quickly and she is a sweet sweet lady who was given bad council from someone in the past that didnt make sense to her or us. We dont know what happened or what he meant by it, but now we can teach her the correct doctrine and principles behind her question. And the Liggett's and them have a lot in common and I think they will end up being really good friends. I love sister Liggett, she is awesome! She is our previous Branch Mission Leaders wife. (We got a new BML this week) and she is like our Montrose mama!
There the ones that I dug into the chicken at their house with my hands because I thought thats what they were telling me. But yeah it wasnt.

I love Montrose. We figured out that we live in between 5 churches in town. There is a St. Paul's (Episcopalian), a Presbyterian, Mary's (Catholic), Bridgewater Baptist and a Seventh Day Adventist. All within two or three blocks from each other and we are in the middle.
Its awesome because everyone here believes in God. People will either invite us in to talk about God and Christ, or they turn us away saying we already have a church we go to. But we get a lot of opportunities to serve people. We helped a woman clean up her moms porch for the 4th of July, we helped pick a bush of currant berries with a catholic youth minister. She was really nice and asked some curious questions about the church.
Whether or not people want to learn more or be a part of the church, we are able to be out and about and show people that we are here to help build up their community. We are here to teach about Christ and his gospel and how that can bless them and their families, but also that we are not the crazy Mormon's who just want to baptize everyone. We are here to bring everyone closer to Christ and people are more willing to let us serve them than to teach them in some instances, and so we do. We serve them and they always ask about the church and the different programs and things that we have or that they have heard about. By caring about people and showing them that we are here to help and love and serve, they are beginning to recognize us in town and to trust us and see that we are here to help everyone however we can.
Im trying to think of the fun things that happened this week, but Keira got the crazy story in her email so ask her. That was interesting...
But I love the people here in Montrose and being able to learn and serve them. I know that we might not be able to teach everyone that we have the full truth, but we can show them that we love everyone. That we try to be as Christ like as we can by helping them with whatever they need.
I am so grateful to have this Gospel in my life and how it has blessed my life. In relief Society on Sunday the question was asked: 'how has Relief Society blessed your life?' and I first thought 'how has it not?' I would not be the person I am today without my knowledge of the Gospel. Without the guiding influence of my leaders I would not be who I am today. Without parents who taught me right from wrong I would not have made the same choices I have. I am thankful to the Hazeldale ward for teaching and leading and guiding me to become the person I am today. I am grateful for the Gospel and my knowledge that God loves me. That I am His daughter and that I can return to live with Him again and that I can live with my family forever.
I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and love and letters and support. I know without a doubt that the Lord is guiding me to where I need to be and who I can teach and I can feel the influence of your prayers every day. I love you all!

 Sister Wilson   

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